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When upvoting content (and please do, as much as possible!) think of the Pyramid of Debate and if the person you're voting on is moving discussion in an upward or downward direction on the pyramid.

When commenting or posting, think of the Pyramid of Debate, and if you are raising the level or lowering it.

If we each take the Pyramid of Debate seriously, we can have a great website for exploring new ideas and having respectful, rational, conversations with other people. You can do your part by voting, commenting, and posting, to help move the culture at c/Shithole in a good direction.


Users who unlocked Free-Speech™ are immune to this rule but encouraged they follow the pyramid of debate. Whatever you decide is your choice, you won't receive a penalty for dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate.

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This is no safe space all kinds of shitposts welcome

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Yikes comment section dead no point and no point baiting me

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COVID is a hoax and vaccines will kill you.

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🥱No free speech for thee