What happens next?






If the broader market goes down, will GME still moon? I have very, VERY little karma on r/ since I'm new, so I can't post my questions there.

With Quantum Computers becoming more advanced (and even becoming commercially available) where will that lead crypto currency and how will it benefit these currencies positively?

What are some of the positives that can come from the computing capabilities of Quantum Computers and is there, perhaps, anything that may need to be done to balance the playing field without limiting people's freedom and autonomy when it comes to mining, security, and transactions?

The best case scenarios likely include a focus on the above elements to ensure the most ease and grace regarding crypto use, doesn’t hinder anyone, and actually boosts the aspect of freedom which cypto currencies permit.


Buy buy buy


Peake FUD inbound. Moon Soon.

For those who don't know about the project, Revolution Populi aims to dethrone Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

From their website, they aim to do this through:

Blockchain: "A decentralized blockchain database with user controls."

DeFi & Crypto Clearing: "Crypto clearing, with yield generating settlements."

Community: "An open ecosystem for apps, from social to games to financial."

Platform for Social Nets: "Blockchain compatible open source social net components for multiple social nets to bloom."

What gives me more faith in this project is that it isn't like any other crypto on the market out there at the moment. It is a crypto with a purpose, that of an intermediary clearing house between the world of cryptos, and traditional banking.




i am one of those smooth-brained apes that forgets that they even own GME.

my selective amnesia had me rushing to place orders cus i thought i didnt own any!

sometimes, other apes ask me my thoughts on GME and i say "whats that?"

oh well. maybe one day i will forget entire and just let my shares sit there forever and ever,

not unlike 'satoshi' and his 'lost' hard drive of bitcoin.

'what a waste' i hear some other apes say...

oh well. such is the life of this ape


Lesbian cat fight took out superstonk. Go to r/gmejungle for the 4th migration.


The scams are nearly played out. The hedgies are bleeding from not covering. Apes keep holding and buying even more.

Feels like any moment now one of them will try to be the first to cover their shorts and bleed the least...

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