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Guys, are you feeling hopeless?

Are we feeling like we have lost the battle of our lifetime?

That now we will be a slave to China and the Cabal?

That the greatest nation on earth had fallen, without even a fight.

Don’t be. We don’t have to lose unless we accept this.

We don’t have to believe the narrative they are trying to force upon us, we don’t have to accept the censorship and their brainwashing of our children. We don’t have to accept this powerlessness.

Why? Because it’s simply not true.

The truth is we are the majority. Trump has at least 80 million real votes and Biden has at most 40 mil real votes.

That's an America that's made up of 2/3 patriots. Imagine the economic destruction we can do to China. Americans are the kingmakers of economic growth for other countries. We are the customers and we make the final buying decision.

They fear us. They fear what we can do together.

Look at the January 6 pictures. Are you telling me they could have overpowered this 1.5 million strong crowd had they chosen to be disobedient? They can’t. Our strength is in numbers. We are the true majority. WE HOLD THE ULTIMATE POWER IF WE CHOSE TO UNITE AND ACT. And we don’t need to shed blood to break them.

How? Let’s stop playing inside their game and accepting their rules. For too long we have been too nice. It is what’s gotten us to here.

Now, we must organise together to make our strength known.

The Cabal and the Chinese Communist are in it together. The Chinese Communist Party made an exchange with the Cabal during BushSr/Clintons era for the West to use the Chinese people for cheap labour so they together can both be enriched. The Cabal used the poor Chinese peasants to make money from what is essentially slave labour.

However they didn't expect the CCP to come back at bite them. The Cabal create a beast in the CCP and now they can't actually control them. The CCP probably has hacked all their assets and gotten a lot of dirt on the Cabal. They now cannot stand against the CCP even if they wish too. Now too rich to be put down and with too many weapons and a large army, the CCP is the main driver with the Cabal facilitating their takeover.

Here is how we can take them down together.

We MUST attack the source of their power: MONEY.

1. STOP buying CHINESE products or only buy second-hand ones.

China’s power lies in their ability to the be manufacturer of the world. That is the foundation of their economy, without exports their economy will collapse Their product are cheap in price because the true cost is the loss of our freedom and liberty.

We MUST refuse to line their pockets further, refuse to give them the money that they will use to turn their guns on us. Obviously, it is impossible to avoid all Chinese made goods, but if we cannot avoid that, we must only second-hand products. The Chinese makes money only from new products. That’s why all your electronics fail within a few years. It’s design to be that way to keep their economy running.

We need to spread this movement. One person wouldn’t make a dent, but if 2/3 of America refuse to buy Chinese goods over a span of a few months, then they are done for. We will collapse their economy. Remember, we are the actual majority. The Americans have the biggest buying power around the world. We are the kingmakers of economic growth.

To learn just how weak the Chinese economy is and how unstable they are – read here: [https://communities.win/c/GreatAwakening/p/11S0SQfM8L/lets-take-down-china-and-this-co/]

2. Awaken the rest of the sleeping patriots.

We must win the battle of ideas. Right now, they are brainwashing our youth and our population constantly through the media. We must put a stop to this. We need to collect the truth into accessible website and information bases that can be use to spread to the normies. Spam this the truth everywhere in online messages or YouTube comments. Make them question small things first, then hand them some facts that will make them question other beliefs then hand them some more believable facts. Do it gently but systematically. For the normal sane people, this works. It’s how I ended up here and how most of the Walk Away people converted

So, what if they control the media and the internet? We can also do it the old fashion way. Dinner table talk, talking in bars, talking in our neighbourhoods. Talk to people one person at a time, in person or via the phone. Do it by sending your neighbours pamphlet everywhere direct them to alternative sources of information.

CONSTANTLY. EVERY WHERE. This is what has launch revolution in the past. This is what they fear most. The spread of ideas.

This is why they are trying to silence us. We cannot win by being on a website alone, we are already converted. We win by talking and discussing ideas out a loud. WE must convert the normies. We don’t need to turn people into Trump supports, we must simply show everyone the SWAMP and MSM, the corruptions and the cruelty of the CCP – broadcast out aloud to our communities. Our goal is to make more of us and stop the brainwashing. We don’t need people to become republicans, we need them to become patriots who will fight for freedom and liberty. Because now they see that its not about Trump, it is about their lost of rights and their lost of liberty. WE NEED TO MAKE IT PERSONAL FOR THEM.

3. Educate ourselves and spread our knowledge

We need to educate ourselves more and spread our knowledge. Their power comes from them keeping us in the dark through lack of knowledge and lack of understanding of the system.

They are turning our young people into slaves via student debt and brainwashing. They are printing out our money and devaluing the blood sweat and tears we put into working and earning every penny. They are getting away with this because no one has taught us how this system works and how our money works. They deliberately withheld teaching us critical thinking skills in school, so they can keep us meek and weak making it easier for them to be our masters. We must show everyone that we are currently in a system they created, where they are the owners and we are the slaves.

It is not enough for us to be outrage because not everyone is aware. They got this power because they kept us in the dark. We never learn money management, interest rates, how compounding works. We never had full understanding of what funds wall streets and fiat currency. Not all of us knew how the Federal Reserve is just printing out money with no actual tangible value and we are staring at massive inflation in the future. All our hard work will be devalued and worthless thanks to the decision of a few corrupted officials.

Why is this important? Because the source of their control is money. WE need to figure out how to take that away from them. The first step is understanding the system the created for us to live enslave within and spread that knowledge.

4. Utilise the God-given Skills of Our Patriots

At least 80 million people voted for Trump, surely there’s people here who can help us come up with smart plans and create alternative goods and services to the current offer. We need to band together and think of how to provide good and services. We need to use the smartest among us to come up with sound plans and actions we can undertake.

We are smart hardworking individuals, with each having a unique talent. We must use our skills and our knowledge to protect our country. Think about what you have to offer the country or other patriots and band together to act on it. We need to organise, to utilise the intelligence of the smartest among us, to use each of our special gifts and skill to push our movement forward.

A few thousand of them banded together and destroyed the integrity of our election and our voice. What do you think a few million patriots banding together to use each of their unique skills to contribute will do?

WE can offer our own goods. WE can create our own education system. WE can create our own internet service. WE can stop the brainwashing of our youth. WE DO NOT HAVE TO FALL UNDER THEIR RULE. It will only happen if we accept it. Our forefathers build America into the richest country in the world through sheer determination. We must honour them through our actions.

5. Let’s take action. BUILD OUR OWN SYSTEM.

They control the US dollar? No worries, we make our own currency. And no, not bitcoin. Anything on the internet they can hack us and use again us – case and point election machine. They will do anything and everything to hack it remotely. We go back to the old fashion way -> gold and precious metals. We can trade good and services within patriots using gold. Is it hard? Hell yes. But what’s harder is them turning our US dollar into fake currency and giving it out like candy. It will devalue our hard work and enslave our children in the future. We can’t control the US dollar, but we can control actual gold. That has international value and has hold it for thousands of years. If whole states like Texas and Florida take this up, it means we have cut off their ability to devalue our work. We neutered them.

Why should our money and our hard work be at the mercy of corrupt politician? Let’s make our own gold backed currency. We don’t have to play by their rules. We make our own system and we support our own patriots.

  1. Make our own media and internet
  2. Make our own education system – online like khan academy where we teach our children useful stuff and stop indoctrination
  3. Make our own currency in real life
  4. Make our own electronics/phone so we can’t be tracked or stalked.
  5. Make a system to communicate and gather without being at the mercy of big tech

Take down the source of their power – it is the money and the oppressive system the created for us to live under. Revolt against their plans.

We are the Grassroot movement and together we are stronger than them. America was build from the grassroot. Trump was simply chosen to lead our movement, he was not the end all and be all of us. He has worked hard enough but he is still just one person. Let’s stop depending on hope and actually take up the mantle. He did it for us. Everyone of us must do it for him and the future of our children. We will not be the first American generation to be born free and die a slave. It will not happen under our watch.

It is now or never. Spread these ideas and let’s take down the Chinese economy and Cabal’s system. They cannot get us all if we take down the source of their power: MONEY AND THEIR SYSTEM. We can deal with the corrupt politician after, once we have destroyed their masters. Without their backers, they are nothing.

We must refuse to play inside their oppressive system. We must use our collective intelligence and our collective will to break out of the slavery system they have imposed on us.

Patriots, lets unite and think of plans and what we can do to subvert their entire system. What system we can create and what we can do to take their power away from them?

They can only govern at the consent of the masses. And we do not consent to the stealing of our duly election presidential position. We stand up now and today.

We either stand up now or we will never have this opportunity again once they finish silencing us and hunting us down.

We don't all have to take extreme action. But we must take some action. The most effective undetectable act of defiance is to not buy Chinese goods. With that alone we can collapse the Chinese Economy.

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Pay off your debt. If you own a home and car free & clear good for you. Buy assets that hold long term value. Things that go bang & what runs them is useful, sellable and valuable. Make sure you have plenty of long term, stable food. Sell any property in a city and buy land in the country. Set up a garden, buy seeds, water tanks. These action ideas are a good start and won't lose value.

freedomfromslavery [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

This corrupt congress is robbing us blind. We need safety deposit for our money before they run out of value. Guess its time to start studying up on assets and liabilities.

Can't even trust the stock market anymore. They infiltrated that too.

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freedomfromslavery [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Terrifying. But now we are awake we can actually plan and act in our best interest. This is what they fear.

turtle518 1 point ago +1 / -0

It would probably be safer under your mattress.

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ythehorses 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thank you.

deleted 2 points ago +3 / -1
AndrogenReceptor 1 point ago +1 / -0

How about we just overthrow this illigitimate gov't. It would provide us with instant gratification and save ourselves from years of tyranny.

freedomfromslavery [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Most people will not have the stomach for that. We need plans that most people can jump on board with. Plus why should our people die when we can cause China economic collapse through mass civil disobedience and mass market shift?

Magafactured 1 point ago +1 / -0

make our own Internet

Some good ideas in there, but things need to be actionable.

it’s now or never

With respect, it’s always now, and it’s never never.

Since 80 million people are not going to be checking my post to see what they’re supposed to do, the priority is probably building the best framework for organization. One of the ways that starts is transparently re-integrating into the matrix. I.e. depending on where we live, it will be important for a lot of us to slightly modify the way that we interact with one another.

Aggressively develop our ability to blend, to speak with nominal security to our allies. Without the orange man to hate, people will turn elsewhere for their dopamine, and get on with the next thing.

Before organization, there must be general best practices of the framework that organization will be built on.

Bless you for recognizing this righteous cause, and let’s go ???

eye2ctruth 1 point ago +1 / -0

The solution is not to primary people out since all those to choose from come from inside the system. Even if you do get people to run from outside of the system, the rigged machines, and fraud would make that plan not work either. Besides, all three branches of the government refuse to listen to our demands for election reform.

There is another option though which allows President Trump to still be the president of the United States, and at the same time, allows us to maintain our freedoms.

As what President Trump has said in the past, sometimes it is best to simply walk away from a deal until the other side chooses to make more favorable changes to their deal. In this case the solution is having multiple states walk away together from the union and forming their own union with Trump as the President away from the tyranny of D.C. We also should keep anyone from the blue states out of our states since they would just make our red states purple.

We can succeed at this because conservative states produce the goods, have the wealth, can defend against foreign enemies outside of North America because the military is mostly in the red states, and our people are self reliant and do not live off the government. The blue states for the most part do not have these qualities.

If we do this, before you know it, D.C. will want us to return because there will be nothing left from the blue states to tax to support their lavish lifestyles. Also, the blue states themselves will come begging us to return to the deal table as well and fix their problems since they essentially mooch off of us for their lazy lifestyles too.

Since D.C. would most likely not let us leave the union so easily, we need to put in place countermeasures to ensure they cannot take us back over. For example Each of the states that leave need to have independent electrical grids and have them hardened so D.C. can't just cut the power, or use an electrical magnetic pulse attack to fry their grids. These states should get anti missile systems such as the iron dome which Texas got two of these systems just recently from Israel. Also, secure our navigation, intelligence, and communication satellites since most likely Biden and Harris will get rid of the Space Force, which protects against anti sat warfare. If we cannot secure these satellites then we need to have the same capabilities of those satellites on the ground.

victronix 1 point ago +1 / -0

I would imagine a significant percentage of people leaving blue states are actually red and frankly are leaving out of disgust. Also, those moving have the resources to move, so you don’t want to block that from red states. Several large companies have moved out of CA to Texas this year alone, including Oracle. People with low incomes won’t have the money to flee blue states and will get welfare.

I think strengthening Conservative culture in red states is very important. What you want to stop are the mechanisms for communism’s spread, for example in the schools, through terrible brainwashed teachers and curriculum. Average Patriots need to consider getting directly involved in local school districts as volunteers, school board members, teachers, etc. Alternatively, getting involved with home schooling. All of the public schools will end up with forced vaccinations that will increase in number every year, so there will likely continue to be a large flow toward home schools.