Discovered that was the case when creating my third account I received the ban message a couple of hours later. No comments were made. I went to confirm this by creating a fourth account, turning on my VPN, and nothing happens for an entire day. Turned it off, started browsing, and then 30 minutes later received the ban message.

I guess they didn’t like the words “trains” and “tiggers”.

Before you ask, this has already been cut down a bit for your enjoyment. Feel free to copy a link and repost.



Justin Roilands lawyer speaks. It also reveals that everything happened two years ago, and we are only at the court case itself. Why did he get dropped now? It really looks like he is being made as an offering to the politics gods.


Iger is firing a lot of folks at Disney in the guise of correcting Chapeks mistakes.


Jeremy Clarkson continues his contract with Amazon. The rumours of his demise from the article he wrote appears to be attempts to send him out as a sacrifice. The actual article is about his farm, and locals complaining about it. The London crowd doesn't like him.



Two almost finished films have been dropped by Netflix. The company is now about the numbers matching the cost of production.


Netflix will use IP addresses and other basics to stop password sharing. They will charge extra for each extra home.


Netflix lost 2 million subscribers in the UK alone. It looks like Netflix needs to either maintain their viewership or get ready to lose them in a difficult market. This has been a contrast to their growth from a few years ago.

Tech and Games


Sony is accused of lying about the Activision Microsoft deal during the EU trial.


Ford drops price of their electric vehicle following Tesla. The competition begins to be real.


How to game while at work and appear busy.


Android TV may have ads on it soon. This will likely not be accepted.


A new mod for super Mario 64 looks good and can be played on original equipment.

https://archive.ph/NQKno Google changes images to its own proprietary form. This article shows how to change them back.


We are now at 5 GB download speed for regular internet.


Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will not be attending E3. The big event has been taken over by ReedPop, which controls PAX as well as ComiCon. The big three will be showing off their wares at separate events.


The Crew 3 is about to be announced!!

https://archive.ph/H9oBs https://archive.ph/0Mc74 Sony slashes playstation VR manufacturing because of smaller than expected preorders. Consumer Level VR appears to be dying, while VR locations and experiences are growing.



Professors are trying to stop students from submitting articles written by ChatGPT. Stanford has a program to recognize AI writings… because the professors aren't smart enough. Expect letters of recommendation, emails, and entire classes taught from professors by ChatGPT in the near future.


Tech CEO nixes AI lawyer. He was intending to have an AI represent someone in a court case, but the bar threatened to remove his license if he did.


ChatGPT is bigger than Instagram


Ted Talk on fearing the government control of AI.


AI used to detect abnormal radio signals to look for aliens. It finds more signals than previous methods. The author of the article admits most of the signals are like human made.



Twitter begins to pay off debt. The company owes $12 Billion for a loan taken out by Elon Musk for the purchase. They are paying the interest now.


Consumer spending is down. The article tries to show good things could happen but it looks like half the country is in recession, and the other half hasn't been caught by it yet.


Amazon article about the difficulty in choosing a product from Amazon. About every paragraph starts with Amazon. Basically the majority of sellers are third party. They are trying to sell through an algorithm and consumer preferences to you. This has created several jobs, and brought in a lot of cheap knock off brands. Things like reading the latest book becomes difficult because so many people are trying to sell to you. The names look the same as AI prompts on Midjourney.



Democrats warn removal of democrat leaders in Security Council is dangerous. They also seek to instate Ilhan Omar to the council.


Seattle isn't what it used to be. The new protests make me glad I moved.


Sanafi fires most of its Indian employees who make vaccines.


A college school board member has proposed ending all teachers positions and restarting anew. The member was placed by Ron DeSantis and the school is going through a lot of changes. The faculty for Gender Studies believe the board member is acting rashly.


A study by 'experts' shows that coal power is being taken over by renewable methods.

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  • If you oppose interventionism when citing examples like WW1 or past wars, you're called a nazi and fascist and silenced (even though nazis didn't even exist until the 1920s) and the situation is immediately compared to Neville Chamberlain and "peace in our time appeasement" that preceded WW2.

  • "We fought the nazis and we'll do it again" becomes the rallying cry from American liberals for engaging in restriction of civil liberties and a civilian economy: except for the fact, that Russians did more. The war against Nazi Germany and the Axis powers wouldn't have been won without Soviet Russia communists.

  • War is said to be worth it if it's for a moral cause, and anyone someone in the west wants to wage war against is compared to Hitler and you are said to be Hitler and tolerating genocide if you disagree, end of conversation, no room for nuance.

  • Tuskegee Airman are held up as an example of how WW2 allowed more people to be empowered, even though the civil rights movement for black people in America didn't occur until the 1960s and segregation was still in place. Obsession with black people and minorities in military positions being an example of war being worth it are something often cited from WW2 to justify sending men to war.

  • WW2 is frequently evoked as a rationalization for big government spending and welfare, as well as intervention and continued foreign aid and alliances despite knowing the risks of brinkmanship.

  • Pretty much everyone that glorifies war time in allied nations during WW2 is a feminist.

  • Rosie the Riveter war time sanctioned female empowerment propaganda overshadow trauma of drafted men from both sides (Allied and Axis) from the time.

  • Antifa are allowed to attack and doxx even apolitical people because of accusations of their targets being nazis.

  • Free speech has been restricted because of laws against hate speech even in peace time that stemmed from the aftermath of WW2.

  • WW1 is remembered for how horrible it is, WW2 is remembered for how 'heroic' and worth it for many it is to send men to war.

  • The photograph of the soldier kissing a woman along with the post war boom being prominent in people's minds glorified war and the fruits/spoils of war, along with the idea that one sure way to boost birth rates and the economy is through war. The crippled and maimed men that were more prominent after WW1 are completely forgotten, it's portrayed as if men didn't really suffer at all in war because of WW2 and post WW2 'heroism' propaganda.

  • Industrial production during the war helped lead to inventions that freed women from having to do household chores, allowed them to replace men's jobs in factories and made them feel like they were better than men, which helped lead to the seeds of second wave feminism.

  • Anti-feminists in America are always incorrectly portrayed as wanting to live in the post WW2 1940s and 1950s and WW2 era comics are always used to mockingly strawman them.

  • The tradwife meme and perception of women being good and submissive housewives if they are treated well by men is largely because of post WW2 wives welcoming allied soldiers that survived back to America and pretending they weren't enjoying men dying in Europe.

And because of WW2 we now see the same justifications for western governments arming the government of Ukraine incessantly and bringing things closer to a large scale war: muh Putler

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