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Back in the 80s, 90s, and even early 00s hitting and fighting were celebrated. Playoffs were great because the physicality increased and it was a literal war on the ice. It was a large part of what made hockey playoffs great. Now anytime there is a big hit, you've got these sissy liberals crying on Twitter and message boards about how "it was the worst hit they've ever seen" and how badly they need therapy for witnessing such violence. Followed by such and such player should be banned from the sport. It is really a shame. The sport is turning into ice capades where players are saying away from contact so they don't get suspended and it's taking away from the emotion of the playoffs. I used to be able to watch most games even if my team was out but I now find most games boring. Anyone else feel the same way?

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Does anyone else actually care?

Hockey fan since "The Original Six" but not anymore...

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that's another thing. SO TIRED of hearing about the "original six". That was 100 years ago. Hockey has changed, the teams are completely different, the game is different. It means literally nothing if you're on a team that happened to exist at the time the league was founded.

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You have an odd idea of a hundred years and no respect for history. The first expansion was in 1967. Typical zoomer, if it happened more than ten years ago, it didn’t happen.

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Agreed. And fuck bettman

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I also miss the long fights, the refs always come in and try to break things up really fast I haven't seen a goalie on goalie fight in ages. Bench clearing brawls are a thing of the past too. There's also the rule changes like you have to keep a helmet on in a fight or else you get a penalty, nobody wants to be punching a helmet the whole time so you get less fights. At the same time I want players to be as safe as possible without sacrificing the entertainment value of hockey, I hate seeing young players' careers get cut short because of repeat concussions and I also hate seeing games with little physicality. That being said I think the game is still fun to watch, it might not be as physical as the games in the 80s and 90s but there still are pretty intense hits every now and then. If you want crazy ass brawling bush league stuff check out the LNAH https://www.lnah.com/fr/index.html

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We had a saying, "It's not a hockey game unless there's blood on the ice."

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I've read somewhere that the rolls of 3rd and 4th defensive pairs being needed to produce chances and goals led to demise of the enforcers. This i think lessened the fighting in the game as well as rule changes. Then again, we did as a fan base vote for John Scott. Lol.

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two things that pissed me off about the NHL lately:

"wE sKaTe fOr bLaCk LiVeS" (essentially endorsing BLM without expressly saying it)

NOT standing up to the pressure for forced vaccinations, upholding players, coaches and fans' rights not to be required to get the jab to play, coach or attend games unmasked.

The idea of the "covid bubble" was a massive failure too...players STILL got covid despite being in what was supposed to be a controlled environment where they had no contact directly with the outside world. now, they're upholding asinine things like the "Excelsior Pass" for NYC area games where you need proof of vaccination to attend (or they might let you have a small "unvaxxed section" way across the arena)

It all goes back to "keep politics out of sports". We watch pro sports to escape all the politics and BS and root for a team together for a few hours. It's an escape. IT's NOT OK to think your position as a pro athlete means you get a captive audience to watch you kneel, play the "black national anthem", hold fists up in the air or do anything to legitimize political issues at game time.

As for the rule changes, probably in the minority but the "over the glass, penalty" is ridiculous. just another gimmick for "more scoring". Unless the player intentionally lobbed it over the glass, just get a new puck, face off and go. No need for a penalty.

the "fight strap" rule is another one that's pretty stupid. You can get a match penalty for not having the "fight strap" buttoned down. Why? what's literally the point?

As for the contact, yeah it's gotten softer. I was at the game Scott Stevens LIT UP Lindros. THAT was hockey. Now players that light someone up get 10 mins and a review later that ends up a suspension. BOOOOORING