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muslimporn -1 points ago +1 / -2

Why is it that after having one little kerfuffle with you which you take way too seriously, someone is suddenly going through and downvoting all my shit automatically?

You're also the type. You started downvoting my stuff immediately after replying and only narcissists or sociopaths from reddit do that.

I was going to leave this as you're being stubborn, with your dial stuck and something is wrong with your tone detection but I take back all that now.

I can take an insult that's fine, your behaviour is different to that. It's puerile unadulterated hostility. You can't see the funny side of anything, you're stuck up, full of yourself, this is not normal.

You are a reddit tranny. I'm certain of it. They did all these things to take over reddit and it was really obvious. The thing is, out of ten thousand user interactions, even some dumb fights, almost none of them behaviour like you are.

It really stands out. Normal people don't get butthurt so easily they can be bothered to hit the downvote but going through and downvoting everything I'm doing I think the moderators should start looking into your IP address and try to figure out how to detect you lot over from reddit.

I think if they start applying statistical analysis it would catch people like you easily. This is a test in academia for sociopathy. They push the electric shock button too much. I think the mods only need program a simple quota system for users and downvotes based on the averages and then flag users like you.

The thing is there's one bit of friction and then you hold this fucking epic grudge and it gives you away. Your ability not to take a jab gives away the cut of your jib.