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PLAY IT! (and give us a good review ;)

Clown World: King of the Hat

Projectile based single-screen arena brawler where you play as rival clowns pranking each other to find out who is the clowniest. Clowns need hats to be funny and prank so pick one up to shoot the hats off your opponents. Spend too long without a hat and you lose. Make your opponents lose and you win!

The game plays in your browser and requires a keyboard and mouse.

We want to thank everyone who expressed interest and encouragement, whether or not you ended up working with us on the project. Also thanks to the mods for stickying our posts.

And thanks to everyone who playtested our earlier iterations and particularly to anyone who left us feedback, much of which was incorporated into the game. I don't know how many people here have done gamedev but playtesting by members outside of the team is extremely helpful. After working on a project for a long time it is easy to lose awareness of how anyone who hasn't played the thing 1000 times sees it. The fresh eyes of outside testers really help us stay on track toward the ultimate goal of making the game fun.



Plays in your browser with keyboard and mouse (sorry phone users). Takes about 40 seconds to 1 min to download.

You are stuck in a spooky library and can't leave all of the books are in the right place. A supernatural presence is in there with you! Avoid it, return the books, and escape!

Please play the game and leave any thoughts or observations you may have, including negative feedback. For this test we are specifically hoping to get feedback on the monster behavior, detection, pursuit, etc, and how it feels to the players.

New in this release are configuration settings for brightness, mouse sensitivity and field of view. I recommend using the lowest brightness you can handle for the most fun experience.

Also there is now a setting to change the standard "click and drag" interactions to "click to pick up, click to release". This is specifically to help those playing on touchpads. Click and drag is the recommended setting.

If you have technical problems like hanging or failing to load or framerate or graphics issues please provide your browser version, your cpu type and speed, your ram size, and your video card info.

Thanks for playing!


Welcome back to our nomination thread for our next book of Book Club!

A few rules:

  • Please limit all top level comments to 1 suggestion

  • Prefer fiction but non-fiction is acceptable this time around.

The voting will be open for a week or so. After which I'll post a poll for the top 5 responses. The winner will be our book.

Previous Books:

Starship Troopers

Gulag Archipelago

Brave New World

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress


This is, obviously, exceedingly personal. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. And I apologize for it not being… “Newsworthy”.

I’m mainly just angry. And I think this shows, very clearly and close to home, just how shitty all of this has been.

Initially, I couldn’t visit because I was, and am, “inadequately vaxxed”. Then they made it boosters. Then the rules seemingly changed, but my family, my goddamn family, man, prevented me from going in there to see him, except for his birthday last year. Without outwardly saying it, they did it to punish me for my… “Non-compliance”. 😔

Then we all got Covid. But I couldn’t get an “exemption”, because life is shit.

And then, guess what? The whole ward of the nursing home got it anyway, despite none of us (me, or my father, who is “quadruple vaxxed”, or other non-blood relatives) visiting, and despite them being thrice or more “jabbed”…

So, being frail and sickly, the inevitable happened. Though it is important to note that he did not die of Covid, and was allegedly testing negative (having already had it), up to the last few days…

The nursing home wouldn’t let me see him because of the outbreak. My family (mother is his main “guardian”) also didn’t want me visiting (again), and because we don’t even share the same last name (obviously, maternal grandfather), and I can’t afford a lawyer, I hadn’t been able to secure a workaround…

It’s fucking awful. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I haven’t seen him in like, nine months or more. And my family blame me for that. Me.

The worst thing, though, was my Dad’s response: I asked him whether he had been in since I had, seeing as he is “quadruple vaxxed”, and super paranoid about Coof…

To which he said “No, and why would I? I saw him before that.”

As in, no, he didn’t want to, and even though he could, he couldn’t be bothered. This is the same man who attacked me for not visiting enough, for being unvaxxed, for not “supporting your mother enough, at this time”, and for not visiting his mother, who still lives at home, enough…

I just… Fuck these people, man. Fuck my entire family, at this point…

Tl;dr, my grandfather died, and the (supposedly coof-related) evils of the system, and of my family, prevented me from saying goodbye. For months… 😞


Is it just me or does it feel like a shitload of stuff happened in the past 4 months?

I am convinced the Biden administration is practicing accelerationism at this point. Feels like a fucking slog that we have to deal with 4 months of this shit until we can at least cockblock them.

Yes, yes, I know... stealing the election, "fortificaiton", etc. There's been several strong wins the past month for the right-populists, but I understand your black pill about this shit.

For me I just want the bleeding to stop and give us some fucking breathing room, but the Biden administration is trying so damn hard to shove as much retarded shit through.

It always makes me wonder who his handlers are. Who is feeding him all this far left bullshit to pass that 6 years ago wasnt even his fucking platform?


Episode 3 also had the deus ex machina ending praising communism.

I can handle subversion but at least be a bit subtle about it.


We all knew that the hoplophobes behind the NY and CA guns laws would not take the Bruen ruling well, and now the response is becoming clear. There is a law working its way through CA legislature that would make just about everywhere off limits to carry, and NY is doing much the same thing.

Even though the Bruen opinion specifically calls out attempts to place large swaths of the city off limits, both CA and NY are going to do it anyway, thereby virtually guaranteeing yet another round of lawsuits that, under the new scrutiny standards, will probably get CA and NY permit laws declared illegal in their entirety.

I would find it the height of irony that childish petulance by state government officials are probably going to wind up seeing CA and NY carry permits get completely nuked in court, leaving CA and NY Constitutional carry states by default.


I ran across an article where the author couldn't resist a dig at "toxic nerds" and of course mentioned the sacred cow of The Last Jedi. I remember walking out of Last Jedi bored out of my mind and so I was very confused when I heard so many critics going on and on about how brilliant it was and how it subverted the expectations of those who wanted to see a more heroic Luke Skywalker, and (I think this was the first time I saw this line of reasoning) this was why that is a good thing.

I will never understand why Last Jedi and Female Ghostbusters are the sacred cows for media shills. I also hate how with modern entertainment doing something unexpected for the sake of it will get the shills clapping like seals.

Some horrible examples of subverting expectations in recent memory are Arya killing the Night King (I mean having Jon have an epic battle with the Night King couldn't possibly make any sense), Robin being a lesbian in Stranger Things season 3 (they actually said the original plan was for them to be together so forgive me if I think they changed things for woke points), and of course Last Jedi.

However if well done it can be good. I know I've made posts bashing George R. R. Martin but the man is a great writer and he said he set out to subvert the tropes of Tolkein when he wrote Ice and Fire. While I will never put him and Toklein on the same level, I will admit book 1 (season 1) was a great example of subverting expectations since Ned Stark was the main star of the show at that point.

To me another good example would be Yoda in Empire Strikes Back turning out to be a little green guy that seems like a nobody.

What would your examples be of a good subversion of expectations?

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"She was only 22 - a kid." (media.communities.win)
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You can see from below that the libs won more than their fair share of cases, because Roberts and Kavanaugh defected to side with them many times. I think Roberts can no longer be called a conservative, and Kavanaugh is almost as bad.

Thomas opinions/concurrences that libs dissented to

  • United States v. Tsarnaev, 595 U.S. ___ USSC reinstated the death penalty on the boston bomber.

  • Shinn v. Ramirez, 596 U.S. ___ This case was a follow-on to Martinez v. Ryan, 566 U.S. 1 (2012), a case where Thomas and Scalia dissented, which held that criminal defendants could argue ineffective assistance of counsel for only for their original conviction, but also for post-conviction matters. Shinn effectively gutted Martinez, holding that the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act bars defendants trying to introduce new evidence for the first time in federal court. This decision rolls back the ability of activists to keep fighting criminal cases post conviction.

  • Gallardo v. Marstiller, 596 U.S. ___ the Medicaid Act permits a state to seek reimbursement from lawsuit settlement payments allocated for future medical care.

  • Egbert v. Boule, 596 U.S. ___ Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents was a 1971 Supreme Court case that allowed for private citizens to seek monetary damages from federal agents when their rights were violated. However, the Bivens decision was based on a limited application of the Fourth Amendment to protect from illegal search and seizure. Thomas wrote that under Bivens, only Congress could authorize the ability to authorize a damage remedy for either asserted First or Fourth Amendment violations for cases against federal agents, and cautioned from allowing the court to expand beyond the limited cases that Bivens allowed for.

  • New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, 597 U.S. ___ The case concerned the constitutionality of the 1911 Sullivan Act, a New York State law requiring applicants for an unrestricted license to carry a concealed pistol on their person to show "proper cause", or a special need distinguishable from the general public, in their application. In a 6–3 decision, the majority ruled that New York's law was unconstitutional, and effectively ruled that the possession of pistols in public was a constitutional right under the Second Amendment.

  • United States v. Vaello Madero, 596 U.S. ___ Upheld the constitutionality of the exclusion of United States citizens residing in Puerto Rico from the Supplemental Security Income program.

  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, 597 U.S. ___ Roe v Wade git rekt

  • Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, 597 U.S. ___ the Court held, 6–3, that the government, while following the Establishment Clause, may not suppress an individual from engaging in personal religious observance, as doing so would violate the Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment. Kennedy had taken the practice of praying at the middle of the field immediately after each game. The practice was soon joined by the players and others. The school board were concerned the practice would be seen as infringing on the Establishment Clause separating church and state. They attempted to negotiate with Kennedy to pray elsewhere or at a later time, but Kennedy continued the practice. His contract was not renewed, leading Kennedy to sue the board. Court ruled that the board acted improperly in not renewing Kennedy's contract.

  • Whole Woman's Health v. Jackson, 595 U.S. ___ Upheld Texas private lawsuit against abortions law.

Cases where my boy Thomas dissented but was back stabbed by Roberts & Kavanaugh, who both defected and voted with the libs

  • Unicolors, Inc v. H&M Hennes & Mauritz, LP, 595 U.S. ___ 6-3 Justice Thomas filed a dissent, Alito & Gorsuch joined. Held: Errors in copyright registration, whether of fact or law, are excusable. Thomas dissented for procedural reasons.

  • Ramirez v. Collier, 595 U.S. ___ Murderer wanted "to have his minister be allowed to lay hands on his body and audibly pray during the execution process." Thomas, the lone dissenter: "Ramirez’s shifting litigation position lays bare what he really wants: “to manipulate the judicial process” to win further delay." ... Ramirez’s current RLUIPA suit is but the latest iteration in an 18-year pattern of evasion... “[b]oth the State and the victims of crime have an important interest in the timely enforcement of a sentence.” ... Prisoners, ably represented by the death penalty defense bar, will propose new accommodations tailored to elicit an objection from the State. They will then have three levels of federal-court review in which to litigate whether the State has complied with RLUIPA... And, like here, the result will be months or years of federally imposed stasis. The State, its citizens, and the victims will pay the price of that delay...Equities aside, I also doubt Ramirez is likely to succeed on the merits of his touching claim. To prevail, Ramirez will have to show that his request is “sincerely based on a religious belief.”

  • City of Austin v. Reagan National Advertising of Austin, LLC, 596 U.S. ___ The majority opinion by Sotomayor, held that Austin's on/off premises regulation was written as content neutral under Reed, and thus should be reviewed through a facial challenge rather than strict scrutiny. Thomas argued that the on/off premise regulation was content-based, since these messages would be like to promote on or off-site services, and thus was unconstitutional through a strict scrutiny review under Reed as well as Hill v. Colorado.

  • Torres v. Texas Department of Public Safety, 597 U.S. ___ Le Roy Torres, the petitioner in the case, had been working as a trooper in the Texas Highway Patrol. He deployed to Iraq, and a Federal law guaranteed him his old job back. He asked the Department for a similar position within the Highway Patrol but was denied any accommodation. Torres opted to resign and later sued the Department under USERRA. The Department argued that the state could not be sued under a federal law under the principle of state sovereign immunity. Justice Clarence Thomas wrote the dissent joined by Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett. Thomas stated that "the ‘history, practice, precedent and the structure of the Constitution’ all demonstrate that states did not surrender their sovereign immunity in their own courts when Congress legislates pursuant to one of its war power".[2] Thomas referred to the decision in Alden v. Maine which found that private citizens could not sue states under federal law, quoting Alden in that "the powers delegated to Congress under Article I of the United States Constitution do not include the power to subject nonconsenting States to private suits for damages in state courts". Breyer's opinion held that while states have sovereign immunity, this did not extend to areas of the nation's defense, and thus the state could be held liable for failing to follow USERRA.

  • Biden v. Missouri, 595 U.S. ___ Biden vaccine mandate case. 5-4, Thomas and the conservatives lost. Kav and Roberts defected.

  • Biden v. Texas, 597 U.S. ___ In December 2018 under the Trump administration, the United States Department of Homeland Security announced its promulgation of the Remain in Mexico policy. Biden ended it. In April 2021, Texas and Missouri challenged the rescission. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court held that the federal government has the authority to revoke the Migrant Protection Protocols. Thomas dissented, and pointed out that Federal law REQUIRES that the government attempt to keep migrants in Mexico rather than release them to the interior of the US as Biden is doing.

United conservative front against the libs. libs mad.

  • Cummings v. Premier Rehab Keller, P.L.L.C., 596 U.S. ___ Can't sue health care providers for emotional distress under Obamacare

  • Federal Election Commission v. Ted Cruz for Senate, 596 U.S. ___ The 6–3 decision, falling along the court's ideological lines, struck down section 304 of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, which limited the amount of money that candidates could be paid on personal loans to their campaign to $250k.

  • Patel v. Garland, 596 U.S. ___ Pankajkumar Patel lied on a DL application and said he was a citizen when he was not, and was denied his green card on that basis. USSC upheld 5-4 with Gorsuch defecting.

  • Carson v. Makin, 596 U.S. ___ The case centered on the limits of school vouchers offered by the state of Maine, which had disallowed the vouchers to be used to pay for religious-based private schools. In a 6–3 decision the Court ruled that Maine's restrictions on vouchers violated the Free Exercise Clause.

  • Shoop v. Twyford, 596 U.S. ___ Murderer sought an order compelling Ohio to transport him to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for neurological testing, which he asserted might help him challenge his death sentence. Majority denied.

  • Vega v. Tekoh, 597 U.S. ___ 6-3 Miranda warning is not a Constitutional right.

  • Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta, 597 U.S. ___ In the 5-4 ruling issued on June 29, 2022, the Court ruled that both federal and the state held joint jurisdiction to prosecute non-Native Americans for crimes on native lands.

  • West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, 597 U.S. ___ In a 6–3 ruling issued on June 30, 2022, the Court ruled that the regulation of existing power plants in Section 7411(d) fell under the major questions doctrine, and within that, Congress did not grant the EPA authority to regulate emissions from existing plants based on generation shifting mechanisms.

  • National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 595 U.S. ___ Stayed Biden's OHSA COVID mandate.

Average leftist meme (media.communities.win)
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Supporting higher taxation, more social services and more regulation means you think every character needs to be race/gender/orientation swapped and that minorities are oppressed? Supporting lower taxation, privatization and deregulation means you think Hollywood should respect the source material, and that minorities are on equal terms?

This never made sense to me, why aren't there anti-wokes with left-wing politics? Why aren't there wokes with right-wing politics?


Looks like they can only guarantee to stay up till the end of the month. From their website:

There has been some major disruption with our technical team based in Ukraine and we are not currently able to offer bundles. That may change, we can guarantee users will be able to download their assets through the end of July 2022. We will keep you informed about the future of Groupees here and on social media. Thank you.

Groupees used to be a site with great game bundles but like all bundle sites their game offers have been less than stellar lately and they've mostly been doing music and comic bundles recently.

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