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I dumped $1700 into it which is currently worth $1200. All my fucking cash is tied up in this shit

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PiMiner 1 point ago +2 / -1

Do you know what it costs apes to hodl? Zero. Apes: 1 Hedge Funds: 0

How rich are they? How rich are you? don't even know what game they're playing. (Hint: the entire stock-market is a distraction, a Cabal money-laundering operation. And you think you can hurt those with the brrr printer. Look: they don't get hurt -- and they're especially not hurt when they're masquerading that some minor appendage is being hurt in order to sell you a case of the warm fuzzier so you feel smug and superior even though you have every last dime tied up in speculation on exchanges run by corporations that they control.)

Qanaut -1 points ago +1 / -2

Why not call up the Federal Reserve and hire one of their bankers to be your wife's new boyfriend? You seem to enjoy being fucked over by them. Why not add cuckolding to the mix?