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I would say that back in around 2010 to a few years ago, on the topic of "transgenderism" and other sorts of nonsense, I got the sense that the leftists who I was arguing with didn't really believe their own bullcrap. It was like, they know that I know, but they want the power that they want and so they're going to play make believe.

Essentially they were just following the rules for radicals playbook and knew what they were doing.

What I find troubling, and I'm curious if you've encountered this also, is like on places like Reddit, when it comes to all sorts of craziness such as men being women, or men getting pregnant or take your pick, the leftists now, I suppose from being so thoroughly insulated in all their spaces, or because we're seeing the younger generations who are essentially brainwashed, I get the sense that they truly do believe these things.

Before it was like a culture war against a radical sect using radical tactics.....and now it's like encountering inhabitants of Alice in Wonderland who sincerely hold the beliefs despite the beliefs being completely detached from reality and bonkers.