and I found this great stock! they have developed a automated rapid PCR test, and their stock is cheap, 69 cents. and they just signed a contract with the US Army to detect anthrax or something. Anyways I literally suck balls at investing, and I am in no way saying invest in this, but do you guys think its cool or shit?

...of shib. Now all I have to do is wait until Shib gets to a market cap of over 100 trillion dollars and I’ll be a millionaire.

This is definitely happening, gonna reserve my mansion now.

So this stock used to be known as the SPAC $SNPR which has changed ticker over to $VLTA. I bought this stock back when it was SNPR because I actually use their chargers and believe they are better than any other charger besides Tesla's superchargers.

There are tons of EV charging companies out there, but most of them focus on charging quick, which means that you need to babysit your EV if you plan on staying somewhere long. E.g. If I use a Tesla Supercharger I pretty much have around 30-45 minutes before my idle fees start to kick in.

With Volta charging I get a prime parking spot and I don't have to babysit my car because they allow you to charge for hours, and it's free. They seem pretty popular right now at supermarkets and anywhere you would spend at least 30+ minutes of time. I also don't have to log into any type of app or have an account to charge.

These chargers totally sway me as far as which supermarket I go to and which restaurants I will go out to and have a few beers. Knowing that I can charge for free gives me peace of mind. If I choose any other charger it basically becomes an annoyance if I want to charge while also going out.

The way I see it is that locations will realize that these chargers bring EV drivers, and while there may only be one or two spots to charge... people with EVs will choose to go to this location just for the chance at charging. They also have advertisements on them and look pretty futuristic. They aren't an eyesore at all. People in my area are legit taking selfies in front of them...

The TL;DR = Anything that improves an experience is a win, and Volta chargers do just that. Other chargers make me paranoid that I'll hit an idle fee.

Anyone else have any thoughts on VLTA?

Vertically integrated data collection, processing, and delivery with large recurring subscription revenues... This stonk is going up and I like it

Vertically integrated data collection, processing, and delivery with large recurring subscription revenues... This stonk is going up and I like it

See title

Seems like the China Real Estate bubble, the potential Fed taper, 3.5T spending plan, and mass inflation are all kicking in within the next week or so. Guess we should sell off everything in advance of it? Anybody have any thoughts?


i think by now, surely, some of you short players are realizing that

the people buying a few of these 'meme' shares... are not putting a sell price on their stocks.

assuredly, fidelity and robinhood and other trading houses are not selling you pertinent data.

because the roller coaster would be more pronounced, no?

you know now, that people are able to buy into around 120-150...

and then they sit and forget.

they arent looking to make fractions of a penny off tens of millions of trades...

they are looking to bury you, with the stock. in the fucking ground.

Some ETFs have a lot of gain and I wonder if I should take some profits from them even if I don't need to. I don't need the money for anything specific right now so even if I took profits I'd probably just reinvest it anyway so is it even worth it?

Hi guys. Sorry about our sub getting taken over back on reddit. I made some good money off those apes. But here we are. OCLN is my next play. Riggs , the CEO, gets a lot of shit but he knows his stuff. Small cap water company and he has finally started making a profit last two qtrs. He sayyyyys that he will be listed on NASDAQ in under 90 days. If that is true it is like a 500x opportunity. Even if he fails to deliver on short term, he is selling preferred stock gauraunteed at 20 cents, stock is currently 6 cents. Idk guys but I like it for millionaire maker play. Miss you fucking apes. Damn those pedo bastards ruining our country. But at least we can all get stinking rich and show those mainstream libtards.

Tldr: water company and world is on fire. Gauraunteed 4x,possible fucktons x

What would be the best way to prepare ahead of time, or protect one's assets?

Crypto? Cash? Physical metals?..... something else?

And what possible tax consequences could exist for someone who takes their money off the grid so to speak, by some method?


Stock Tip: ADGI (
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I will post pic when I can.

SHIB price

SHIB on coinbase

I am retarded but that is a huge discrepancy.

I'm trying to avoid Robinhood because of all their fuckery.

What’s the best bear fund and overall market short available. My jimmies are rustling. We on the edge of the bear market cliff.

As always, do your own dd and please point out where I might be wrong.

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