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Supposedly a more private mapping app that uses OpenStreet Map data. I've read elsewhere that they don't track you, but not sure how much of that to believe (not sure of the posters' expertise). Where's a reputable repository to get the APK that won't force me to install appgallery?

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Their privacy policy looks fantastic on an initial scan. On the other hand, I’m not sure why I’d believe them. Maybe they are just developing this software out of the goodness of their hearts, but then why is the software proprietary? I’d trust it more if they released the source code. Or if they charged for it...

I can’t understand why it would be free but not open-source unless they wanted to collect data to monetize. On the other hand, at least you aren’t giving it directly to Google :P

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Now, does ANYONE here have an actual answer to my questions or have any familiarity with either the app in question or reputable APK repositories?

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I've read elsewhere that they don't track you

They offer; you consent; they then are in control over you. Your bargaining chip was consent (by free will of choice), which means you consented your power into their hands, and so now they have power of self and power over you. This leaves you with blind faith towards false authority. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway; all technology offered to us uses the infrastructure of the energy cartel, which only gives out what allows them to stay in control. If you're looking for flaws; ignore technology and focus on the people sustaining it.

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Yet another comforter of Job... the same today as they were in ancient times.

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comforter of Job

Aka discouragement, so when it's said that "courage arises from a sense of duty", what is that referring to? What represents ONEs duty within ALL? Adherence to self sustenance by free will of choice. What establishes the need for choice? Balance in motion, and if adherence to self sustenance within motion (aka adaptation) represents one choice; what's the other?

Could it be that motion itself represents temptation to the creation set into it? Could it be that motion tempts ONE to choose to ignore adherence to self sustenance (need) for temptations (want)?

Everything the beast system called society is offering us is goal oriented; correct? Every incentive under money is about 'making it'; isn't it? Could this be the temptation of motion weaponized as suggestion for mass population control? Meanwhile in life goal oriented or is the goal predefined (death) and life is actually oriented on the duty to adhere to self sustenance?

When you use the "comforter of Job" allegory; you are acting against those who warn about temptations (all creation aka "be in this world; not of it"), which implies that those temptations represent courage. You suggest to others to keep trying the temptations, while warning about those who question those temptations.

same today as they were in ancient times.

What does so called "time" measure? Could it be motion?

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You and Dr Bronner (the soap guy) would have gotten along famously. And I don't mean that as a compliment.

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Dr bronner (((the soap guy)))

He used idols to create a cult of personality; his entire background represents a perpetuated dogma, he was a snake-oil merchant deceiving others through suggestion. He wasted his existence hidden behind a false persona.

Does that sound like free will of choice?

gotten along famously

What does make ONE famous? Consent by ONEs free will of choice to the false authority of another ONE (the now famous idol), while ignoring sole authority over self (free will). Being controlled does not equal getting along; it's just ignorance of self.

And I don't mean that as a compliment.

COMPLIMENT, noun - "an expression of civility"; CIVIL, adjective - "subjects of a state" That sounds like domestication; doesn't it?

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Holy fuck the mental self fellatio of this motherfucker. If you need to redefine every term in your soliloquy you have overdosed on redpills, go take your meds.

free-will-of-choice -1 points ago +1 / -2

Holy fuck...go take your meds

Anti religion; yet acting in the name of scientism...

Holy fuck; self fellatio; motherfucker

(((who))) do you think suggested you this kind of rhetoric to undermine your behavior through degeneracy?

If you need to redefine every term

I need to adapt to whatever inspires me; and the ignorance towards a) massive revisionism in languages and b) nature not naming ;branding; idolizing information is very inspiring.


SOLIL'OQUY, noun [Latin solus, alone, and loquor, to speak.] - "to utter words"

Interesting choice of alone represents an allegory for ALL/ONE aka ALL being ONE in energy; while to speak represents ONEs choice of action within ALL. Meanwhile "words" represents ONE choice of ignorance towards being within ALL motion (hence words being based on affixed beliefs).

So "soliloquy" represents both a sleight of hand (reality) and an inversion (fiction) within one term. Spellcraft at play.

overdosed on redpills

Been there; done that; cured myself by not consenting to suggested pills. There's a way out of the rabbit-hole and it's based on comprehension through adaptation to inspiration instead of believe in suggested information. Try it. Utilize implication (if/then) over reason (truth vs false) and you can build comprehension rather quickly...if you choose to overcome self imposed beliefs. Your choice.

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  1. I am a Christian. Unlike you heritic.
  2. my service in the military has influenced my vocabulary. Address the substance not the tone. Now for those unable to understand idiom, 'mental self fellatio' is meant to denegrate the mental effort some put forth merely to please themselves by acting as if they where intelligent.
  3. wrong. You fail. Entemology is not just looking up Latin roots. The root words do not determine the words meaning and your incoherent rambling about pseuo-religious I.E. the notion that the Latin root Solis means ' all being one energy' is moronic.
  4. you preach your belief in knowlege through implication yet denegrate self imposed beliefs. You are a self contradictory asshole.
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free-will-of-choice -2 points ago +2 / -4

That's your choice of ignorance; which is exactly what the few are exploiting to control the many. Now they are going to do whatever they want.