While fucking my hot wife and trying for our second child, to distract myself and let the lady finish first, I thought about $GME. It worked for a bit, until I drifted to the lunar launch.

Watching that green line go up, and up, and up...it was too much. Right at her peak, I saw the GameStop peak, and just let loose the Hodl Hose.

If this is a girl, she's gonna be named Luna.


I feel like I am getting the shaft with coinbase. And I am new to this sort of thing.

Fucking The System (media.communities.win)
posted ago by Vsid ago by Vsid

I used to check in here every day pre and post market to gauge opinions and get a little enlightenment about the current situation.

Now it seems all of the good discussion is being drowned out by one person.

Why now all of a sudden? Maybe I'm too conspiratorial, but it seems like someone is trying awfully hard to interfere with our forming exit strategies.

EDIT: Wow, I'm honored that I gained the attention of the troll.

DOGE RISING (media.communities.win)
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It looks highly overvalued to me, but I'm not a crypto expert. Still, $600 in the premarket would make it over twice as valuable as Microsoft. I don't think that's very likely.


Not '08... I'ma talking the stealth bear market prior...

Where things slump down, but not enough to raise any alarm.

Gotta HODL

GME Discussion Thread- 4/14/21 (media.communities.win)
posted ago by Vsid ago by Vsid

When I try to put a sell order for GME at limit $500.00 I get this message from TD Ameritrade:

Rejected: Your limit is significantly higher than the last traded price. Confirm you are trading the correct security.

I can put in limit orders well above stock prices for other stocks. Looks like TD is on Citadel's side.

Thoughts? I have $6k BC

Obvious manipulation is obvious.

DIAMOND HANDS DOGE (media.communities.win)
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