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Snipthetipandsip 3 points ago +3 / -0

And they're laughing and getting away with everything while we squabble over petty issues they use to pander to the voter.

I don't blame the democrat voter, well I do a little, in that basing your vote on your emotions opens you up to be pandered too; but mainly the democrat politician who sells you a pipe dream and then completely do an about face when they're elected. I blame the media for pushing one set of facts to democrat voters, and claim they have no bias.

There's a whole slew of reasons why people here don't believe in socialized medicine, and it's mainly based on examples we already have in places like the UK and Canada.

I think a buy in option could work, and a lot of people here don't agree with me. Namely because of how corrupt politicians are, and quite frankly; I'm more inclined to agree with them.

Italians_Invented_2A 1 point ago +2 / -1

it's mainly based on examples we already have in places like the UK

It's based on ignorance, because national healthcare in Europe works fine.

In Europe there is both the public healthcare, and a private healthcare. So if you want to pay more to get a better service, you can. Most people don't, but you can get yourself a health insurance and access private healthcare just like in America. You have the choice between the two.

But muh taxes. European governments pay less for national healthcare than what the federal US government pays for it. It's because prices in the US are super inflated due to the insurance system.

I don't really care either way. What I care about is that my race is not wiped out of the face of the earth with low birthrates and miscegenation. Giving national healthcare to the libtards is a price worth paying.