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To be fair to him though, his speech below showed what his actual views are and was surprisingly a bit more based than I was expecting (not that I agree with 100% of what he said), particularly for calling out CPAC.

Still, the guy is quite a character. He has a seemingly cult-like group called Groypers. He seems to go overboard on saying insane things such calling a heterosexual relationship gay to get attention. While such as tactic can be used to get MSM coverage with the hope of attracting viewers you can redpill, in the case of Nick it just seems he's trying to fuel his craving for attention. He also likes to latch onto anybody that he thinks he can use to gain more fame an attention and perhaps even financial gain, with the latest example being Kanye.


"during occupation of xxxxxxx, resistance fighters found that creating tight knit 4 to 7 person squads, or "cells", was a great way to execute missions. Sabotage, Intelligence gathering, ambushes, heists of depots and armories, and subversion could be swiftly carried out by a small independent cell of clandestine civilian fighters. These resistance cells were comprised of civilians and former law enforcement/military veterans. They were nearly indistinguishable from the general public by the occupant forces.

It also allowed the cell to not only operate independently, but it was very hard to infiltrate these groups by xxxxx authorities and secret police, due to the fact they all (resistance fighters) knew each other relatively well... and could more easily identify informants within the small group.

Additionally, a cell could operate independently with its own missions and initiatives, or work in cohesion with other resistance cells for a large scale or complex operation.

If one cell was destroyed or captured, only the leader and assistant leader of each group or cell knew the locations of other safehouses, supply caches and how to contact other cell leaders. This created a highly compartmentalized, and difficult structure of Intelligence and communication to crack... it became harder for agents of the occupant forces to extract or find information on other cells.

Prostitutes, markets, certain workplaces and the church ironically, networked to form an effective means of communication. Dead drop communications were also favored."

Also, get you an "improvised munitions" TM, us army type. TM 31-210

Remember. Pinning down the communist strongholds..... requires you to cut off all infrastructural power, water, railways, and commo to a target city. Cut the head off. A country boy will survive without these...The soy flavored commies WON'T.

If you live in a communist city..... sabotage it and help facilitate its downfall from within. Also Intel gather... note movements and carry out targeted hits and heists.

Start hitting back at these cunts with violence.


100% FACT (
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Baseless conspiracy theory! ( 🛑  Corrupt Commies  🛑
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