Don't over extend! Cover your ass!!

Because it's coming like always.


Besides, my insight tells me this will be over 200 a share on Monday :)

I need some help. I am a first time poster here but lurk and read a lot – mostly on the political side.

Little back ground… Was let go from my job of 25 years in March 2021 (RIF) and have transferred my pension and 401k (that was company controlled) into a Fidelity traditional IRA. I held a small portion back into a slush account for the purpose of wanting to learn and invest some myself. The majority is being managed by Fidelity and I have been extremely happy with my account manager and the overall management of the large portion.

I now want to use this small slush account to purchase DWCA. I have never purchased stock. I am going to use the Fidelity app or (computer) but I have some questions on exactly how to do this.

The price of each share is showing $94.20 however the bid price is showing $80.03 and the ask price is showing $80.70. Why the difference? Is this just someone that has put their share up for sale? The calculated pricing of the trade is based on the $94.20 price.

Right now I am looking at the website via computer. I have the “action” at “buy” and have entered my quantity.

I am confused on the “Order type” - listed as: Market, Limit, Stop Loss, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop Loss ($), Trailing Stop Loss (%),Trailing Stop Limit ($) and Trailing Stop Limit (%).
->I think I chose Market, but not sure… Can someone answer?

The next option is “Time” which I think I understand those options.

Next question, say I don’t want to purchase on open Monday morning but want to wait to see if there is a drop and buy later in the AM – what options do I choose on “Time”? What is the lag time from when I “place” my order till the stock is actually purchased?

Last question – would you go ahead with the buy option now so it purchase at open or would you wait? I know this is an individual/personal opinion but I would like to hear any/all opinions.

Be gentle with me guys, I am new and trying to learn. Thanks, Liz



BSC chain buy on pancakeswap

Pays out in BUSD

Worth a shot


I swear to the good Lord above that I'm not trying to feed anybody bad info. I was just looking at afterhours for DWAC, and I swear by all that is good and holy, for just one second, it was UP $24 from close. It had been going down, I walked away from the screen, and when I looked again, BAM! Refreshed, and it was back down again. Should have taken a screenshot, of course then someone would probably accuse me of photoshopping it. Believe me, don't believe me, it's what I saw

Trading halted again (
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DWAC opens at $175 again (
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After seeing the rocketship get halted every single time it tried to go up more than a dollar until after noon, who here is holding on for more than just "fuck 'em, that's why" ? It's insane that it was halted for so long, so many times, every time it was making a solid run up.

Think it'll ever see much above $100 again or was it a flash in the pan the media'll make sure never picks up mainstream interest and remains a Trump fan special interest bag shop?


What if everyone bought above the asking price? What if everyone placed a limit order sale of $200 on an $80 stock like DWAC?


Congrats! To those who bought freedom!

Newbie Question (
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It doesn’t matter if they haven’t built the the platform yet the hype is going to take us to the moon. The money from the hype will build the platform. BUY AND HOLD!! FUCK BIG TECH!!!


Why is DWAC dropping after it was halted? Is there manipulation?

Do they get automatically converted into proportional shares of the acquired companies or what? how does that process go?


I just logged in to check premarket, and the orders I put in for DWAC had been CANCELLED!!

Stay alert pedes.


Is there any advice I can get for being a beginner on wanting to invest in the DWAC stock? I've been referred to Interactive Brokers LLC, and to this community.

I only have little money. I just got wrongfully terminated from my job that I am fighting back for.

On a side note that is off topic of this community, are there any civil rights lawyers licensed in Oregon and will take contingency cases about medical and mask mandate?

Thank you. God bless America.

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