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Do I want the gaming PC to be 100% spyware, only for gaming (aka windows) and use a different PC/laptop for everything else (internet, movies, music etc)?

Or do I try to shove gaming down Linux's unwilling throat?

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Gaming on Linux is getting better, depending on the games and your software you can expect 80% the performance of windows.

If you want to use windows, the best thing you can do is prevent all undesired traffic coming and going from your PC. The best way to do that is not from the PC itself, but from the outside, there are ways to do that on the router level, provided you use an open source firmware on your router.

The simplest way is actually to use a rapberry pi or a similar device and turn it into a pi hole.

Nothing beats using Linux, but you're tracked if you use steam on Linux anyway. Steam makes note of what you have installed, and doesnt even hide the fact.

What I recommend you given your situation is using a pi hole and windows for gaming, and an encrypted Linux installation for everything else, with your sensitive data on an external device you dont connect when using windows or also on an encrypted volume (that you dont decrypt when using windows)

FORCE_VAX_GOVT_WRKRS 1 point ago +2 / -1

Download a copy of ''OOShutup" which is made by an anti microsoft spying group.

It's about 80 settings, in 6 different divisions, where microsoft contacts itself so you can have a seamless spying experience.

OOShutup makes all these internal switches available for you to turn off manually.

It has turning off of a whole division like ''updates'' and ''location''

but it also has some other settings you can turn off to just limit part of what Microsoft sees.

They have a very high quality set of info buttons to hover over and have each of these settings explained to you: what it does, when on - what it does, when off.

I run my Windows install like that and it also makes it run FAR smoother to turn all that shit off.

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I’m gaming on Linux. Not really a big gamer anymore but modern games run surprisingly well due to vulkan.

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Or do I try to shove gaming down Linux's unwilling throat?

If you use steam, it works pretty well for any game that's not online

For online games you can also use a Windows VM with your GPU passed through (but it requires having 2 GPUs, this includes the iGPU)

I'd recommend Garuda linux or PopOS! if you choose to game on linux