Right now I have to

ssh -L 9999:localhost:6379 ServerName

But , how can I make this standard, all the time?

Thanks, if any one knows

want to be my own dns host.


My globohomo employer is likely going to fire me soon for not showing them my health pass. I don't know if Biden's OSHA BS is going to hold up or not, but I'm thinking maybe I can avoid it by working as a contractor.

I have experience as a software developer, but not much recent experience getting hired as a contractor.

Looking for advice, in particular where can I find work?


Hey Everyone,

I'm interested in switching from my current career (not computer related) to network security. I would say I'm somewhat tech savvy, but not a badass tech guy by any means. I'm not a programmer, but I have coded a bit and understand some. Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide me with tips?



Im thinking of starting an email list but i don't want to be pulled under the rug like Stefan molyneaux with mailchimp. If there are no viable options, anyone know how to start their own via code?

Say your fighting a fantasy looking dragon you recognize from somewhere and during it the dragon suddenly has a SPRITE bottle in it's hand or perhaps a drink you don't normally have. Perhaps he even gives it to you as you start to water for one and then you wake up panting and feeling like you need a drink. When you go to work you see ads for soda's perhaps even for SPRITE at some kind of discount or perhaps the drink you don't normally get is now so tempting. Once your hooked the discount not only goes away but they price gouge you instead yet your so addicted you just throw money at them as they monopolize how they treat you.

You become like a Nintendo apologist when anyone criticizes what the company is doing so each time you say enough good things they will 'lower' the price for you and your further hooked.

2030 conversation on the Metrocard subway:

Announcement over the PA:

"Welcome to the one world system where you are treated fairly and not ripped off by corporate slavery: Isn't communism sounding better all the time cmon and vote this election so you won't be a slave to a global company unlike other states!!!!"

Little boy: "Why can't poor people be treated fairly instead of being forced to bend backwards Dad?" Dad: "Because son the world is in the hands of haves and we are the have nots. You need MONEY to survive and that's why we switched over to communism in the name of fairness in this state before you were even thought of!

Announcement over PA: "Sure it has it's 'rough' edges but so does ANY system my boy. Communism is the most fairness though so I wouldn't trade it for corporate slavery any time soon!. Count your blessings son we live in a state that supports it or you wouldn't be riding this train!. This train will be arriving at Pen Station in XXX please remember your stop son and don't be late to school!"

Resources like books, videos, podcasts,… categorized by technicalities and scope would be great. As someone who has some tech/math background, what are some good places to start to look into crypto and blockchain? Thanks!


I am thinking of buying an F-250 with the PowerStroke 6.7L Diesel. Supplies are tight right now and I hear you have to pretty much pay list price. Does anyone have any experience to share with this vehicle?

86box the latest stable release is from gosh 2019!

Here. https://86box.net/ The latest stable version of 86Box is version 2.07, which was released on November 20, 2019, and is available from our GitHub repository.

We also offer nightly builds, which are built from the latest source code, but may not be as stable and/or optimized as stable builds.

I'm doing some research into the various types of reddit bans, how they work and how they're implemented.

I'm interested in knowing more about the "ban evasion" ban where it will permaban your account. From my understanding it appears to link accounts through IP address.

If my understanding is correct, wouldn't it be possible to simply make a bunch of accounts, go to widely used public IP addresses (like universities, hotels, fast food places etc.) then get these dummy accounts banned. That would flag the IP address as someone doing ban evasion and in theory wouldn't it also start permabanning other random reddit accounts that are connecting through that IP address?

PCEM is NOT a virtualizer unlike Oracle or Vmware. It actually uses old BIOS now up to Pentium II with Voodoo 2 and 3 support if your host can handle it.

So now we can emulate most things in Win 98SE pretty good with it why can't MS do an official wrapper or fork of it on Windows 11 and allow 32 bit software to work using clever trickery? Hell why not even do that Voodoo graphics wrapper thingy that some people use to get old games to work?

I can never get the Voodoo Glide Wrapper thing to even run because Webroot throws a fit at the exe and deletes it when I unzip it.

Ive been using chrome with google search on my phone for ages - and i recently realized that googles search results are pretty skewed and id probably be better off with something else.

Anyone have alternate browser reccs for a galaxy s10+? Honestly, I've just been using the default everything since i got the phone...

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