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Free meaning taxes are much higher, maybe 20%. About a 50% incremental tax rate for someone into a good income. Free means abused and sketchy. A free MRI could take a year unless you find a back door. The doctor is incentivized to keep you off that MRI list by lying and prescribing shitty ultrasound diagnostics that get it wrong. Money gets you in on Tuesday at a MRI place that commies want shut down. Trump knows the story.

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sounds like communism

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You can't talk about taxes and healthcare unless you compare Canadian taxes to US taxes + health insurance. Or do this comparison with other countries with government healthcare. US healthcare is very expensive and, if it were rolled into taxes, US is very comparable to Canada and much of Europe, but we generally get less for what we pay in.

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That picture changes a lot when medical companies are required to charge the same prices in the US as they charge in socialized nations. Suddenly our prices go down and the others panic. I remember when Trump put orders to that effect into place, and our med costs dropped significantly overnight. Also it's important to look at where most of the medical research is being done- the USA. Like with military matters, the rest of the West rides on our back, and US citizens pay the price.

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Nothing is free. We pay for it through payroll taxes. Healthcare costs 25% of the provinces' annual budget.

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It’s American subsidized.

Both via our military investment to protect them and our offloading their research costs when they enact price controls on American designed products.

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Yes. Euthanasia is [all the] free healthcare you can get.

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MeDiCaL EtHiCiSt

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If government run healthcare was so great the VA would be the best place to get treated.

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The va won’t even let me in. Going on since 2020 now. Unable to mask, no care.

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cut some holes in your mask under the folds. fuck em

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I never thought about that but you're right, the VA is a microcosm of nationwide gov healthcare.

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The great thing about COVID is it exposed the medical community as a bunch of greedy incompetent assholes and teachers as ignorant commies! Both have jumped the shark never to return as hero’s in our society! I’m glad COVID forced everyone to see their true ugly colors! I’ve been waiting 30 years for people to wake the fuck up!

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Matthew 10:26 (NKJV) “Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.”

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Virtually every disability rights group in the country opposed the new law. To no effect; for once, the government found it convenient to ignore the otherwise impeccably progressive groups. "

Note to the Leftist supporter: you are useful until you're not. The moment it is convenient to dispose of you, the Leftist regime will do so.

"So long, and thanks for all the support, comrade! We couldn't have destroyed your country without you!"

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“Now lean your head right here, fear not the basket will catch it comrade. And you’ll be with friends.”

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When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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…coerce him into killing himself by threatening to bankrupt him with extra costs or by kicking him out of the hospital, and by withholding water from him for 20 days.

Tsk, tsk poor Canada.

This would never happen in the US, right?


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Give it a few more years.

When it comes here, though, I think we'll be able to euthanize the euthanizers, because they wouldn't mind, right?

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I like your style.

It’d be for the ‘greater good’, right?

A burn victim sure could use the skin of the euthanizers…

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Before I was stripped of my human rights and confined to the open air prison camp for the unvaxxed that is canada, I had on several occasions, traveled freely across the boarder to Buffalo to take advantage of same day MRI's, for which I was told I would have to wait in excess of a a year for in Ontario, and to get TRT related bloodwork done, which my "highly trained" and "Canadian" doctor told me he would not even discuss with me. And I know many many other people who have also traveled across for medical reasons. The variety of care and speed of access to said care is infinity better in the states. Drugs are more expensive, but you can actually get them. Good luck if you have some rare condition in Canada even getting the right drugs. Of course we have enough vax though to give everyone 10 jabs.

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good luck dude

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Funny how utopia always arrives at gunpoint huh?

Guess Canada's healthcare isn't so free after all.

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I prepare wills and related documents including living wills as part of my job. Many people want their doctors and family to "pull the plug" if they are deemed beyond hope and never to regain consciousness. My personal documents say to keep me alive no matter what for precisely this reason. I don't want them killing me off if I become inconvenient or costly. I've seen it happen and I don't want it to happen to me.

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I trust my wife enough. No one else.

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Yes, you might outlive her. Or she may be elderly at the time. They put pressure on people. Try to scare them. Try to convince them. I wouldn't risk subjecting her to that.

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make murder legal and people will be murdered more often, imagine my shock

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This is the one that refused to go.

How many did they successfully murder?

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At the end of the day Canada is not the US

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take care of your health people you don't want to end up treated by sickos because you neglected your body

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Our northern brothers need to be our next target after we clean out our country.

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Hospitals get paid for every Covid death so yeah, they're takin' them OUT.