Lmao. you should read the mental gymnastics going on in the suns and nba reddits

He’s the best player in the world

We are watching now. What's ya' bets, muh fuckas?

I'm only watching 'cause Nate Diaz is our boi and I always watch that mofo.

Did anyone else watch? Lol, what a joke. Mayweather never steps on the gas. I've got to wonder if someone, perhaps Ellerbe or Haymon, got in his ear and told him carry Paul so they could keep the farce going.


That’s all folks!


Back in the 80s, 90s, and even early 00s hitting and fighting were celebrated. Playoffs were great because the physicality increased and it was a literal war on the ice. It was a large part of what made hockey playoffs great. Now anytime there is a big hit, you've got these sissy liberals crying on Twitter and message boards about how "it was the worst hit they've ever seen" and how badly they need therapy for witnessing such violence. Followed by such and such player should be banned from the sport. It is really a shame. The sport is turning into ice capades where players are saying away from contact so they don't get suspended and it's taking away from the emotion of the playoffs. I used to be able to watch most games even if my team was out but I now find most games boring. Anyone else feel the same way?

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I competed in them quite a lot for fun in my youth, but it's been a while. I'm naturally small (which I perhaps falsely believe makes staying in shape easier) and used to be pretty good, but as I said -- it's been a while. Do you guys have any exploits to the layman tournaments? Do you find that a certain move works, or that people tend towards vulnerability in a certain area? With limited training time, do I focus on strength or cardio? Or knowledge? Any new grappling knowledge that flat out didn't exist ten years ago? I'm asking ten million questions but I'd rather ask you guys first than spend time browsing what the Man has to say about all this.

Fair enough (media.communities.win)
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