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you leave the Donald out of this!

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Advocacy group Little People of America

The Miffed Midgets

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I wonder if they're going to "cancel" movies like the Leprechaun series, or Darby McGill and the Little People ...

Oh, hell, of course they're going to want to wipe out all references to European stories of little people, because European culture just has to go, goddamnit. :P

'Course, that'll run afoul with all the people who actually unironically believe in fairies/little people ...

Also ... tinks? As in ... Tinkerbell?

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After the controversy with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Devidose 4 points ago +4 / -0

Yeah this is why midgets got renamed to tinks in Borderlands 3.

Meanwhile "tinks" is a slur in the UK akin to hobos and gypsies. Genius move.

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Nah, the "little people" can fuck right off, midgets are fun to be around

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There's going to be too many acronyms and groups to remember because they no longer like the names they chose for themselves, but are somehow getting closer and closer to the stereotypes they want to get away from with the new names they pick. Just say you are Lucky Charms Adjacent, or something and get it over with.

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Colored people of color.

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they're all just niggers. sand niggers, taco niggers, potato niggers, snow niggers, curry niggers, little niggers, nigger niggers.

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Norm taught me a lot about the little people - https://youtu.be/3W1EsQG9X5k?t=176 [2:56]

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Every time someone brings up the word Midget, I miss Ralphie May a little bit more. They would have tried to cancel him worse than Chappelle.

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Midgets and dwarfs/dwarves (whichever, I don't really care; I was originally taught that one was Brit and the other American, and the only diff was spelling, so ..) are valid biological definitions, though.

Little People are imaginary beings.

And as I said before, White Wolf could have saved itself a lot of grief with the Gypsy thing by simply saying that gypsies are made-up creatures, and don't exist irl.

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They literally censored the word 'midget' in the article. Can't drop that m-bomb because it will piss of the wee folk.

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D word is next, right? Dwarf's gonna be striken from the books, probably gonna burn Tolkien's works too since there are tons of the D word in it.

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People of Cock Height

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There's no fucking end to this insanity. Why do people keep rolling over for it? All this pussy had to say is something like, "I called him a midget, sure. I see nothing offensive about the term. It's endearing. Much better than 'dwarf.'"

More self-appointed thought police making bad noise.

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'Little people' sounds way worse to me than 'midget' ever could.

Normally when you say 'little people', you're talking about the common man as compared to the wealthy elite, or to corporate business. They're 'little' in the sense that they have little power, little resources, little ability to compete or defend themselves.

Applying this language to people with dwarfism seems terrible to me. They have all of the same legal rights as anyone else, and in modern society where most jobs involve sitting at a desk rather than shovelling tons of dirt all day, their employment options are still good. In a society where you're allowed to carry a gun, they're even more equal, since they're not at the mercy of people twice their size.

That's not to say dwarfism isn't a disadvantage in life - it absolutely is, but it's not that bad. Like, I'd abort an infant with down syndrome every single time, but I wouldn't abort a dwarf. That's a real person, not a 'little person'.

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The article doesn't even mention who complained. It's trying to create them.

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This is how we got Andrew Dice Clay.

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I'm just saying, be wary for your knees and ankles. The Dwarf Uprising is nigh.

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Just as soon as they have enough step ladders

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Let's split the difference: Midges are small, and the word sounds like, but is completely distinct from, midgets.

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