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See above. The game itself seems fairly innocuous - akin to the "mafia" game that youth groups used to play - but I realize that whenever a product costs nothing to play, you are the product.

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Other than the usual risk of young kids playing online it's fine. Certainly no worse than a minecraft account.

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Not any more so than you would by just playing the game. They’re already collecting information as u/LegoLivesMatter linked. The account would just give them an email that you use for registration.

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It aint free on non mobile store fronts. 5 bucks.

PermaHandshake -8 points ago +2 / -10

Isn't that the game about some trans faggot lesbians or am I mixing that one up? I'd never let my preteen play that. If she's a girl get her doing girl things not gaming. If he's a guy get him playing some military shooter or a way better RPG that isn't woke.

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You are mixing it up with something. It is a fairly innocuous viral game and has no sexual innuendo.

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Chosimbaone 4 points ago +4 / -0

It's colorful blob spacesuit guys. No genders at all and no story to speak of. Think werewolf of mafia games where one person is "it" and eliminates the other members until either they figure out who is the "bad guy" or a certain threshold is met. Also think halo zombies

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It’s ‘The Last of Us’ you’re thinking of. Yes, the sequel, imaginatively titled last of us 2 was terrible. They did a mass effect: andromeda on it.