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Our path has been written, Thousands of years old. Outcome has been given, It’s all been foretold. The rules always simple, The prize crystal clear. We have God by our side, There’s nothing to fear. We must walk with the Lord, The Father of all. Fulfilling His mission, Answering His call. As the children of God, One goal is in mind. Spreading of His Light to, The lost and the blind. Relent we will never, Chosen by the King. Purpose we’ve been handed, His grace we will sing. The glory is to God, In all that we do. So now pick up your cross, He’ll carry us through.


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But this is positive, so I thought I'd share here.

I'm usually over at GAW.win. However we are selling parents property at the Eastern Seaboard area and they permanently with us, full time. My username might give it all away. Trying to not dox myself.

An exclusive to the .win community of DIY or wherever else within .win, we will be giving a terrific reduction in price than where we are locally, just because it's .win.

I actually don't know how to post pictures within the "Text Post" section. (Link to some pictures below).

The kitchen is massive. This will include: the cabinets, granite countertops, island with matching countertop.

The sinks for both island and countertop All appliances: two Subzero units, one paneled all refrigerator, and then a paneled all freezer. At the island there are 2 drawer refrigerators. Double Oven, a natural gas range. Trash compactor. Microwave Dishwasher

Then there is what mom and dad call the 'harvest room", dad calls it the snack room. Its a room that has the integrated ice maker, sink, where mom keeps toaster oven and all extra dishes, food, small kitchen appliances. Upper cabinets are glass paneled, lower cabinets painted white like rest of kitchen.

The countertops in harvest room is wood. Beautiful wood.

Also there is a glass paneled china cabinet that mom put the wedding dishes that was custom made that was in space between kitchen and harvest room. If you cant fit it within your space it can be used elsewhere in your home.

We hired a company to take the kitchen, and prep it to move to the buyer.

We are selling only to .win folks for this price. Do save me, and not post this everywhere on the internet. Again .win only offer.

$24,000 plus freight which I was told is dependant on where its going. Average is $1700

This includes freight, packing and whatever else they will do. We have already paid them to remove the kitchen and store for time being. It must be sold by the last day of July 2021. And it will be. We are holding off from posting to their local community, to give everyone at .win communities a chance for this truly remarkable opportunity. This come out of a $4 MM home so it is not a Home Depot special.

Found where to post pictures!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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