r / NoNewNormal will get banned soon, inevitably

and many people literally need this place to survive in this mad world

THERE ARE A great many people who have experienced spiritual healing, the only real and lasting healing, and know how it came to them. There are others who have experienced it, or who have seen others healed, and do not understand it. But there are many more who are suffering and unhappy, who know nothing of spiritual healing. Others do not believe in it, or are entirely indifferent to it. But it is a gift for all humanity; it is no respecter of persons, and can be proved by each for himself, if he earnestly and consecratedly sets himself to work to learn, and to cooperate with the one Presence and one Power which does the work.

Healing is God-presence. God is omnipresent; so where God is, there healing is also — omnipresent. Our original perfection, that of the day of creation, is rediscovered by us when we again, in mind, enter into God-presence, for in God-Mind there is no thought except of a perfect creation. The moment we see ourselves as God created us, and as He still sees us, we are healed in mind, body, and affairs.

Sometimes it takes weeks or months or years for us to raise our consciousness to its original state of "very good." Again, it may take only a moment for us to see our perfection in God, and instantly to be healed of the inharmony that is besetting us. Every moment just as much of God perfection as can find entrance into our life is manifesting for us. Many are the ways in which we limit our capacity for receiving God (good). Every thought of doubt, fear, worry, hate, jealousy, intolerance, or impatience bars out God. If we are really seeking spiritual healing we shall seek to eliminate entirely all negative thoughts from our mind, and allow only creative thoughts of love, trust, freedom, and opulence to fill our mind to the exclusion of all else.

Healing is always everywhere present. The law of healing is quietly, surely, and constantly at work, whether we recognize it and let it do its perfect work in us or not. It is always doing for us just as much as we will allow it to do. Without constant renewing and restoring, man would destroy himself and his universe. We see this healing going on all about us, and we call it nature. We can call it nature, or we can call it God. It is the healing presence of God that repairs the ravages of a storm; straightens up the little plants laid low; seals up and effaces the scars in vegetation; renews burned forests; wipes out much of the disorder and inharmony caused by the carelessness and thoughtlessness of human beings.

  1. I tried dragging a community but there is no garbage can to drag it to.
  2. I looked in settings and do not see a setting for that.
  3. I double clicked a blank space on the Your Subscriptions line and that didn't do anything.
  4. I went to the community to look for an Unsubscribe button and I don't see one.

I see the default sort for comments, but this does not apply to communities. Can we get an option to set a default sort for messages in a community? I always use the "New" sort.


I'm old and it's hard to read, the font is so small. I'd like to change the text color of the names of the... communities, or whatever you call them here, on that line.

Wtf is up with patriots.win mods? Mike Lindell’s 48 hour rollout of FrankSpeech.com is the kind of MAGA friendly content that we should be boosting and yet there’s no stickies or watch parties.
This dude is going all in for Trump and this site isn’t supporting him? WTF.

Dear Moderators of GreatAwakening.win,

It has come to my attention, and numerous others, that some, or ALL, of you have been shadowbanning users by deleting comments and posts. I have also seen evidence that some of you have leaked your true intentions on Reddit and other communities. You have shunned great people like Evspra (who I have gotten to know in the past few weeks; he is pro-free speech, which is why he left) for no reason. Meanwhile, you let some users spam the board with news that's vaguely related to the great awakening. I have noticed that several of my comments were deleted, some of which I distinctly remember broke NO rules. The others I cannot remember, but in the context of their parent or child comments they were tame.

I call for other members of the community to make their voices heard. The GAW mods have become Reddit mods - corrupt, self-serving, and libtarded. That is not the proper foundation for a community, and that is why people are leaving. I call for the owners and administrator of the .win community to take action, seeing as he has ALL the logs. Unless, of course, he himself is corrupt.


A concerned anon

P.S. If you readers have anything to add to this, please put it down in the comments and I will add it.

A lot of us users are entering the "joined 1 year ago" phase. It was nice seeing who was older, wiser, more OG. I think it would be beneficial if we saw exactly how many days instead. Perhaps the Masters of Win can discuss such a change.

Spez wants his policies back.

Basically there used to be magahost or something; I can’t find it; I want to share an image in a comment by turning it into a link that strips it of its data obviously as well.

It all started with writing a simple news briefing page, using OpenGraph meta tags to cache headlines and article images. Quickly discovered that meta tags on twitter only load after a couple of render cycles due to the React framework, and that they obfuscate any attached media or links in tweets.

I wasn't having it, so I did some digging. They do a pretty good job keeping the markup difficult to traverse so you can't easily scrape details from the webpage view -- however, after some digging, I found an exploit that allows one to retrieve the entire application state tree from any twitter page with two lines of code.

They probably can't patch it, because it's inherent in a framework on which they rely, but just in case they can, I won't share the details here [Edit: They can patch it]. But if anyone is interested in a tweet caching service (to make embedded tweets available without the use of javascript, the fear of censorship, or directing traffic to twitter), let me know. I don't feel like setting up the infrastructure or paying for the hosting costs, but can easily write a web application that takes any twitter status URL, caches the tweet and data on demand, and returns static markup of the original tweet, or even a screenshot of the tweet. So if anyone is interested in providing the other end, send me a message.

Here is a sample state tree pulled from a Jack Prosobiec tweet:


Full dump (1.4MB):


Unlike scraping the public-facing markup, using the application state, you can easily find direct links to attached media. And unlike using their API, you are not subject to twitter's terms, rate-limited, or tracked. Tweets with links can be resolved easily by pulling the source of the twitter shortened link, and saving the redirected url (which is in the header).

I find that link posts are my least favorite. I never want to actually click the link to go to whatever website it links to. I'd much rather be able to expand it by clicking the thumbnail.

Archive.is is a pretty safe archiver, to my knowledge. If we could expand archive-is links to preview them without opening a window, that would be cool.

It would let people see what the article or whatever is about without having to leave the website.

And it sucks.

A while back, they put in a cutoff for how many comments are displayed in busy threads. The way you would expect it to work is that comments farther down the page than x amount don't load.

The way it actually works is it just (I'm guessing) stops returning comments from the database using whatever sorting is currently active.

The result is that comments posted in a subthread can just disappear and never show up, unless you switch the sorting from Top to New (or to something else.)

I get this when I click on notifications where it reverts to the parent comment, and won't show the response until I change it to New. And I also get it where I post a comment, and then reload the page later, and the comment disappears and never comes back, even though it's still there if you switch it to New.

Samsung 21


I posted yesterday to The Donald board in more depth, but I believe that we are vastly underutilizing the power we have as a like minded and passionate group.


This was a suggestion I made back win dot win was back in beta. It didn't get any traction for good reason, because there were a ton of more pressing issues. However IMO it still is a serious problem.

The problem is that currently content is sorted out by number of upvotes, and that alone. In theory that is great, but in practice it leaves pages completely stale with "rising" being topped with older posts and "hot" being nearly a day old and completely dominated by stickies.

This is how to fix it.

TLDR: This is similar method to how reddit used to rank posts before they added a bunch of crap to their code and fucked it up. Long story short, the best new posts go to the top of rising and the best rising posts go to the top of hot.

The breakdown:

  1. A post's ranking is calculated every ten minutes and that post is assigned a number. This number is based off of how many votes a post receives over that period. Less votes gives the post a lower ranking number and more votes gives the post a higher ranking number. Posts are organized via this percentage ranking. However this alone is not enough to fix rising and hot.

  2. Posts in "New" are given a special ranking boost. Every ten minutes every post that is 5-15 minutes old has its ranking calculated. This ranking is a competition between other "New" posts created within that time frame only. The posts are ranked by average votes per minute meaning a post active for five minutes with 10 votes has a higher ranking than a post active for 10 minutes with 11 votes.

After the ranking is calculated these posts are distributed throughout "Rising". The post with the highest ranking gets to jump to the first page, second goes to the second, third to the third, etc. After this the posts ranking returns to normal being calculated every ten minutes by the amount of votes it receives and is repositioned accordingly.

This allows for "Rising" to receive the hottest of New every ten minutes, and it will be quickly judged by the greater number of people using "Rising".

  1. "Rising" posts get a special "Hot" ranking boost. Every hour all the posts that made it to the front page of "Rising" that are 1-2 hours old have a separate rank calculated in a competition against each other just like "New" posts. These posts are then distributed to "Hot" in the same fashion as "New" posts were distributed to the pages of rising.

These were my findings from my autistic analysis of reddit's old ranking system. I'm pretty sure they fucked it up directly because we were using it so successfully. I don't know anything about the code or coding, and for all I know this could be too resource heavy to be executed by us. However, I know this would fix a lot of the problems with the current system.

I want to add Win to my home screen (like an app) but it flakes out. The three issues are

  1. You can't visit other wins or it puts it back into browser format

  2. I can't stick my navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for some reason or the page lags. It also won't stick even if I try to.

  3. The bar at the top that displays connection and battery disappears.

It would be cool if this was better optimized. https://gab.com has a really good one so something like that would be nice.


We need a writing community. Having a place to share and discuss conservative literature would be terrific and enlightening.


i made a script to upvote all posts loaded on a board.

This can be useful (imo) if you want to contribute to a board and you try to upvote when you can, expecially if it is a niche board with few users.

I don't consider it a hack, it is nothing you couldn't do manually by sacrificing a couple minutes. But why hassle for that when you can simply open the console and copypasta?

I optimized it to only click not upvoted posts, so you don't have to worry it will remove current upvotes.

Simply open your browser console (f12 does the trick on most browsers) and copypaste:

document.querySelectorAll("div.vote:not([data-vote=up]) > a:nth-child(1)").forEach(el => el.click())

then hit enter.

If you use it let me know if everything goes right. It shouldn't possibly break anything, it's a very simple function.




It makes even less than consumeproduct, which seems to just be /pol/.

just an idea i had i was wondering if anything like a marketplace would sprout up here. reason being i seen somefolks mention they have websites and such and a place to advertise stuff as long as it wont violate global rules or get the site in hot water could be beneficial to it's growth.

Because it doesn't fit. There isn't much humor in anything posted there, it's just things the poster finds mockworthy.

Which, fair enough, sites like tumblrinaction on reddit are bellwethers for highlighting the next wave of progressive lunacy. But most of what's posted isn't funny. Alarming, yes. But funny, not so much.

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