To go self publishing. I took a 100% positive outlook into this without being negative about the traditional process. It is what it is I said and decised to go for it. Its my first book and I want to try something without regrets...that being said, ive been warned its going to be brutal with the marketing, goddamn.

Reason I wanted to go self publish this time eas because I felt i had things to say. Where a traditional publisher would cut my text apart and even tell me to market my own shite..I thought it better to go ahead with this book being a self published author.

Let the dice roll and see where it falls...

Heres a link if yall feel curious Edit 28 Nov : price on us paperback amazon still not updated....weird...

God speed and God Bless!!

Nido de Quetzalcoatl, Mexico (media.communities.win)
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Guess who's not guilty? (media.communities.win)
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Today, November 19 2021, is international men's day. A day where we celebrate and recognize the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of men.

I love this (media.communities.win)
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Yes! It is within yourself. (media.communities.win)
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