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I got the JBL Live500bt a few days ago as a gift and they fucking suck. Wont charge or turn on, also has alexa and google voice crap. I do not want bluetooth or something that needs some app to make the sound remotely decent, nor do I want "features" like alexa. I just want high quality sound with good bass. I can spend up to $150. Any recommendations?

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Don't get bose

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I have Sennheiser HD series, open back wired headphones for years, happy with them, very comfortable when used for hours, however they do not have good bass. I used to own Sony "Extra Bass" series , imho sound quality was very good, but I could not keep them on for very long.

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Audio Technica ATH-M50x $149

I almost guarantee you've seen them before or will after you know what they look like. They are quite popular in sound-related industries. No extra bells and whistles. No paying for some chic brand. Just a solid pair of headphones.

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I concur, left some links in my comment about these. They are the standard!

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I also really like the OneOdio headphones, and recently picked up the A70 model. This one has the dual cord setup of their other units, plus Bluetooth. Swapping between the two modes has been very easy, battery life very good, and I paid about ~45 bucks after taxes.

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HyperX Cloud II has been working as desired. I'm no audiophile, but you're unlikely to be unhappy with these.


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Beyerdynamic 770 pro

Had mine for quite a few years now. They're bullet-proof.

Might have to look around a bit, but should be able to find them for under 150.

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I gotchu


More Specifically: https://www.audio-technica.com/en-us/headphones/type/wired/ath-m50x

Seem to be sold out on their site but they are available at alot of major retailers.

Here is a review of the ATH-M50x


Unparalleled sound the standard beating out $300-$400 Bose for $150.

Wired like you asked.

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the only made in usa bluetooth headphones on the market that i know of

great customer service

have used em for years

the warm fuzzy feeling of buy american.


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Best headphones I've owned so far are my Sony MDR-V6. They should be around $100. Good frequency response. Super clear on the bass 5 Hz - 30 kHz.

Mine are just finally starting to show their age/use after over 10 years of daily use. I've had to fix them after I dropped them on concrete one too many times and I do end up replacing the earpads about once every 2 years ($15 for a new set). No frills, but they're probably the best headphones I've ever bought.

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Bose in-ear soundsport wired earbuds. Recently discontinued, was selling for $99. I've had them for 3+ years and the wire hasn't begun to cut out like all other earbuds and they dont fall out like other ones I've tried. Ive used them about daily while working out, biking , rollerblading, hiking and camping. The ear pieces are silicone which can be washed and comes with extras. They were so good I got 2 backup pairs, since I figured Bose would discontinue a durable product and replace it with a $300 wireless bullshit that dies after a year or loose one when biking , all the while adding another thing to plug into the extension power bar to charge.

What's with every company having wireless headphones, they are all going to be in a trash pit in a few years, while those old wired ones will still work. Also it's the only way I can listen to music on my old minidisc player that still works since high school (and uses 1 AA battery that's lasts for 30 hr)

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I'm wearing some $80 headphones right now, Anker Soundcore Life Q30, and have no complaints. It does need an app to change equalizer settings, but I don't even use that.

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Some of the over ear Sennheiser Momentums roughly fit that budget and are a lovely pair of headphones.

Perfect for budget conscious aspiring audiophiles.

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I'll never buy another bose product. Over hyped garbage with shit sound.

Sennheiser, Polk, or something American. ChinaNever.com