This is the way. (      YES            
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Another "Anonymous Source" Psyop by the Legacy Media Re; Trump and Desantis (  ★ ☭   Far-Left Media   ☭ ★ 
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Probably couldn’t get more than a literal half dozen at best, but I bet we can convince at least ONE blue haired redditor-esc individual who identifies as jello to renounce their citizenship with full legal follow through. The effort may be worth it to see the outcome.

Information on 14th Amendment - Renouncement of Citizenship

So 2022 is here and The Prayer Garden has a new project. We have spent the last year building up a server, seeing what works, what doesnt. One thing we have noticed is we have all gotten closer. Almost like the distant between us no longer mattered because Christ connected us. We are now feeling led to expand to churches. We are gonna be creating seprate servers for these Churches, with the Prayer Garden being a hub to connect them all. The Church server will be run by the church its for, with the prayer Garden ambassadors just being there for support. We only have a few requests. 1) that the church preaches the power of prayer 2) the church preaches for us to read our bibles DAILY 3) the church preaches for it's people to be the light and love for others 4) that they allow there church people to join the prayer Garden and are willing to work thru the differences with unity thru Christ being the goal.

Goal of Church server: to provide a 24/7 place that your church group can grow and build relationships using the power of technology. We are not asking u to give up or change anything. This server is just an added element to help your church grow and provide a place got them to go at all times. Our team will work for u building up the church server how u see fit.

Goal of the Prayer Garden: we want this to be a hub where globally all of us can come together. We can prayer and help lift up all the churches on the Prayer Garden network. Church leaders can learn from other church leaders with the focus being building up the Church of Christ. One body. One family. All working for his glory. While at the same time still being able to be your own church. The Prayer Garden doesnt wanna be a church. Rather we want to connect Gods children regardless of petty differences.

So this project is still coming together but my heart needed to get this out. If you belong to a church that u feel fits this framework, then we would love to hear from u. It is time to come together thru Christ. Not all churches are bad. We want to find those and tie it all together. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Dem voters support harsh measures against unvaxxed ( 😷  MIDTERM  VARIANT  😷
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God gave David the victory but it was david that slung the stone. ( ✝️   UNDER GOD   ✝️
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Trust the Scientism (
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2020: Biden Said George Floyd's Death Had More Impact than MLK ( 🔥   BURN,  LOOT,  MURDER  🔥
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Comply! (
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Big Pharma Drives COVID-19 Media Corruption ( 🖕   FUCK FAUCI   🖕
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