Seeking feedback on whether in 2021, Win should still follow Reddit's old format of being full width on desktop, or whether we should restrict it to somewhere around 1200 or 1400px.

Thread will remain open for feedback for some time.


Seeking feedback on whether Win should have user icons. These would be around 32px in height and width, and would be displayed alongside the username next to posts and comments.

Thread will remain open for feedback for some time.

We're updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service soon.

I want to confirm that there's no effective change in policy. We're making the changes because our current policy is entirely focused on looking good, and less on actually serving their legal purpose.

With the new policies, we'll be putting the legal liabilities first. I hope it can be understood why this is necessary.

With that said, we're also very conscious about the fact that the policies will be misinterpreted, taken out of context, etc. For that reason, we want to show the updated policies before they go into effect, and eliminate any major points of contention.

To clarify again - the policies are updated, but there's no actual changes in how we operate.

These are the links:

Please give feedback in the comments.

Reddit is censoring us and as soon as we reach 100,000, we are toast. I'm on very friendly terms with the mod at NNN and he's set up a ruqqus board for refugees. I prefer here than ruqqus because this place is more fun and gets more traffic. Plus the Donald is here. I was hoping to have a .win board for refugees up and ready when that shutdown occurs. I was hoping you guys could set one up real soon, like in a week or so.

Clicking on someone's profile page, including my own, shows their page for about a quarter of a second and then just an empty white screen. It also happens when I try to go to my settings. I can see the settings page for the briefest instance maybe 3 or 4 frames worth in FPS terms, and then a blank white screen. It's happening on my desktop, tablet, and phone, all using Brave browser, so it's either on .wins end or a Brave specific issue.

I used to be able to delete old comments but now I go to my profile and comments and can't click delete. I can click all the other items (Permalink, Edit, etc) and my mouse hovers over it like it will delete it but I click it and nothing.

It would help a lot of people on here

Oldest comments are 4 days old.

/ u / BarronTimeTraveler

Specifically the many long links in comments to an obfuscated PDF file url hosted on filesusr dot com (I’d suggest not going there or clicking any of their links posted).

If you Google the domain name only you won’t see hardly any results it’s definitely not an active file host but their direct file link to a pdf got my suspicion. PDF’s can compromise your devices with malware, very common since you open it on your computer and it can embed remote “images” that run exploits.

VirusTotal shows no malicious matches for the url but anyone who knows what they’re doing easily avoid that with stuff like this for these reasons.

Do whatever research you need just be cautious not to click or download anything related. Hope I’m wrong :)! Delete this once you see it I won’t be logging back in.

Deleting saved folders? Official Response
posted ago by Boruzu ago by Boruzu

I added a fifth folder to my saved items and apparently five was the straw that broke the camel's back. Now I must save> wait, open folder> wait, save ...

Can't I just shitcan the fifth folder and put things right again?


Site works just fine in my phone but on iPad it will not load in posts after scrolling to bottom.

I noticed that some comments of mine have been deleted off of certain posts, but I can still get replies to the post by the people I replied to. How is that possible?

For example, there's no 'Politics' option in the report menu, but Politics is a banned category in the CoC.

Hey mods. The win network was created by you fine folk and we all greatly appreciate it.

The Donald ever since the election theft has devolved into alot of obsession about federal politics and the insanity of it all. The federal government sucks, but I think people forget how sensible American politics can be at the state and local level. I could post these news articles about things going on in the states in TheDonald, but it's not really the purpose of the win and I don't think people would like it.

The win would be called StatePolitics, and it would feature articles like these

South Carolina's Henry McMaster seeks transparency in spending of government agencies after budget veto: https://www.thecentersquare.com/south_carolina/mcmaster-seeks-transparency-from-state-agencies-after-veto-overrides/article_7cbd9c62-db7b-11eb-9026-1b3b7c70b96f.html

Montana's Greg Gianforte declares wildland fire state of emergency in Montana: https://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/gianforte-declares-wildland-fire-state-of-emergency-in-montana/article_d275facc-500c-523e-9a11-8e4d0b76e11a.html

New Hampshire law aims to expand broadband access through municipal grants: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/new-hampshire-law-aims-to-expand-broadband-access-through-municipal-grants

I think we all can agree that while these topics wouldn't be removed from TD, it wouldn't be interesting.

The purpose of the win is to bring some positivity in these gloom times. There is a saying that the federal government is not the only power in the government, and that states wield considerable amounts of power but people hardly ever act like it. Biden is not the end of America, and there are still ways in which we can push toward liberty during the Biden era. The StatePolitics.win would document policies passed by states as well as attempting to keep up with the impact of them, showing that your state and city level government have a more immediate impact on your standard of living than Biden could ever hope to.

Sorry for the massive fucking essay. Have a good day lads.

Suggesting that when making a link post, instead of checking file extension to determine what type of content it is and how to embedd, check mime type instead.

Properly embedded content has an advantage in the meme wars, but currently this means that big tech platforms are preferred over alternatives and fully decentralized hosting options.

As it is today is still better than reddit in embedding support for alternative centralized platforms, but it would be nice to have content embedded from decentralized platforms like skynet to. Here's a video: https://siasky.net/AAB-8Gk4AEh-WinKPk8XwEY5aYuhBUOFGnXAQy0BhzE0NQ, and a picture/meme: https://siasky.net/LABF673CmhOnKhIWkgiREgGEV_Y9AnqQk9-orvvIBn4bBw to use for testing.


So as a professional dev myself, I absolutely know how often developers ONLY get the negative feedback.

Validation is important.

It's a common trope in development that, "if you don't hear any backlash, you must have done it right."

After 25 years of development, sure. That's nice to hear. But god DAMMIT can't someone just say, "good job!" on occasion?

Today's updates were phenomenal. I see a TON of changes, from the CSS on my personal pages, to the significantly improved navigation on mobile.

You guys are crushing it, and I know the serious amount of work that goes into a "simple" upgrade such as how pages navigate.

You guys are doing a hell of a good job. Especially for a site that has ZERO monetization, where the vast majority of your user base feels unjustifiably "entitled" to your hard work.

Today's updates didn't go unnoticed. You're doing phenomenal work and deserve more "thank you" than you're ever going to receive.

So let me thank you on behalf of the unwashed masses who will never appreciate the work that went into today's updates.

I see them. I know how much work goes into them. And thank you for continuing to do them when all you hear from your users is bitching.

You ARE .win

Without you, there would be NO platform for any narrative that doesn't toe the line of "woke".

You're unsung heroes in a literal sense.

Please keep doing what you're doing and know that even the dipshits that bitch are only ABLE to bitch because of the platform you built FOR them.

I think history will look back on you guys as the true heroes of the 2000's.


On mobile, on TD, I can click on a user, then click on the magnifying glass and it will take me to an "about" page that shows me their fake internet points and the age of their account. However on the communities side, this doesn't work.

Is there some other path to get to this info on the communities side?


Its only one click but for non-political content I think fresh content is better as the default.

For political content Hot makes more sense because its been vetted by the community.

  1. Login through patriots.win
  2. Click on another community, such as Funny or Technology
  3. Shows as not logged in
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Page reloads and shows as logged in

Seems like a defect. Could the second community site issue some kind of api call to check the login status and update itself?




Could we make a section for purchases/barter/service among Patriots?

There are guys using regular Donald threads to trade a HAM radio for a well pump and whatnot. Or water filtration system for 2 CB radios, then I see guys asking if they saw x user--basically, is there a disadvantage of adding this kind of section. OK, Craigslist is shit, but wouldn't be hard to add feedback tied to website users (to avoid liberal shills downvoting patriot businesses or services ur users. I need a number of services--plumbing, masonry, electricity, and I'd like to give the business to a patriot. Someone commented about "just use word-of-mouth" which works in small towns, but what about cities, services you need that can't be gotten in your small town? I mean let a guy who sells only American made this or that get a boost from amongst our own. I just think every penny you can spend among our own helps us all out and takes money out of leftists' pockets. If I need my house paint sure, I could call five painting businesses and ask if they are based, but why not just have a listing by state/county or however you want to divide it. I know Lindell wants to or has launched an amazon competitor, I'd want to make it more for a Grandpa who fought in Korea and a retired cop hires someone to cut his grass and some goof with ACAB tattooed on his forehead doesn't show up.

Admittedly, if one kind of steps back and looks at this .win site and its subs as a whole, it feels like an immature version of 4chan, without the anonymity. It's like this place has attracted all of the people banned from Reddit for good reason.

So I guess my next question is, would any adults on this site be interested in starting a stand-alone site? A "Donald'sList"--craigslist but without the shitty design plus a rating system? PM me if you are over 30, or fuck it, I'll do it myself.


4x refreshing to get an edited post to go through. No option to edit titles. No option to delete saved posts. (Even the option to unsave doesn't work). Blocking doesn't actually block the person just their posts. Thumbnails show up or don't it's never stable. The most scuffed site ever.

Server Instability Official Response
posted ago by elleand202 ago by elleand202

I've noticed a couple instances of server instability over the past few hours. First was a 503 error and then later a Cloudflare host error.


Since these mods took over, the platform was directly involved with many of domestic terrorists.

For instance Baked Alaska, was introduced to the community by one of these mods which are also mods for his telegram with thousands of right wing users.


Another streamer arrested by FBI, Paul Miller


it is pretty clear that the FBI is monitoring everything.

So if you want to get rid of terrorists, you need to get rid of IP2always. c/Shithole has nothing to do with this mess.

That is all


mods on ga.win ban users for the most minor of infractions, and users label anyone who disagrees with them, however midly, as a SHILL, reeee'ing until the person is banned.

Mods also steal content from users whom they have banned, and post it as their own.

original (since been deleted by moderator SpeakEasy)-



Moderator (speakeasy) reposting it, and claiming credit for it-


*Update- moderators removing posts that ask about it-


Mod admitting to it, then expecting an apology-


Something needs to be done about that forum. Its completely out of control. For a forum centered around the idea of "questioning everything" and "anti-censorship", the moderators and users of the forum routinely, and overtly, do the exact opposite.

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