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This was my question.

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I hadn't heard of her until her late night show was announced. Someone posted the announcement piece they created for it and wow was it something. Every third sentence she reminded the audience that she's brown and bisexual.

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From what I remember she's an Indian youtuber/"comedian" who got big because she attracts the India crowd (they have a lot of people over there) and is not an ugly bitch (on the outside).

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Are you sure? I just searched for her on DDG and the first pic was pretty hideous. Maybe you mean if she really cakes on the makeup.

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Well she's indian, they're ugly as hell.

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Damnit, I can’t even disagree.

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india crowd

fucking lol, indian crowds watch indian content in their native tongue, not americanized trash like this overassimilated lunatic. Maybe westernized young indians, but that's the same for all left-leaning youth demographics when it comes to these sorts of personalities.

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According to what I've seen in Quartering and I think Sargon clips, she's a racist youtuber that got paid to be unfunny on other platforms. I think.

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Was gonna say, haven't even heard of her.

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Huge shout out to Lilly Singh on being the first Bi, Womxn of Color to have a canceled late night talk show.

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Turns out that nobody finds "kill all men...lol just kidding" feminist "humor" interesting except for their sociopathic ideology's members.

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I don't know why she felt the need to shit up the airwaves; plenty of designated shitting streets to go around.

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One season was too long

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Glad this cringy bitch is gone, but it's awful to think she is also now a millionaire.

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She's unhappy and resentful regardless. Money doesn't do anything for these people.

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I just looked that up. I am not even sure what that was. I mean.... you see clearly it is going to be a lady joker and then expect a few funny ways they coould go with it but.... BAM to hey she has too much lipstick on her face and... is normal? Except she also talks too much in interviews?

I mean I am just not even sure where they were trying to go with that comedy-wise... I guess it was supposed to be her feminism was driving all the white men crazy in the office? That is my best theory and probably more thinking than that sketch ever needs to be thought about.

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I never heard of her. Fuck, I just tried to watch a skit and it was painful. Like a non pock trying to talk like supermeganigger and absolutely no comedy at all. Painful

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Assuming she actually told anything that could remotely pass as a "joke", wokesters would be too afraid to laugh at them, because laughing at "I'm gay ha ha" might hurt someone's feewings.

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I remember someone said she is the poster child for why. You shouldn’t hire ppl based on color/gender alone

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Bisexual Indian Woman?

No where near enough to be considered funny. Bisexual just means you're an occasional gender traitor, Indians are more successful than whites, and being a woman without a penis is the bare god damned minimum nowadays.

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When did all brown people become professional victims? The Civil rights movement was to right the wrongs against black Americans. She is a fairly beautiful Indian woman. I highly doubt she's delt with any form of negative discrimination.

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The Civil Rights Act institutionalized racism and took away the rights to private property and freedom of association.

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I hate racism but this is pretty true that you actually took away peoples rights in all that.

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Never heard of it.

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no one loves watching anything SJW do but they occasionally sneak their bullshit into shows then suddenly it'll take over the whole series/movie like an infection

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As someone who works overnights and having the breakroom t.v. tuned to whatever channel she airs on, thank God.

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By just trying to google who this lady is

  1. 2 seasons not 1.
  2. sounds more like she quit as she outlined a ton of ongoing projects. You're going to probably see More of whoever she is, not less....
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The "ton of ongoing projects" means she got canned and made up the most generic and overused excuse. She is on the left so she must be fired with dignity.

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I knew about her before she got a late night show and she was just a youtuber. She did used to be a little bit funny before (at least some of her skits) but after she got a late night talk show her "comedy" became just as shit as amy schumer's. Which is probably why the views on her videos have gone way down compared to before

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Not one tear shed for the Brahmin witch.