The grace period is officially over. This is your final warning. Any mention of a doxxed user's real name or any personal info will result in permanent bans.

We were hoping it would have been contained with the occasional TRS shopped image. We were hoping the joke would die out on its own... Most jokes that aren't funny do anyways. But now it is spreading to multiple other users and the harassment and stalking of TRS has been escalating again.

This ends today.

Anyone who posts TRS's image, even as a cartoon, will be instantly permabanned. Anyone who doxxes any other user will be instantly permabanned.

Anyone who tries to brigade another community will have their accounts nuked. And anyone who thinks they can ignore this and has previously been warned will be ip banned.

This community was created so you guys can have a space to talk about the streamers you like, this was never supposed to be a place for you to doxx other users. You have been warned. The jokes and relaxed moderation is over.

No more doxxed content.

Ten Toes Down 🔪 (
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👑 Mace God 👑 (
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The face of IP2. (
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dont record me bwo ( Clip
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c hates niggers

Their jeans that are also shorts

on the sites so no one will join that shit again.

🖕 TTD (
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Pressed Pass (
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. (
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Ayooooooo (
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