What does it say about your reboot strategy when the best way to preserve fan interest is to deliberately lie about what is in the show? Instead of embracing the woke feminist direction as something he believes is legitimately good and worthwhile and attractive to viewers, Kevin Smith ran from it as decisively as he could. That's a pretty direct acknowledgement that such content is largely unwanted.

So they know this shit isn't popular, and yet they once again chose that direction. Sorta confirms the notion that most of this leftist idiocy in entertainment is ideologically motivated even to the utter detriment of profit.

With that in mind, I'm thinking maybe the lie wasn't just about duping more people into watching the show. Maybe leftist subversives can't get off unless the old school fans are actually ambushed by the destruction of their favorite franchises. I mean what joy is there in tearing down a man's childhood favorites if he's already resigned to your subversion? If he sees you coming from a mile away, you won't be able to extract the same satisfaction from his muted disappointment and frustration.

Sounds almost insane, but would you really put it past these people? One of the more choice critic reviewers even says that she enjoys the show primarily because she knows it pisses off the old school male fans. That's the level of petty spite and envy we are dealing with here.

The infamous butchered He-Man reboot had reminded me about this idea for a comic accurate cybersix animated series, where along with fighting techno's, fixed ideas, and the mad scientist's other creatures, she would also be fighting allied terrorists and criminal gangs who are working with him.

Unfortunately, the franchise is extremely prone to being highjacked to promote regressive leftist propaganda as said mad scientist is an escaped Nazi war criminal, meaning there would likely be attempts by said extremists to push conspiracy theories about neo-nazis/white supremacists.

It's a shame, though do you guys have any other examples of franchises that are vulnerable to this bullshit?