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ONE: Do not post Illegal Activity. Also, do not post any manifesto's done by terrorists, active shooters, serial felons rationalizing such things, or promoting such things, even if your content does not endorse the message.

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NINE: No person shall use communities.win sites (including kotakuinaction2.win) to solicit, facilitate any transaction, or gift including: ... ATF defined firearms or ammo as defined by the ATF, Bump-stock type devices, Explosives, 3D printing files to produce the aforementioned, controlled substances, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Stolen goods, Paid services involving physical sexual contact, Personal Information, Falsified Official Documents, Falsified Currency, Fraudulent Services, Pharmaceuticals

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TWELVE: Do not post intentional falsehoods or hoaxes. Yes, the Elders of Zion and other such intentionally fabricated documents fall into this. If your POST is arguably false by the user-base, it may be marked as either misleading or unfounded based on it's factual assertions, particularly in the title.

THIRTEEN: If you have reposted something, it will be removed

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FIFTEEN: Do not direct particularly egregious identity based slurs at users. A list will be provided

SIXTEEN: Do not attack entire identity groups as inferior, subhuman, inherently morally deficient, biologically/evolutionary mongrel, or participating in a vast conspiracy to take over the world, ala ZOG-NWO / The Patriarchy.


https://acp.itch.io/king-of-the-hat - fast action projectile based arena brawler

This is initial Beta release that is almost feature complete.

I've never been able to win more than one in a row but maybe you guys are better than I am.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Screenshot: https://i.postimg.cc/kGDmjTXZ/beta1-gameplay.png


https://archive.ph/BsU6V https://www.jweekly.com/2021/06/15/stanford-therapists-allege-hostile-climate-for-jews-in-the-workplace/

Stanford therapists allege ‘hostile climate’ for Jews in the workplace


Two Jewish mental health professionals at Stanford’s on-campus counseling clinic have filed workplace discrimination complaints after what they call “severe and persistent” anti-Jewish harassment from colleagues.

Dr. Ronald Albucher, a psychiatrist and associate professor in the medical school, and Sheila Levin, a therapist specializing in eating disorders, describe being pressed into joining a “whiteness” affinity group by staffers with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, being told they were “privileged,” and seeing antisemitic incidents downplayed.

The university responded inadequately to their concerns, made over the course of a year, Albucher and Levin say, thereby fostering a “hostile and unwelcoming environment” for Jewish employees working for Stanford’s Counseling and Psychological Services office (CAPS).

Released publicly on Tuesday, the complaints – filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing – allege violations of state and federal laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

At the follow-up meeting, the complaint says, DEI committee members “addressed the racist and anti-Black content” but did not mention antisemitism or the swastikas.

When Albucher asked about the omission, he was told that the committee “decided to omit any mention of anti-Semitism so as not to dominate the discussion about anti-Black racism,” the complaint says. When he brought it up again, he was accused of “trying to derail” the conversation.

DEI committee members “justified the omission of anti-Semitism,” the complaint says, “by insisting that unlike other minority groups, Jews can hide behind their white identity.” During the meeting, Albucher and Levin say they were “subjected to anti-Jewish stereotypes,” such as that Jews are “wealthy and powerful business owners.”

To discuss “White Fragility,” the complaint says, DEI members split up CAPS staff by race, facilitating “space for white staff” to “process [their] reaction” to it. The group was later named the “Whiteness Accountability group/book club.”

The complaint describes “racially segregated affinity groups that separated CAPS staff members on the basis of race or perceived race. One of these groups was for white staff, and another group was for staff comprising minorities of color.

“No affinity group was ever created for members of Jewish ancestral identity,” it continues. “As a result, there was no ‘space’ in the DEI program for Dr. Albucher and Ms. Levin to safely express their lived Jewish experience.”

On May 30, 2020, Levin emailed a DEI leader asking how she could support the program. According to the complaint, the person responded that “as a Jewish, White cis woman you have immense power and privilege. It is important to understand how you are a part of the systemic racism and oppression that takes place in this country.”

On June 24, 2020, the complaint alleges that during a seminar that Levin attended, participants “lamented that the group was comprised of privileged people,” specifically “white, pass for white and Jewish people.”

That August, Levin and Albucher notified Stanford’s HR department about the “hostile climate” they were experiencing in the DEI program, the complaint says, and the HR department tried to facilitate a mediation session between the parties. Neither Albucher nor Levin felt satisfied with the outcome, and in the fall of 2020 Levin stopped participating in the “white affinity group” because of “ongoing hostility she experienced on the basis of her race and Jewish ethnic identity,” the complaint says.



Megyn Kelly‏Verified account @megynkelly· 11h11 hours ago

(Another) Spence parent pulls her kid after grossly racist episode attacking white women is forced on girls in class on last day of school. We just left this school bc of its growing far-left indoctrination. This is a place we’ve loved-breaks my heart they’re doing this.

Aurelian of Rome‏ @AurelianofRome 15 Jun 2021

Students have rights. This is illegal under federal law in all fifty states. File lawsuits.

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Sorry James Stephanie Sterling...mother fucker got dead named by his own channel name there.

He's gone batshit insane? I mean he has been a fat wanker for years...this we know but just lately his channel is all 'trans' people are getting murdered you guys''...you haven't transitioned Jim...you look ridiculous, just exactly like a fat man in a cheap party wig...funny that.

Anyone would think that he saw his channel numbers falling off so quickly said he was trans to call everyone who was just fucking off anyway terrible bigotas.

He did this video the other week, calling everyone who doesn't want to look at a fat man in a dress and wig spout pinko nonsense names for fucking off.

Anyway it's all very funny...he sounds like he's had a breakdown of some sort which I wouldn't normally laugh at but it's Jim Sterling so...


I've seen gameplay vids of 1 and 2 and it looks fun in the GTA style of free roam. I would assume these were not woke (or at least less woke than Legion)


https://archive.ph/hixUL https:// conceptualdisinformation. substack. com/p/james-lindsay-v-critical-race-theory

James Lindsay v. Critical Race Theory

#ConceptualDisinformation Vol. 1

Samuel Hoadley-Brill May 3

What is critical race theory (CRT)?

To attempt a rough, one-sentence summary: CRT is an approach to legal scholarship that works from the premises of pervasive racial inequality and a social constructionist (i.e. anti-essentialist) conception of race; challenges the idea that the superficially colorblind nature of the law means the law is race-neutral; and seeks to explain how landmark civil rights legislation of the 1960s failed to deliver on its promises of equality for the racial minorities it was supposed to uplift.

As my professor Charles Mills explains in the epilogue of Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism, critical race theorists take up two tasks. The first is descriptive: “to recognize and theorize the centrality of race and white supremacy to the making of the modern world”; and the second is prescriptive: “[to recognize and theorize] the implications for normative theory and an expanded vision of what needs to be subjected to liberatory critique to achieve social justice.”

It is important to note here that Mills is using white supremacy to denote racial domination of whites over non-whites, not the ideology of white supremacist groups like the KKK, which I would call white supremacism. Racists believe in racism; white supremacists believe in white supremacism. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

  1. Critical race theory challenges ahistoricism and insists on a contextual/ historical analysis of the law. Current inequalities and social/institutional practices are linked to earlier periods in which the intent and cultural meaning of such practices were clear. More important, as critical race theorists we adopt a stance that presumes that racism has contributed to all contemporary manifestations of group advantage and disadvantage along racial lines, including differences in income, imprisonment, health, housing, education, political representation, and military service. Our history calls for this presumption.

At first glance, this may look a failure to recognize that correlation does not entail causation. But what the authors are claiming is not the naive thesis that every racial disparity is attributable to racism. The claim is that, given the history of the United States’ treatment of racial minorities—coupled with the commitment to social constructionism about race—we can safely make a defeasible assumption that a complete causal analysis of any particular (dis)advantage along racial lines will include some racist policy or practice.


Good morning/afternoon/evening.

This might get long so I hope you bare with me. Many years ago when GamerGate started, one of the people who supported and still supports the advocacy of the tag is Robin Ek, the owner and EIC of The Gaming Ground, a video game website and that a great alternative to the mainstream media.

Over the years, the clout chasers on Twitter and the subreddit, Kotaku in Action, have been screaming about supporting alternative websites through advertising them for free or even donating to them but turns out it's all boloney and they don't even put their money where their mouths are. Despite that, Robin kept going, operating the website even at huge losses.

We are all aware on what's going on Sweden and turns out, it's worse than the reports done in English-speaking media have splicing for us to consume. Taxes are raised every week to further weaken the resolve of the natives while funding the barbarians that the Marxist government let in, for the sake of "diversity" and "humanitarianism" have made Sweden into the most dangerous country to live in to date. Arson and explosions are happening daily like it's Baghdad or Mogadishu, elderly and young kids are raped, murdered and mugged in broad daylight as the Swedish government imposed laws to prohibit Swedes from crying foul against their hired mercenaries, putting them into jails for wrong think.

I'm making this post right on now on his behalf because the walls are closing in for him and his family. It's coming to the point that he may not afford to pay the basics or even food simple everything is being taxed heavily by the Swedish government and this same government are laughing in glee that native Swedes are being killed or imprisoned to make sure that the non-woke populous will be kept in check through fear. I want to help him so bad, but I can't. I've been finding ways to get him out of there but I don't know where to begin, how to start it or do I even have the means to do it. I'm just a guy from the Philippines who consider Robin as if he's my flesh and blood brother, and if anything happens to him and his family, it'll break my heart. I feel so helpless.

You can laugh now at my expense, just help Robin. It's not going to be about me, it's going to be about him and his family's sake. For me that's what is important right now.

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