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regardless of all that, how did he manage to attain an ar15? ny has implemented strict controls on the ownership of ar15's. and did he have magazines loaded beyond the 7 round limit?

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Yes, he details the process of how his gun came with a mag lock on it & how he used a standard household drill to remove it & modify it to take high capacity mags which he says he already had. The manifesto is bonkers. It reads literally like he took every possible democrat anti-right talking point they usually project or stereotype the right as, then portrayed himself as that. He says the store he bought his gun from & details how it is “cucked” by NY regs about them. He literally said “Yes, I am using the dreaded assault rifle-15” - is that supposed to be some kind of joke? Or is he that stupid? Had to be a joke, right? In the opening pages, he said “here are the most recent photos of me” & it is two photos of Sam Hyde. This shit is a leftist/democrat/antifa false flag to demonize us & it needs to be presented that way to any place we can possibly make it clear:

4chan did not do this, Discord did, still waiting to get more of his discord history. Hoping to stumble upon that some time. Discord = tranny land. In the video, he has furries on his phone - tranny/genderfreak shit. Holes like that all over the whole thing & his manifesto. They did a false flag they thought they could blame on guns & the right wing - they absolutely WILL be successful at that unless we combat it with the facts.

Media is saying he is right wing, he says himself he was a commie at 12, then went “more and more right” and landed as center-left wing auth. So he does say he is left wing. He says it himself, thank god. I am sure his parents are democrats - work at DOT, involved in government, found minutes (text transcriptions) of his dad talking at a meeting or hearing, saw pictures of them & their ahem facial features, definitely democrats, definitely not christian despite claiming it. He looks like Ben Shapiro halfway into turning into the Hulk. I like Ben Shapiro, I am just saying, the shooter looks like a half-transformed hulk where Ben plays Bruce Banner.

Retaliation for Kyle Rittenhouse’s justified self-defense?

Not being anti-Semitic as much as knowing that they are very likely a Jewish family & Kyle stands out because the all three of the degenerates he shot were Jewish.

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This is my Bushmaster XM-15. That’s right, I used the dreaded military grade assault rifle-15 as my main firearm for this attack.

its a caricature of a a right wing nut job. He cant even call it by its proper name then proceeds to list 80 pages of modifications, attachments, and gear. WTF is this

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How long do you think he searched for a chainsaw bayonet before giving up?

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im still looking for this one

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Fucking nuts, right? They are trying to pin this on right wing people - it can not be.

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I had a bushmaster and it is NOT military grade. It's shit-tier.

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anyone who is a gun enthusiast understands the phrase "military grade" is meaningless. "military grade" means it meets a specification designed by the military. It doesnt mean its good. A lot of times it means its not good, especially for civilian use.

There are much better "civilian grade" guns available but are more expensive. "Military grade" also means it meets a price point too.

Also only non-enthusiasts use "military grade"

and no one who knows anything about guns calls the AR-15 "Assault Rifle-15" because that is not what it is. If you say that to someone who knows you will get laughed at or told to leave.

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To be fair, nobody I know says “military grade”. Unless I’m mistaken, the term is “mil-spec” and it’s about durability not performance.

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thats my point, its a shitty marketing term for customers who dont know any better.

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It’s an established and well-documented standard of interchangeability and durability that parts are required to meet so they fit together and function properly. I agree the shooter doesn’t understand what it means and didn’t use it properly. He’s certainly a leftist plant.

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One thing you CAN say about military grade is that it's typically engineered to take a beating. I would say a standard M4 can dump some rounds pretty well without issue. My Bushmaster, however... Had a gas piston upgrade and the ports at the piston head spit gas out in 4 directions, including at the barrel. Well after a range session where I dumped about 600 rounds, the outside of the barrel, which was a heavy profile barrel, had a bubble where it had melted from the gas. Never saw an M4 look so weak, but never saw one with a gas piston either.

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One thing you CAN say about military grade is that it's typically engineered to take a beating.

military grade means it is designed to military designated specifications. Maybe "taking a beating" is in there, IE: fire 20k rounds without a failure. But like I said, there are "civilian grade" weapons that can beat that, at a higher cost no doubt.

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Usually amything government is higher cost not matter the actual quality...

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well... cannot say you dont know what you are talking about. thanks for the reply.

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If guns are outlawed, only FBI false flaggers will have guns.

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Which is why leftists are the real fascists. Bash the actual-fash with this every time they ever dare to call you one: https://twitter.com/MorallySeparate/status/1525560293853741058

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His goofy ass hair

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I’m reminded of Frank Grimes when he finally cracked and started acting like the exaggerated version of Homer. In his mind grabbing those electrical wires was something homer would do but clearly he was wrong about that because then Homer would’ve died already. This is the left.

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Off to my mansion to eat my lobster.

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The Conservative right has a far more realistic view of what the radical left is than the radical left has of the Conservative right.

This is their "tell"

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Who was the dude he said "sorry" when he shot him? Ray Epps? David Bryd? FBI asset I assume.

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What isn't a myth is that every bad thing the dems are known for was coordinated by the Rothschilds as revenge for Jackson, the guy who started the party by the way, successfully keeping them out of our banks and delaying the foundation of the federal reserve for about 75 years. Same way the GOP today is a hollow shell of its former self. Both were infiltrated.

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Jackson was awesome.

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The Confederacy was right though. They fought for states rights. The party switch isn't accurate but the parties from the 1860s are also not the same as they are today.

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Nailed it! Spread this around EVERYWHERE. Do it today!

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Don''t lump the Confederacy in with the KKK. The democrats of that era were far different than the degenerates to day. They believed in self determination and a very limited federal government.

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he’s a CIA throw away

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Pretty obvious when he specifically did everything to highlight what he could do to get around NY gun laws.

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tHe DeMoCrAtS aRe ThE ReAl RaCiStS. That shit doesn't work. They don't care. They know who they are. Stop being defensive.