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or perhaps in parallel computing if I had a lot of them? Making money off of the them would be nice, but even an interesting weekend project would be fun as well.

Just looking for ideas.

Edit: I should probably note that I'm not afraid of softmodding, as I've done a half dozen or so of those over the last decade, including the Wii itself. It can be nerve-wracking, but given the number of units I'd be working with, one or three going bad would hardly be the end of the world

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Pretty sure you can run DOSbox on a Wii. Or Windows 95:

Turn them in to emulators? Depends on how many and if they all work right.

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hmm. wonder if there's a Lakka-like option for Wii...

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Look them up on ebay. If they're 100/ea then they'll only be 50 each after a "buttload" gets put on market.

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Pretty sure i could con this local shop into selling them to me for $20-$30 ea as they're just taking up real-estate atm, but I was more thinking of a tinkering-type project.

I'll keep that in mind, though, Thanks! =D

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Sell them to GM.

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They're probably more useful as they are.