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Snipthetipandsip 1 point ago +1 / -0

You're not wrong, but your not right either. A lot of people fail to realize that the end of WWI also marked the end of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman's were defeated by the same blights that exist in all empires of history. Lazy, power hungry politicians who whispered in the ear of lazier and lazier kings who ruled over occupied territory that countries were pushing back to have their sovereignty and over the course of 400 years and many lazy sultans. After the empire had fallen and pretty much squeezed into Turkey the remaining lands who were still majority muslim formed warring tribes and started waging war with each other. This led to loose boarders being established, but none actually being recognized until after WWII. This is why it was so easy for Hitler to march through the ME and North Africa.

Once WWII had ended, the tribes who helped the allies during the war were awarded sovereignty, INCLUDING Palestine, and Israel was granted as a Jewish land because of all the displaced jews from WWII (whatever your thoughts on this time, and the vision of WWII history this was the global narrative at the time, and what is written in the history books).

Where it gets tricky is when all the muslim countries that surrounded Israel invaded them, and Israel (backed with more advanced weapons from the west) pushed them all back and claimed more land then they had been granted in the draft after world war two. The arabs then cried foul and the world powers pressured Israel to give back the land. (The question being: if an enemy country invades you and you not only defend, but advance into their lands, is it yours to keep?)

Israel gave back most of the territory to the arabic invaders save for crucial resources that were part of Palestine in the original boarders being drawn after WWII which objectively makes sense whether you agree with it or not.

My opinion? Empires rise, and fall, but the land is still there. Ownership, sovereignty, boarders change all the time, and for most of history always have. Usually from brutal conflict where tons of people die. Doesn't seem like much has changed save for being more sneaky in how we conquest. Except now we have global leaders who point their fingers at smaller countries to decide what they do or else they get a surprise uprising, drone strikes to crucial resources, or some reason to invade.

I've got no stake in the fight. A pleb, a brick in the wall as it were happy I get to live some form of freedom and don't have to live in the muck. History is interesting, but we have to remember, we're living in the middle of it.

And I'm done rambling.