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They won't let their peasants have crumbs. They did it on Robinhood and other exchanges. They'll pull all the stops to prevent you from cashing out when GME hits 42,069. How? Internet blackout? Bribes/Blackmail of exchange owners? A "hack" such as with the meat processor and the oil pipeline?

Why? Because when they go down they'll want to take you down with them. No bigger "fuck you" when you see your stocks collapse as the bubble pops, unable to withdrawal.

If you're in, assume you're locked in and all the money you put is gone. (It's not even real money to begin with.)

Just a warning.

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How'd you even infer that from what I said?

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$69420. Sounds like they would burn it all down, there are lots of pedes ready for that

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Next you’re going to tell me that the birds aren’t real

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What if you set up a limit sell?

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I think OP's point is that the game is rigged, and even if we eek out a win, they will wreck the game on their way out.

Three counter-arguments:

  1. Smooth brains

  2. Diamond hands

  3. There is no honor among thieves, and "they" are not monolithic. Less exposed players will devour the numb nuts before anyone can destroy their multigenerational shell game.

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Best answer so far, pede!

There's definitely chum in the water... Other big sharks are lurking and waiting for the right time to give us little retail sharks a win if it saves their game.

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Ameritrade only lets you set up a stop limit sell for 100 dollars over spot price...I tried to set up mine for the 400 dollar range....then called to see why it would not go through...

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i mean, by rights, the same could have happened to the few that got bilions
from the housing short in 2008, no?

the same short that make some rather prominent and large trading houses, fold...

but otherwise, thanks for the warning.

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Can the SEC or FINRA or some other organization do a rollback by forcing a buy back of shares at the "correct" list price?

Or there's also a really obvious out for the bloody hedgies if the firm in question issues more new shares, basically making the shorts moot (Granted, this requires a belief that the hedgies wont go greedy and try and short more).

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Robinhood still hasn't suffered any consequences for blocking trade of GME and AMC. Neither has the other exchanges who did, unless I missed something.

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You haven't. If anything, anything will take years to upend via legislation/rulings. Mind you, the head of the SEC compliance division is.....Peter Strzok's wife. And yes, this is the SAME Paul Strzok of FBI fame from the HIllary Clinton email, and Robert Mueller Russia probes. I don't expect the SEC will come to the people's side anytime soon.

The only consequence we can give Robinhood is to pull out en masse and just de-capitalize them and force them into a liquidity crunch. Force them to lose money, from being unable to sell our info.

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A better way to phrase.. is don’t panic sell if the brokers pull some bullshit. You won’t lose all your money.