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This past week I've noticed that almost all of my youtube downloads are maxing out at around 50KBps using either one of these utilities. A 20 minute video that I could pull in a few seconds now takes over an hour to grab. Anyone here encountering this problem, too? I'm aware that the official rationale would be to probably save on bandwidth and discourage people from watching content without ads, but I'm kinda worried this is another attempt by Google to circumvent censorship and archival of content that would be deemed "problematic" by them.

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The project owner is "taking a break", and youtube-dl has not been updated since July. It's safe to say it's basically dead now, given how it requires constant updates to keep up with external sites...

You can take a look at one of the alternatives/forks, or find another one:



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I don't normally watch my channel archiving jobs but I decided to look it up from this post.

Using youtube-dl on a 1 GB file on October 10th took me under two minutes. A run on 10/13 started 4am and got 403'd at 10am to download 1.6 GB, and the remaining 150 MB took an hour.

I don't know if it's intentional or not, but it sure doesn't look good.

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uh, yeah...just noticed max out at ......ready for it????? 66.5K

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Me, too.

Now I use a Pale Moon extension to put download links for the audio and video streams on the page. Then I download them with DownThemAll, which is super fast.

Then I stick them together with ffmpeg.

It's a grind, but it's fast.

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Try Streamlink.

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Using yt-dlp for the first time at the moment. 100+KBps using a cell phone as a hotspot.

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I had issues the last time I used yt-dl where a video got cancelled during the download. Meanwhile I downloaded a Twitch stream with no issues. Anecdotal there, but I never had a download cancel before after about 1GB.

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Are you using a VPN? A VPN can keep your ISP from directly knowing what sites you're accessing, preventing them from throttling you on a site to site basis.

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There's Odysee and Gaze. I have stopped using YouTube.