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c/Kotakuinaction, c/omegacanada, and c/ip2always have had many ongoing complaints about moderator corruption, with the complaints about the first 2 existing before even existed.

c/kotakuinaction needs to have it's moderators removed with the posts absorbed into the non corrupt c/kotakuinaction2, with the other 2 simply needing to have mod changes.

c/Kotakuinaction had changed rules without permission because the mods did not like people criticizing left wing politics and refused to adapt along with the community. c/omegacanada and possibly c/ip2always were caught slandering people for racism, with the head mod of c/omegacanda also being notorious for bashing PPC supporters despite the fact most of the community supports said party.

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C [M] 6 points ago +6 / -0

The solution would be more communities.

Supporting us (as admins) getting involved in selecting moderators for specific communities isn't a good path to go down.

AUGUSTO_PINOCHET 3 points ago +3 / -0

Then why won't you guys wrap freecanada into the network???

Sounds like a 'go away answer to me bro.

ParadigmShift2070 2 points ago +2 / -0

isn't people can't just make. win communities easily also the problem?

Kim-Jong-Un 4 points ago +4 / -0

As ex c/ip2always shitposter I can add that ip2always mod u/therightstuff defending guy who was making pedo jokes: , in this screenshot you can see that he is ultra mad because I report his friend who makes pedo jokes, also calls me botter without any proof, leaks(my report) info that should only be available to admins. Another example : , again calls me "caller" without any proof.

navycuda 3 points ago +3 / -0

The admins are effectively non-existant.

Bjorn_the_Black 3 points ago +3 / -0

They're always around, and the communities mods are here every day, and we have a modchat with the admins, who are there. So we know what's going on, basically.

topsimp 1 point ago +2 / -1

I've now been temp banned from c/ip2always for literally questioning the mods about their rules 🤦‍♂️. Not sure how that makes any sense, moderators over there power tripping changing the rules constantly and then banning people who try and get clarification about what the rules now are.

TallestSkil 1 point ago +2 / -1

What do you expect to be done? This is what happens when you create a libertarian culture. The site’s designed to allow this to happen.

C [M] 5 points ago +5 / -0

The problem is the lack of open community creation, not the culture. The solution to these problems is more communities.

Prairie_Dog 1 point ago +1 / -0

So what might be the solution for a lack of open community creation?

Terrortot 1 point ago +2 / -1

Thank you for this properly liberal (as in liberty) attitude. Free speech is not safe and easy. It is dangerous and difficult. People who want someone to stop saying things they do not like are the worst kind of intellectual cripple.

TallestSkil 0 points ago +2 / -2

I tend not to be a fan of balkanization, but yes, you’re correct.

deleted 0 points ago +4 / -4
Terrortot 2 points ago +3 / -1

This is a defeatist attitude. All online forums are inferior to in person meeting and discussion.