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I dumped $1700 into it which is currently worth $1200. All my fucking cash is tied up in this shit

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You're seeing some market manipulation with the GME stock, along with some of the other well-known meme stocks. The point of this effort was to expose the hedgies, and how they've been operating and making a ton of money by screwing people over.

Good people brought this to light, and allowed the average Joe (aka retail trader, ape, crayon-eater...) to buy and hold the stock, not allowing the hedgies to cover any security they've shorted. At some point, demand will outweigh supply, and that is what we're all strapped in for--the trip to the moon. That's icing on the cake, however. The real end goal is to screw over the hedgies and their corrupt-ass companies into extinction.

Only invest in what you're willing to lose, in case that is what happens.

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