CFVI spiked premarket by 30% but seems to be settling back. I almost jumped in at $13, glad I didn't.

Keeping an eye on it for now

Aiming for 80P, might settle for 75P

XRT has a very long way to fall before it even touches pre-COVID levels and I can't help but feel like maximum pain is coming due to the levels of inflation


Like the title says I just purchased 5 shares of DWAC and 7 shares of DWACW! I know it's not much but it's something to hold onto. Very exciting I'm happy to be a part of this.

Might buy 2 more shares of DWAC that would be fun but I'll have to see what happens.

Anyways I have a quick question... I noticed some of you have been chatting about GME and the recent issues you've been having. And some of you have been looking into direct registering your Fidelity shares with Computershare. Should I be doing the same with my DWAC and DWACW shares?

Any insight for a newbie would be helpful


Explain it to dumber than ape plz.

I almost jumped myself, been so used to seeing it slowly slippin





What’s the deal? This good or bad?

Been seeing some spam/self promotion from handshake accounts but the report button doesn’t do anything



Si November's over. Weren't both of those things supposed to happen?


Just all of a sudden got a text your coinbase double authentication has bern turned off they a ton of emails saying money was being taken out of my account was only 4k but my phone number stopped working.

Any advice on what to do next pedes?

HYPE DATE (old.reddit.com)
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smooth brain make tendies

tendies create deep ridges

ridge invents crayon

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