Hey frens lets start our own XLB federation. What are some of the new rules to make traditional baseball more extreme?

Call it here first.

Do not remain silent

The Power Rests On We The People

Or are they not enforcing the mask mandate once fans have entered the stadium.

Question in the title...if you said yes then your view on

Wilder(US) vs Fury(UK)

StudTHICCa (media.communities.win)
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I just like that name for some reason. I don't really care about the sport but would prefer it be a current player. My searches have turned-up a bunch of players with Brandon as a first name, but not as a last.

If anyone could assist, that'd be great

turn it on. You're missing another classic in the making.

So uninspired and obnoxious...but fits their team and franchose philosophy well i guess.

Sure it was rain shortened and sure it came at a time in which ratings and interest in nascar is down, but hey, good for him.

In unrelated news, due to Santa Anita killing most of the horses current politician and Applebees part-time waitress AOC has automatically qualified for the next Kentucky Derby.


Craziest ending ever


Change my mind.

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