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In the past I’ve just put money into acorns( still have it and it’s done well) now I’m buying stocks directly.

So far I’ve bought into

CCIV (lucid EV) stock for 6 shares Doge for maybe 200 or so coins And a pet medical supply distributor.

I’m not doing any gme or amc right now as I have those only as a fuck you to hedgies and don’t intend on selling them( my heirs can decide what to do with them) I’m only buying cheap stocks with cash I don’t need and it’s only to test the waters.

So far my thinking is every week spend 100 bucks. Buy 3 shares of lucid, 10-15 doge and use the remaining balance on a cheap stock that I think could go up decently in the next 1-3 years and sit on it.

Lucid I think will be bought out by one of the larger companies when it starts to hurt their sales, doge as a cheap inflation hedge, and the pet one since many of the new generation will be childless and use pets as a stand in.

Good thinking or am I retarded? Will not construe anything as financial advice just looking for critical thinking.


I had a notification on my phone so I could see the text only which, “we exist only because of sheer implausibility”

There was an image that was posted that I couldn’t see.


Why else would they say AMD & GME would crash?

Has anyone else has difficulties with their bank trasfering money to their trading account? Been trying to have this money go through since yesterday and they are losing me a lot of money and I'm curious of anyone else is having this issue because of this dipping happening heading towards the 18th. The transaction hasn't even began. I'm scared to try it again because I don't want the trading account to charge me a $30 fee.

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I already know Robinhood is not a popular platform but I started using it before realizing this. I set my wife up with Webull though. The first thing I've noticed is Webull seems way more complex. Why? We are having trouble understanding all of the features and requirements in Webull for making trades while in Robinhood it all seems pretty straight forward and easy.


"People always ask me what is going on in the markets. It is simple. Greatest Speculative Bubble of All Time in All Things. By two orders of magnitude. #FlyingPigs360"

I won't link since it is Twitter. You can search for @michaeljburry.


All roads lead back to the Federal Reserve Bank. They are not a gov't agency, the SEC is infected with revolving door Federal Reserve Personnel and Wall Street is the 3rd leg of that triangle. Wall Street is conducting financial warfare on the citizens of the United States using the power and support of the Federal Reserve and the SEC. This is the only way these crimes continue to happen over and over and over again. We must remove at least one leg.


i guess i will sit back. watch the dip. place my order and lower my initial buy-in average...

i was never in it for 'profit', you see.

Its about sending a message...


we are neither bored, nor distracted. we are simply watching; we HODL


Why is this site so dead? Time to make something happen! Buy! Hodl! Moon!


This was a response to a question in another thread. But I need to vent...

"I don't want to get too detailed, so long story short, Fidelity sent me a "customer information update request" form that asked how I achieved my wealth, that stated this was a legal requirement and if I didn't fill it out within 45 days, I run the risk of having my account restricted or closed. I filled out the form with a "Strongly Worded Letter (trademark)" stating how obvious this should be as I'm a 20 year customer and they have most of the information they needed on file.

WELL... what do you think happened?? I login TODAY, THIS MORNING, to make a trade and MY FUCKING ACCOUNT IS RESTRICTED!?! So I called and bitched and first they said they didn't have my response, Oh but then they said they did but just didn't get around to it?? I explained how this is bad business do they typically restrict a customers account without notification even after the customer has responded to the request? So it's been "expedited" and maybe I'll have access to trading again in 48 hours...

SO FUCK NO, Do not use Fidelity. I don't know what the fuck has happened over there but if they'll do it to me, they'll do it to anyone.

Also, in the last 18 months I have had issues with Visa, the IRS, and Fidelity. Do I feel targeted by Mr. Glowie FBI man? YES, yes I do. And Fuck You Mr FBI Glowie, you fucking traitor scum."

I dumped $1700 into it which is currently worth $1200. All my fucking cash is tied up in this shit


If none of you are aware, delta-8-THC is a specific isomer of delta-9-THC that is far more stable, technically legal currently(this is gonna change soon), and is dirt cheap compared to what delta-9-THC goes for.

Delta-8-THC's price will go up once it gets regulated. Acquiring large amounts of d8 THC right now is extremely cheap and easy.

But wait, it gets even better.

Delta-8-THC when exposed to heat or over time in an oxidative environment will convert to CBN.

CBN is a minor cannabinoid whose interest has continually gone up over time, not down.

Why is this also interesting? The market price for CBN derived from hemp is 666% higher than delta-8-THC

Investing in noids?

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