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Electric ink poster board that doesn't need an electric charge to work.

Someone else's list of articles on various subjects. Some of them are discussed below.


New form of ice found. It happens at -200 and looks more like water than ice crystals. Ice9 references abound in my head.

Videogames Phantom Brigade will release on Steam soon. It is a Mech strategy game. Before you get a Front Mission vibe, you should know it's very different. The movements you take will happen at the same time as the other teams, but in turns. It's pretty cool if you watch the videos for it.


Interpol seeks a way to police the Metaverse. Exactly what illegal activity they expect is unknown.

IEEE looks for ways to create more standards for Metaverse methods.

A bad article on how Samsung is entering the Metaverse. The company is making an AR system that can hook up to Facebook and Meta, but isn't dedicated to them.


OpenAI founder has some vague statements at an interview for Forbes. This articles summarizes it. He believes he will make something that breaks capitalism. It doesn't look like he's using the usual ideas either. Even the article doesn't know.

This is that full interview

AI is being used to link up and connect ancient cuneiform texts together.

FRoMaGe or however it's supposed to be written is an AI prompts system that creates articles with pictures and text together. Even more jobs on the chopping block.

Modular is doing something with AI, but not saying what, or how, just that they need money and people.


Propaganda on Emotional Intelligence and why it can beat Regular Intelligence. It promotes a lot of Celebrity Smart People. What Einstein did, and how he did it, gets overshadowed by what people want it to be.

A man running for office says one thing about January 6th museum visit, but article tries to twist words and actions to another.