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I am so happy that you are here. And you are an invaluable missing piece. People from the donald have never been as good at activism as you. And since your arrival I have seen so many brilliant activism ideas. Your presence has already started to fill an ever so important need.

So please keep coming here. Gamer gate is not dead. We need you more than ever. It will take time for this community to grow, but it will.

Advertise this win (sub) on thedonald.win. Provide some posts for normies to gamer gate. It will blow their minds. And they need training in the art of online activism like only you can provide. They are an uneducated army in the art of online warfare.

And as someone who loves Donald Trump let's divorce him from this place as much as we can without disrupting those that don't understand that infusing politics here like that may sour some to the core issue of this place. I love him, but that is not what this place is about (just my thoughts).

This place is invaluable. And you don't have to hide your activist ideas like you did on reddit. Open up and let it shine!

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Reinholt 6 points ago +6 / -0

The best activism has always been what GG did right at the start: don't support people who hate you.

In many ways, GG is responsible for "Get Woke, Go Broke" being a thing, and if that continues to be a thing, companies have to respond. They always do so slowly, because shareholders take forever to wake up, but when they do, their vengeance is incredible.

mbnhedger 2 points ago +4 / -2

Gamer gate is not dead.

Gamergate is very dead. The only people still on it are the very sad clout chasers who need to drive clicks to their dying blogs.

But just because the tag is finished doesnt mean the battle is over nor that the people involved are going anywhere.

The key to success is knowing that sometimes the right move is to move on and rebuild and that you really dont have to continue supporting people who hate you by paying them to shit on your hobbies.

AnarcrotheAlchemist 0 points ago +1 / -1

IMO it needs to evolve as the cultural war has expanded out of academia and nerd hobbies and is now infecting the wider cultural landscape. Staying focuses on only those things will make the movement irrelevant whereas evolving and taking on the social justice activists and pushing back on them in the other areas is what is needed.

Free speech is not an amendment it is a philosophical concept that needs to be promoted and protected. Unfortunately to many people only think of the US's constitutional amendment that tries to protect it from the government and don't care about protecting it and the ideals from other groups.

mbnhedger 1 point ago +1 / -0

But the problem is the question of evolving into what? We do not wish to become what we fight, and the only reason we fight is to keep what we have. The reason the community worked to begin with was because each individual community within the hobby space came together against a common enemy, but to do that requires that the individual community wishes for other communities to assist them.

We cant just go around occupying other communities in the name of fighting a "culture war" that would simply make us no different from them. One more activist group looking to maintain relevance.

From the beginning the entire point of gathering together was to eventually not be needed any more.

But with that said, anyone who needs tips or tactics on defending their own hobby or community from woke scolds know where to find us and are welcome to using our tactics.

AnarcrotheAlchemist 1 point ago +1 / -0

The fight remains the same the battefield has just expanded. The gaming journalism outlets and woke niche leftist outlets that we were pushing back from have been subsumed by the large media organisations. Instead of Kotaku and Vice being the ones attacking us its CNN and Bloomberg.

Social justice and intersectional ideologies are becoming mainstream and entering into the political sphere and to ignore it will mean by the time they start coming at us again there won't be anything we can do.

The woke scolds that have been deriding us for years now occupy mainstream media and entertainment and not just the niche nerd hobbies/culture that we have been defending all this time. Dictionary definitions are being changed, historical records are being altered and we don't do anything because it's "unrelated politics".