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Hi, right off the bat I'm sorry. Also though as much as I would love a step by step "for dummies", if you will, let me just say I would equally love many replies each with nuggets. I'm of a personality type that collects all the data, even useless, then sort thru for what I need. In this case I need it all. I've been meaning to wrtie this for a very long time. Well when "TheDonald" was all we had. I just didn't wanna bother anyone. Since I've never had an issue with asking for help I'm finally asking. My problem, I need it all.

I live in a small town in a "fly overstate". My options are limited so are my resources. I'm very self sufficient & resourceful. The kind of person that'd be useful in a "zombie Apocalypse" but since we're not quite there I'm just someone learning stuff for projects that take up all my time.

Back when I was a kid I loved science & tech. But as a young adult science became "Science" & abandoned me & my poor lil surf brain. Tech became something I could no longer "reconcile" so I left it all to drown my future into a meaningless life & went to sleep.

Although I loved computers as a kid & even learned as much as I could it was the early 80's & I was poor. I even learned how to make computer animations before pixar was known. I used to make logos & business letterhead/bus cards etc on the side before windows was a thing. That being said the 15 years that followed I tried to fry any knowledge I had previously known. Successfully I might add because "c:" is all that remains.

I had a cell phone once in my mid 20's but cingular charged my 1st bill every min of every day for one month. That ended that. I dabbled in photoshop, had a myspace for a week & used facebook as an old fashioned "message board". Meaning I would "hang a note" then eventually come back for a reply note. Since I was as irresponsible as they come this was how my family knew I was alive. I loved the internet though for the only purpose I used w/any regularity was to "google". I "googled" anything & everything "data data give it meee"!

Perhaps because it wasn't everyday I noticed changes. Ex: when googles results now came after ads. Then after almost a page of ads. Then the results we off a little like at 1st it was the result with the most in common w/ur question. Now it was the most clicked then more in common so sometimes it wasn't relevant at all. So on & so forth.

Okay, sorry. 2015 I wake slowly but surely. Never having been on twitter, reddit, 4chan, 8chan, instgram, even youtube. Never posted something private, taken a pic of my food, taken a selfie you get it. I knew about anonymous & kinda secretly hoped they would save the world. I had noticed after getting a "smartphone" that google apps were already there & I coudnt delete them (this pissed me off). Very quickly dove into everything & just as quickly realized we had censorship. Angry that I was only then learning we secretly lived in Chy-na I tried to "learn up".

Well it is very possibly that I went too fast & hurt myself. I was taking everything from anywhere I wanted to know all the things that I ignored. Watched things that broke me. Learned truths that sometimes I wish they were lies & I was just crazy. Tried to share to no avail. This was the straw. I had a nervous breakdown & have not been right sense. Im still me, still the same but my brain doesnt work the same. I loose time like crazy like a slow clock. I cant retain info in the short term like before the way you do when your learning. I can no longer finish anything or see it through.

I have done searches, downloaded, read tried, tried& failed every privacy thing possible. I dont fully grasp any of it really. I know the gist like ip being like my devices fingerprint & its location is my router. Vpn would lie to prying eyes & say rather Im so & so from denmark. I know Im a noob. I have wanted to root my android but Im afriad to brick it. Ive never been on the deep web for research cuz Im scared to come across child porn. I know to save things of importance offline. I have watched pirated movies although I no longer partake of Hollywood in any way shape or form. I have burned a mixed cd or 2 back in the day. I still type using 5 fingers on 2 hands. I know what omg, idk, imo,irl,but that is prob the extent of that list. I have a chromebook because when I purchased it I didn' know it was just a big cell phone with a keyboard. I have downloaded linux, ubuntu, tor on it. I did the dual so it was still a chrome os. I used it kind of successfully. The thing is since I don't have much $ to spare & even less understanding the entire privacy thing is not in my vocabulary. I used to say "I don't care who am I hiding from anyways" but now I understand because I can't do anything online anymore.

I have not been able to get on video.maga.host for aprox 6 weeks. I have spent HOURS attempting everything noting works not even on any other device I have access to in any other location. Not to mention even though I have "updates" & anything else similar to be done manually or not at all I keep coming home to find my devices completely wiped. A few times so wiped I could not even long in as anything other than a guest including "new user". The only good thing about any of this is I have routinely stored everything offline, & there is a lot.

So, my request for anyone still reading this is please help me. I will take anything you have to give. even just a link. Beggars can't be choosers & I am begging. I want to root my phone or do anything to it that lets me decide what I do & don't want. I want to do the same to my laptop. I also know my wifi is prob part of the prob. Is it a really big part? If so then what do I need instead. I want a desktop but need funds first what would be my best lest expensive option but not ness the cheapest. VPN what is it, how does it work, does it work, who is best all around? Just for research I dont play video games anymore or download movie I only research thats it so whatever for that purpose. My bf does do those things but he's still asleep & refuses anything I say so I no longer say anything. If he wants a vpn for movies he can figure it out. I want to use a browser & search engine that does not censor at all. duckduckgo does I can tell & firefox acts suspect too. I loahe 404! I want to understand coding basics like whats http, https, html, whats all the stuff in the developer menu about? What is a server exactly or hosting & whats open source all about? These types of things & more. Anything & everything, please overwhelm me, I need it. But from where I stand w/what I have & the internet I am "allowed" to use there is soooo much & often conflicting info. I know many on here have tech running through their veins (metaphorically I hope) so this stuff is like breathing. I hope that something I wrote is something you wouldn't mind sharing. Like I said it can be winded extremely detailed on 1 part of one question or a link to a site that covers a topic. I don;'t care I'll take it all. I just want reliable answers coming from a place of actual desire to assist me in this struggle. My intention is to download & prob print for reference. I want to learn it all.

Im at my wits end. Im sick of being silenced. I can not longer stand being told what information & may & may not have. And I am just done with my inability to tackle this problem w/my broken defiant brain. I am begging PLEASE for the love of God someone help me I feel abandoned & alone, trapped in a box & my only source of light is a crack that as we speak is being plastered. Im soory for the length & the drama but I am in no way exaggerating. Thank you.

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Well it is very possibly that I went too fast & hurt myself. I was taking everything from anywhere I wanted to know all the things that I ignored. Watched things that broke me. Learned truths that sometimes I wish they were lies & I was just crazy.

You listened to a thought and overreacted to something. Nothing in life is serious. You have to let God take control and let go of the fear Satan is using to drive you.

I can relate to the desire to learn. My brain soaks up information like a sponge. With technology it can be overwhelming because there is simply no end to the amount you can learn and new stuff comes about every day. I like to let myself forget and relearn things. They tend to stick better and you won't feel a reason to be stressed because you aren't trying to force yourself to remember.

I have not been able to get on video.maga.host for aprox 6 weeks.

That website is broken.

Not to mention even though I have "updates" & anything else similar to be done manually or not at all I keep coming home to find my devices completely wiped. A few times so wiped I could not even long in as anything other than a guest including "new user". The only good thing about any of this is I have routinely stored everything offline, & there is a lot.

I think that's common with Chromebooks. Neither Microsoft nor Google respect existing Linux installations, so you can get an update that will just blow away your bootloader and leave you frustrated. Linux on the other hand will detect something like Windows and offer to add it as a bootloader option. The lesson is: don't buy Chromebooks haha. I can sympathize though because most vendors don't care about Linux and it can be difficult to find a good compatible laptop at an affordable price. Getting a Linux desktop is much simpler.

Beggars can't be choosers & I am begging. I want to root my phone or do anything to it that lets me decide what I do & don't want.

There is only one option really. Thankfully it is relatively inexpensive. Buy a Pixel 4a for $350. Install GrapheneOS on it. Then try to stick to the FOSS app stores like Fdroid for applications and rely on websites for things like perhaps your bank app.

I want a desktop but need funds first what would be my best lest expensive option but not ness the cheapest.

The ideal is to build it yourself. I do it because it allows me to get more powerful parts for less money, but honestly I don't particularly enjoy building them like I used to. I do like to choose all aspects of my build, down to the case. (I chose this one for my latest build, it's incredibly beautiful in person) If you don't want to go down that route (I don't blame you) then the best option in 2021 is to buy a prebuilt desktop with an AMD APU. Unless you are playing games (and you can always add a discrete graphics card later), this will give you a good blend of CPU and GPU performance (integrated graphics) while keeping a cool and quiet machine that consumes little power. My desktop is shockingly quiet, even while doing intensive tasks. It's only when gaming with a GPU that I can even hear it.

Anyway, if you want to avoid building your own, the best price/performance products would be this or this. The black one has double the SSD storage (1TB vs 512GB) for $20 more, but I like the silver case of the other one better (hey aesthetics matter too!). Either of them will have extremely good support in Linux due to the AMD graphics, and the performance is on par with desktop CPUs that will cost you half as much as the PC itself (not joking, the APU is close to the performance of a 5600x which retails for around $300).

VPN what is it, how does it work, does it work, who is best all around?

I've had the best experience with PIA. They're cheap, highly rated, and have a Linux client also. You can get two years of service for $70 ($2.69 per month). A VPN is a simple concept really. It stands for Virtual Private Network, and what it means is that rather than connecting directly to a website's server, which is usually something like this:

Your computer (local ip: 192.168.1.x) ---> Your router (local ip + your wan ip) ---> (various intermediate hops) ---> communities.win

(btw you can view the number of hops between your router and the destination server using the traceroute command in the terminal on Linux)

...you would instead connect to a server of your choosing through an encrypted tunnel (wireguard in my case) and then THEY would connect to the destination. You are basically inserting an additional step in between your router and everyone else:

Your computer (local ip: 192.168.1.x) ---> Your router (local ip + your wan ip) ---> VPN server ---> (various intermediate hops) ---> communities.win

Now the big advantage here is that not only are you obscuring your origin, but you are also hiding your traffic from your own ISP, because they are unable to read encrypted traffic. On the other hand your VPN provider can read the traffic, but not if you are connecting to a website through an encrypted HTTP connection (https://). So you get the best of both worlds really. Your ISP can't see any of your traffic, and your VPN provider can't see anything provided that you are using a secure connection to the destination server. (other than which server you are connecting to, which you obviously cannot hide from them)

You will also want to change your DNS provider (by default your router relies on the DNS of your ISP) to a third party. In addition to somewhat improving privacy by funneling less information through your ISP alone, you can often get performance benefits in terms of connecting to websites more quickly. Many DNS providers are free, so it doesn't even cost you anything. Here is a webpage that explains DNS and gives you some options. I recommend using OpenDNS or Level3. (I use Level3)

Tor is a variation of the same idea, but is more specialized than a VPN and much slower. Also the security is questionable imo. There is no silver bullet here, you just do the best that you can without inconveniencing yourself too much. People fail to realize that blocking trackers using something like uBlock Origin in your browser is far more important than anything else.

I want to understand coding basics like whats http, https, html, whats all the stuff in the developer menu about? What is a server exactly or hosting & whats open source all about?

This is a lot of information to cover. I'd start with learning how the internet works, and then how the web works. Mozilla has very good free resources for learning about web development, but for a deeper understanding of networking you would need to get good books on the subject. Definitely check out their HTML/CSS/JavaScript guides, and their guides on how to build a website. They are excellent.

What is a server exactly or hosting & whats open source all about?

The former links I gave should cover the first two. Open-source is amazing and important to me so I will add a bit about it. First of all there is a distinction between Free Software and Open-Source software. The former is a superset of the latter, so you are automatically open-source if you are free, but not necessarily free if you are open-source. The distinction is between being able to simply read the code, and having the freedom to run or modify the software as you please.

Some time a very long time ago, a flawed but intelligent man named Richard Stallman became incensed when he was refused access to the source code for the software of a laser printer he was using. This meant he could not add the features he wanted to his printer, which convinced him that people needed the freedom to modify the software that they use. He started the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and the GNU System (Linux is shorthand for GNU/Linux, GNU representing the base system and Linux representing the kernel) in order to try and fix this problem. Another brilliant man named Linus Torvalds started the Linux project, just a hobby at the time to write a kernel that he could use on his own personal computer. It was the work of these two plus many more men which led to both the free software and open-source movements, and the creation of Linux the operating system.

The goal here is to be transparent and give the user control over their own machine. Open-source code is able to be read, modified, and recompiled, so if you have a problem and the necessary skills, you can just fix it yourself. With closed source code that you cannot read, like that of iOS, much of Android, or Windows, you are reliant on the goodwill of corporations if you have problems, and they frequently don't care. The amazing aspect of open-source is that you can actually get in touch with the developers that write the software you run on your computer, which means you can report bugs and get things fixed, even if you don't have the technical skills to do it yourself. Thanks to these developers (many of which are paid by corporations, some of which do it for free) your computer is more than simply an appliance that you throw away when it stops working. It's more of a computing platform that is only limited by your own imagination. It's also a community of like-minded individuals who tend to help each other (and sometimes be highly opinionated and negative lol, like everywhere). People are pretty open to answering questions and helping you understand what is going on with the software running on your computer.

Im at my wits end. Im sick of being silenced. I can not longer stand being told what information & may & may not have. And I am just done with my inability to tackle this problem w/my broken defiant brain. I am begging PLEASE for the love of God someone help me I feel abandoned & alone, trapped in a box & my only source of light is a crack that as we speak is being plastered. Im soory for the length & the drama but I am in no way exaggerating. Thank you.

I can understand this. There are many reasons to be optimistic, however. First of all, God is always watching over us, so there is nothing to fear. :) We have the tools and the ability to do amazing things, and technology is so cheap these days. People are working on incredible decentralized software that will enable us to make payments cheaply and securely, among many other things. The future is bright. Web standards so far remain open, and we have free software to protect ourselves from the abuses of large corporations. The platforms, Google, Facebook, etc. truly are internet ghettos of very low quality. People complain about the centralization of the web, but that is mostly because people voluntarily choose those ghettos. We can use alternatives any time we want. (or make them) Have faith, take a break from the internet from time to time and sit in silence to reconnect with God. Enjoy the breeze, the flowers, the sounds of nature, and forget about the censorship for a while. There is evil to fight, but we are not meant to stay in battle permanently. Everyone should take a break and allow their souls to rest and prepare for the next fight. Good luck to you.

dixieleeanon [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

Thank you from the bottom of my heart just thank you. Your reply is very helpful. I will look into your suggestions. It seems you understand my frustration. I learn something and then the next thing will be more complicated or require 3 more things. So I go try to learn them & something happens that I don't comprehend or undoes the prior. It is frustrating beyond belief when my devices have sort of a mind of their own. When things are deleted or wiped & it wasn't or it was my doing either way its like running into a wall. I can't change the past & the fact that I walked away from all this stuff so I have to learn from the beginning. Honestly I don't mind that too much. But as soon as I do learn 1 thing its as if my devices are "telling on me" & shortly after another wall.

I know this won't be easy. But I'm hopeful. I think now with the assistance & direction from people who know some about this stuff that perhaps this journey might become "doable". Thank you.

By the way I can understand if I came across as fearful, but I am not. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I put my trust in God. He is the driver & the road ahead so I know I can sit back & close my eyes. Its just there are things that I would like to do & I believe I have the right to do. So I don't like that somewhere someone has decided that they can decide for me without asking me first. I am stubborn in this regard. I don't like being told what to do esp by people who are truly the last ones that should be telling anyone anything. Again, thank you.

DogFacedPepeSoldier 6 points ago +7 / -1

What is your question in one sentence.

CantStumpTheTrump 5 points ago +7 / -2

maga.host went down and now mentally ill individually is so paranolid he thinks this because they didn't pay their bills everyone is out to get him....

jubyeonin 2 points ago +3 / -1

Perfect summary.

DogFacedPepeSoldier 1 point ago +3 / -2

Thanks. My time in customer facing tech support has me conditioned to ignore rants and ask them to restate the question. THEN I go back and read the bullshit with the request in mind so as to fully understand what they need.

Having read the bullshit, yeah this person needs to focus on getting psych help first and then learn about technology.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Yeah, you are perhaps correct. Truth be told tho that's not gonna happen so there's that.

I do appreciate you responding. Who knows, it might turn out to be the most helpful reply. Guess time will tell. Thank you

DogFacedPepeSoldier 3 points ago +3 / -0

I have over ten years of professional experience in IT.

Trying to do too much at a time is how you fail. Learn a new thing every week and don't try to drink out of the fire hose.

dixieleeanon [S] 2 points ago +3 / -1

This is sound advice esp the fire hose thing, I shall keep it in mind. Thank you.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Lmbo, um I don't that's possible but let me try.

I'm a noob that frustrates easily. I have limited tech know-how & even more limited resources. Presently I have a Chromebook, WiFi, & a Samsung cell phone.

As I don't understand how I am censored both myself as an individual & how I am prevented from accessing info.

My question: What do I need to understand, learn & do in order to use the internet more freely?

DogFacedPepeSoldier 3 points ago +4 / -1

There's no quick fix for this. You're just going to have to increase your technical aptitude over time. It will likely take a while.

Start with a VPN though. That will get you around any geoblockers at least.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Thank you, I will. Just for clarity I don't necessarily want a quick fix. Just direction to "trusted" sources. There is a lot out there & when your starting from the bottom & have o idea what your doing its hard to know where to start, what order to go n, & the "do's & don't" if this makes sense.

Since doing it alone hasn't worked out for me I thought I'd ask for help. Hope that makes sense. Do you have any recommendations on the VPN? If not that's okay. Thanks though for your reply. I will start there & attempt to increase my aptitude.

DogFacedPepeSoldier 3 points ago +3 / -0

Learning technology is going to be largely apolitical.

Honestly, even reddit is a good place to hang out to learn tech.

Getting good news sources is going to require savvy separate and apart from technical skill. You're just going to have to develop a really good bullshit detector. Everybody is lying. Even the "good guys". I would actually start with theology and philosophy instead of technology if that's your goal.

Start with antiquity and the classical world: the Bible, Gilgamesh, Aristotle and Plato, Aquinas, etc

Then move to renaissance and early modern philosophy. Read even people with whom you disagree so you can understand their viewpoints. I own most of Marx's writings for example even though I find him intellectually bankrupt.

Young Heretics on YouTube is a great place to get your feet wet.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Thank you, I agree with you on the "everyone" lying. It is disheartening. It is however the place we find ourselves in. I do not know if you were attempting to be serious or if your response was sarcasm. That being said, I will choose to believe you were being sincere so although I am presently reading a few of your suggestions I will add the rest to my list. Thank you for your input it is well received.

DogFacedPepeSoldier 2 points ago +2 / -0

I'm being serious.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Also, I would imagine learning this would be "apolitical" just because the left "can't meme" doesn't mean they can't tech. Do you recommend anything specific on Reddit?

DogFacedPepeSoldier 2 points ago +2 / -0

Pick a thing you want to learn and go lurk a sub for that thing.

You mentioned programming. FYI, http and https are protocols, not languages. They're a standardization for the presentation of information. Not the commands which manipulate information which is what a programming language is.

HTML is a language, but it's a highly specialized language designed to provide a framework when building webpages that other languages then use to make the webpage do webpage things.

So if you want to learn HTML, plan also to learn CSS at least and probably Javascript and maybe PHP as well.

I'd recommend you start with Python or Pearl if you want to learn coding. Then move to the more nitty gritty OOP languages like C++ and Java.

If you want to do data manipulation, learn SQL and probably python as well.

There are communities for all of these things. Reddit, Stack Overflow, W3Schools, etc. Just pick something and Google "getting started with [thing]".

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Thank you, will do. This is extremely helpful, believe it or not. I really appreciate it.

Ogcarvattack 5 points ago +5 / -0

Above all know that we love you and want the best of you to radiate.

dixieleeanon [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

That sounds like out would be hot, I don't do well hot. I overheat, gaskets blow, my timing is off, tons off leaking, jerky movements, computer malfunctions u get it. All that being said I love you all as well. If I have a vote (paper of course) how about u guys give my "radiate" to someone that could use it & I'll settle for the comfy cozy state of not fighting all this alone.

CoolAsACucumber 4 points ago +4 / -0

I want to root my phone or do anything to it that lets me decide what I do & don't want.

PRIVACY-BASED ALTERNATIVES TO BIG TECH - The best list I've found so far! https://ghostbin.co/paste/hwzn6

I would recommend an unlocked Google Pixel 3 ($150) or 4a ($350) (Pixel 4 XL is also supported now) and install GrapheneOS. The only thing Google about Google Pixels is the software (the hardware is HTC Taiwan and Qualcomm American-based companies, as good you'll get for the price atm) and for some reason they leave it open for you to uninstall the OS and add in your own. GrapheneOS is much more secure than your stock Android or Apple software and gives you complete control. A phone with GrapheneOS will run like lightning compared to what you have now because it's not sucking up data.

For Linux based instructions, will be on their website somewhere and there will be youtube videos on what to do. https://grapheneos.org/install/


  1. Install or update the Android SDK Platform Tools:

    • Download and unpack the Standalone Android SDK Platform-Tools package: https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools
    • Add a PATH Environment Variable to the unpacked folder (Windows 10: Control Panel > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables)
    • Make sure that there are no other versions of Android SDK Platform Tools in your computer. Old versions will result to failures in image flashing.
    • (I saw LeAndroid in Device Manager once this was working)
  2. Install or update the Google USB Device Driver:

    • Download the Google USB Device driver: https://developer.android.com/studio/run/win-usb
    • Open Start menu, press power button, hold Shift and restart computer, Select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings and click Restart.
    • Open Windows OS Device Manager and find the new device that shows up when you plug in your phone
    • Update device driver (Windows 10: Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus devices > [Device Name] > Update driver) using the Google USB Device driver
    • (If you haven't been able to get this to work, I think being able to see results for "fastboot devices" in Powershell script later on means everything for this step is already good.
  3. Prepare the system image:

    • Download the factory system image that is appropriate for the device:
    • If possible, verify the system image ( open sunfish-factory-xxxxxxxxxxxxx.zip.sig file in notepad and look at SHA256 (sunfish-factory-xxxxxxxxxxxxx.zip.sig) = "Some Hash Tag". Now open up command prompt (start -> cmd -> enter) then type "certutil -hashfile "ZIP FILE LOCATION AND NAME" sha256" and press enter. Both numbers should be the same from zip.sig file and cmd prompt)
  4. Flash the system image into the device:

    • Notes:
      • First make sure that the stock system image is updated to the latest release to avoid any problems.
      • There is no need to turn on USB Debugging in Developer Options to flash a system image (even when sideloading with ADB in Recovery Mode.)
      • Enable OEM unlocking in Developer Options (Important: This requires internet access on devices with Google Play Services as part of Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for anti-theft protection.)
    • Unlock the bootloader:
      • Put the device in Fastboot Mode (Turn off the device then press and hold the Power and Volume Down Buttons at the same time until you see the Fastboot Mode Screen)
      • Connect to the computer and verify the connection on Powershell (Admin): "fastboot devices"
      • Unlock the bootloader: Open a Powershell (Admin) and type in "fastboot flashing unlock" (use the Volume then the Power buttons to confirm)
      • Unlock the bootloader: in Powershell type in"fastboot flashing unlock" (use the Volume then the Power buttons to confirm)
      • The device performs a factory reset then boots back to Fastboot Mode
  • Install the system image: - Open a Command window, go to the unpacked system image folder and run the flash-all.bat script (Go to the grapheneOS or sunfish-factory.xxxxxxxxx folder, click flash-all.bat) ( If you get a windows smartscreen error that doesn't let you run flash-all.bat, search in apps "windows security", go to "virus & threat protection", click manage settings, turn off "Real-time Protection", go back and click flash-all.bat, click more info on smartscreen window, then press run anyway) - During the update, the device will reboot to fastbootd. Do not do anything and let the update continue - After it is done, choose option 'Reboot to bootloader' from the fastbootd menu to go back to Fastboot Mode
    • Re-lock the bootloader:
      • Lock the bootloader: In Powershell, type in "fastboot flashing lock" (use the Volume then the Power buttons to confirm)
      • The device performs a factory reset then boots back to Fastboot Mode
    • Complete the device configuration
      • Unplug the device from the computer and choose option 'Start' in Fastboot Mode to load the device OS
      • Perform device configuration

Find FOSS apps, use F-Driod to find apps, OpenOSM for maps, Newpipe/Freetube for Youtube, Signal/Session/Element for Messaging/Calling, Exodus to see if your apps have trackers (delete ones that do).

I also recommend Swiss-based VPN like Protonmail and Mullvad, I don't trust the PIA Chief Tech Officer with his history in the Mt Gox hack (the first major cryptocurrency exchange and it got hacked for millions of Bitcoin, investigations found that some part of the company was involved in their own hacking).

Stanford 4 points ago +4 / -0

TLDR: Can't access video.maga.host.

Nobody can. Try finding your videos on bittube.video. If you can't, many people are moving to odysee.com.

dixieleeanon [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thanks, this is good to know. Does anyone know what happened to it? It sucks that this shit happens. I get so upset that they can take stuff down. I've seen clips on other sites that were more graphic than anything Ive ever seen there. Its not fair.

I go thru daily the list of questionable alternatives bitchute, rumble, odysee, banned, brighteon, GTV, Gab TV, Redpilled/Foxhole, clouthub, etc. But Video.Maga.Host was different from all those I dunno it sucks. Thank you though, I feel better knowing its not just me in a way. Now I'm just bummed that its gone.

Ogcarvattack 2 points ago +2 / -0

This is the mental state they want you in.

Some suggested reads: The creature from jekyll island. G. Edward Griffin. We the living. Ayn Rand. Animal farm. Orwell 1984. Orwell. Brave new world. Huxley. Gulag Archipelago. Alexander Solzhenitsynn. Tradgedy and hope. Carroll Quigley. The Bible.

No matter what you believe. Find God he will help you. Its only when you can embrace this you will find stillness and strength. We all faulter. Yet the Lord loves us. And want us to be better and to shine his light upon those is need.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Thank you, I feel like they'd prefer afraid over frantically pissed. I just get frustrated af. My brain is broken tho, its not because of the truth its because i have to just watch it all unfold & there's nothing i say or do to help anyone out. This isn't me I could always figure out away, always. But in all this its out of my hands. Coming to terms with this, broke my brain

dixieleeanon [S] 2 points ago +3 / -1

It's Monday the 1st time I've been back on here since Sat. Apparently I ate something that did not agree with me. Let's just say it attempted to flee my body from all possible options. I was not dying but at the time it most certainly felt as if death was coming for me.

Today, I feel much better. That being said I am so happy that there are reply's to my post. Thank you to anyone that took the time to read & respond. Helpful or not I am still grateful.

redtoe-skipper 2 points ago +2 / -0

Before moving to more exotic solutions, I would recommend to test the following:

  1. What DNS are you using?
  2. what is the effect of changing DNS in your browser?
  3. what happens when you make a host file containing both the IP address and normal webaddress (e.g. www.yourdomain.com)

Certain sites are only accessible from certain countries. This is due to geolocation active in your browser. You can manipulate it by using an addon called user agent.

This has significant impact on the way your browser behaves. So, certain content may not be available.

Another way to circumvent geolocation is the use of either a proxy or a VPN.

A proxy is simply another gateway, often populate by a lot of shit, not very speedy and as an added bonus, you may be inundated by a lot of spam

At this point, I would like to point to cookie blockers. Check out: I don't care about cookies. It also is an addon, and help in evading the disturbing use of all kinds of cookies. Some websites force you to not only opt - out out of their quite extensive spying operations to bring you beautiful adverts, but also force you to opt out of their legitimate interest.

A popup blocker is also very helpful.

THat eleviates a lot of the proxy shit, but still, anybody can see what you are doing, from your ISP, DNS service provider, proxy and visited website, and anything in between.

That brings me to VPN. There exists two kinds. Those that keep logs, and those that do not. You get what you pay for. However, if it is only to manipulate your geolocation, any vpn is ok, I guess. If you want something more robust, meaning no logs, excellent speeds and choice of locations, you would have to go to Expressvpn, Nordvpn, virtual shield, that kind of thing.

If there are still some restrictions you experience, you may want to consider running your internet activity from a USB, loaded with a linux variant, such as tails, or mxlinux.

The reason is, it gives you the opportunity to savely scour the onion sites, and alternatively, allows you to experiment with lokinet, that will bring you to RUMBLE etc. But is also allows you to visit clearnet sites, like this one, without a hassle and trace.

So, I would recommend to go easy on yourself, and use the coming time to experiment and learn how things work by first reading up on DNS.

There is a ton of info regarding DNS on this particular site.

The next thing would be to read up on host files and how it pertains to your chromebook. Personally, I will never buy a piece of junk like that, as it forces me to adhere to the provider guidelines. But maybe, it may not be as bad as it looks and developer mode may be surprising, as it allows you to manipulate your chrome book to your hearts content.

As for your phone, you can easily free the bootloader with ADB, which should be installed on your chromebook by default. If not, it is not a biggie to install it. The added benefit is, you do not need to install any drivers.

adb devices, fastboot reboot, fastboot devices, are the three main commands. All you have to do is discover a howto on galaxy devices, and maybe look for a "e project OS" for your phone. XDA-developers.com is your friend.


dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Holy crap, thank you very very much.

CelesteD 2 points ago +2 / -0

using a VPN is just swapping places that have all your surfing habits, that said I hear a lot of good things about MULVAD.

if your isp is censoring things like China does, using a VPN may allow you to go around that.

Keep in mind nothing will prevent a government agency from just asking the VPN for your records, in theory they are supposed to get a warrant, but its been shown that isps usually just cave in when asked.

dixieleeanon [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

I figured as much. I didn't think there was a way around govs preying eyes. I don't do anything that I believe would warrant a legitimate fear of them tho. Not that I'm ok with it I can understand the need on certain circumstances that are legitimate for example to help in cases regarding trafficking & whatnot. I do believe that my wifi is the problem in many of my issues. I want to get a situation set up with a desktop & internet that is plugged in & not wireless. I don't know that it will help all that much but something tells me it might a lil and that's a start I suppose.

Thank you, I will look into that VPN you suggested. I appreciate you responding to me.

CelesteD 2 points ago +2 / -0

I've always preferred old school wired internet myself, its just easier to setup and one less step that can break/be configured incorrectly. good luck.

dixieleeanon [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thank you. I feel as if this is the case with me too only in the vein of "hassle free convenience" I seem to have forgotten.

rosie 1 point ago +1 / -0

First of all, I know how overwhelming it can be. I feel like that sometimes, and I'm a lot more tech-savvy than I'm guessing you are. The answer to that overwhelmed feeling is baby steps. You can't learn and do it all in an instant. Concentrate on taking one or two small steps each day to get to a better place. Here are several steps you can start with:

Go to https://f-droid.org/ and download and install fdroid to your phone. Start exploring the apps there that can replace the Play Store ones already on your phone.

Start watching videos here: https://odysee.com/@RobBraxmanTech:6

If you have Facebook, Twitter, etc., start deleting old posts, photos, etc. with a goal of eventually deleting everything. Or leave just super-boring stuff like pictures of kitties and puppies. Make sure you have NO contact info there. Start a free account on Gab.com. Don't post, just read. Learn to filter out the nutcases (and there are quite a few there, as there are everywhere).

learntocode 1 point ago +1 / -0

Unplug your router. Flip the breakers off in your electrical panel.

What are you able to do to entertain, feed, and educate yourself in this condition?

Build your life around this state of conditions. The "pure" privacy tech demon in your mind will fight and scream, but eventually the sunrise, sunset, human interaction, music, food, and purpose you discover will banish it.

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Is it really? I can't imagine that it would be, but nothing surprises me these days. Please elaborate, I am curious.

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free-will-of-choice -2 points ago +3 / -5

I want to learn it all...I can no longer finish anything or see it through.

The former causes the later. Want corrupts into more want (hence it representing temptation) while ignoring need; and ignoring need corrupts ones comprehension of reality.

What you seek (want) is information; but what you need is inspiration. You evaluate the information you want; based on the conflict of reason (truth vs false), and are now chasing the "truth" to defend yourself against the "lie".

What you are reasoning about is your belief in truth or false; which where both offered to you by others; which is why you chose by free will to consent to their offer by believing/not believing it.

What if that is how mankind is being controlled by the few; who use suggestion to deceive the many to consent by free will of choice to reason (conflict aka division) about fiction (beliefs; -isms); while ignoring reality?

Still with me? You may not have noticed that nature does not offer us branded information aka it doesn't name anything or declares it truth/false; instead it offers inspiration to our senses (perception), and what we perceive are the consequences of actions within motion. Information is what others are offering us within motion in exchange for consenting to believe them; for which we ignore motion; since all beliefs represents affixed definitions (truth/false).

You can easily get out of your mental situation if you allow yourself to comprehend reality (motion) instead of chasing after the suggested fiction (both truth and false). How? Act upon need over want; upon inspiration (adaptation) over information (belief) and implication (if/then) over reason (truth vs false).

We are being deceived by the few to ignore reality (motion) for fiction (beliefs in ignorance of motion) through means of suggestion (offer meets consent by free will of choice), and that's what restricts ones comprehension of all perceived reality.

I'm of a personality type that collects all the data

Been there; done that. It's a trap. We are within motion; and motion corrupts and destroys everything set into it. Everything offered to you represents inspiration for you to adhere to self sustenance within motion (inception to death). What you are tricked to do is trying to hold onto the created; while you ignore that sustain yourself you need to adhere to creating. The more you would do that; the more you would comprehend about what this world has to offer (all).

The few tell us this with allegories such as the Library of Alexandria...try to accumulate information and it will burn; which represents motion corrupting what's being set into it.

The short version of what you really are is ONE limited potential within ALL unlimited potentiality; but the increase of that potential (through comprehension) is based on your free will of choice...not to believe others (me); but to adapt to what nature is offering your senses (inspiration).

A more modern perspective that maybe inspire you...try to view your conscious memory not like a hdd; but like a ram. You're tricked to stack information into your ram; while restricting its "comprehension" of the incoming inspiration (perception). The ram operates within a flow-state; and only sustains a necessary amount of information; while leaving room for ongoing adaptation to motion. Don't fill up your ram (with beliefs); let your consciousness of the hook and it will relearn how to use all reality has to offer to inspire you.

"Science" & abandoned me & my poor lil surf brain.

SCI'ENCE, noun [Latin scientia, from scio, to know.] aka ones comprehension; which can only be increase by adaptation to all inspiration (reality); not by consenting to believe in the offered information (beliefs aka fiction) of others. They few call it science as a sleight of hand for those with eyes to see.

I loose time like crazy like a slow clock

What does "time" measure? Ongoing motion. What contradicts ongoing motion? Belief in affixed states such as past; present and future. What are the implication (if/then) of these affixed states within (ignored) motion? Past (self inflicted trauma of loss); future (self inflicted trauma of hope/fear); and together they cause present (self inflicted trauma of stress).

Now you may start researching those who industrialized the clock; who change and fill the calendars; who endlessly supply loss (nostalgia); hope (religion), fear (news); and stress (debt) to consenting slaves...

If you comprehend motion aka being one within the ever changing moment(um) of all motion, then all the self inflicted trauma (fiction based on beliefs) ends for you; because your comprehension elevated the scope of what you perceive.

Yet again...believe me doesn't help you comprehend; so you got to question reality by yourself.

tried& failed every privacy thing possible

You are being deceived to seek possibilities of freedom within a world wide web; run by the military industrial complex (look up DARPA) to control fiction (the screen for which we ignore reality aka Plato's 'allegory of the cave' still running efficiently as ever) by harvesting consent (pinging consent to the ignorance of reality for those who run the infrastructure of suggested fiction).

I have routinely stored everything offline

Build out of it for the sake of building aka sustaining/maintaining self; not the accumulated data or it will corrupt you alongside it. You were born naked and you will die naked...you're offered the free will of choice to use everything; not the right to claim anything.

I dont fully grasp any of it really (privacy)

You are ONE within ALL; and ALL is ONE in energy. The separation (Latin privatus, from privo, to separate) from ALL (potentiality) into individual ONE (potential) is caused by motion (electric) establishing temporary momentum (magnetic). That's where we are.

what do I need instead

Water; food and shelter...adhering to those exponentially (fruits of ones labors) causes other needs; which automatically unite the ONEs within ALL.

Im scared to come across child porn

The distribution of that is protected by both Interpol and FBI. The few sacrificed the production arm of child abuse material in the 90s to strengthen their copyright racket and to curtail the internet through censorship; by using child-porn as the scapegoat to gain mass consent to the censorship shenanigans you are witnessing today. Meanwhile the distribution arm (running out of Ukraine; while using European server infrastructure) operates undisturbed ever since, and it's all available on the "clearnet"; while the private sharing was relegated to the so called "deepweb".

the internet I am "allowed" to use there is soooo much & often conflicting info.

"so much" represents the rabbit-hole aka the utilization of complexity to tempt one to ignore the simplicity underneath (natural law).

The "conflicting info" represents catering a) to both sides of the conflict of reason (believers of truth vs false) and b) maintaining these conflicts by suggesting endless contradictions; which is called talmudic reasoning (which btw also teaches to sue implication over reason).

The way out as usual is comprehension of this by adaptation to inspiration; not believing information.

I loahe 404!

That's why they utilize it against us...their modus operandi is "destroy the past; exploit the present; corrupt the future". They're farming our ignorance of that.

actual desire to assist me in this struggle

Consider that balance (life) within motion (beginning/inception) and end/death) represents the struggle to sustain self through adherence to needs; while the wants represent the pull of motion aka the temptation (desire) that lures us towards death. Your assist represents the inspiration all your senses perceive; but to comprehend what the perceived means; one needs to chose by free will to adhere to self sustenance (need) over ignorance (want).

I feel abandoned & alone

a) as ONE within ALL you're in coexistence with everyone else; and b) adherence to self sustenance leads to unity as in...procreation to family unit.

dixieleeanon [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

1st let me be upfront & say I have not read everything only a few mins worth. I can see & am grateful to you for responding from a place of examination & reflection. I truly appreciate that. This is why I'm writing this right now. You took time to read & respond & I will do the same. Today is my 1st day off in a very long time. It is also a BEAUTIFUL day. I have spent too much inside already. I am building a fence, planting a garden & giving the animals a haircut. So both fortunately & unfortunately I will not be responding before tonight unless hit by lightning.

That being said, from what I did read I understand where you are coming from & how I came across. Not to suggest that you are incorrect about anything in your message (honestly don't know yet) but I am not what you may have perceived initially anyways. I owe no one an explanation except for God but if someone chooses then I give as much as is requested. They may do with the information what they wish. One can never "change" the mind of another. Perhaps I will make my case but in the vein of "be careful what you wish for" which has only now dawned on me, I did expect some "surprise" responses. After all I was "begging" for help wasn't I? And, God works in mysterious ways. I wanted you to know that your message to me has been noticed. It is evident you took time to actually respond in a meaningful way & I feel honored that you did so. Thank you for that. I will respond later hopefully it will satisfy in some way. You have caused me to smile today & even if the rest of your message turns out to be monstrous I am still grateful to you for sending it. I love you as my fellow man -me

rosie 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ignore that troll. His replies are just word salad.