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My globohomo employer is likely going to fire me soon for not showing them my health pass. I don't know if Biden's OSHA BS is going to hold up or not, but I'm thinking maybe I can avoid it by working as a contractor.

I have experience as a software developer, but not much recent experience getting hired as a contractor.

Looking for advice, in particular where can I find work?

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As an independent developer I've done plenty of contract work. Those pesky recruiters who hound you on linkedin for full time jobs.. they're your best friends. Tell them you're open for contract gigs and they'll do the work for you easy. Just make sure you decide on your rates and look into setting up a business and getting errors and omissions liability insurance.. some places won't hire you without it. Good luck!

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LinkedIn and Indeed, then sort by remote.

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Also, contract work on app/web skew is easier to do independently than something that requires tons of infrastructure.

Key is to treat yourself as a consultant if you have that level of XP in the industry. If not, cultivate it by doing a non-trivial project from the ground up.

You can try looking into some of the certs out there if you need to lend some more credibility to non-pros.

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