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Just doing a politics check before I give them my money. Obviously, the splash screen and emphasis on combining cultures seems a little like SJW red flags, but not, on their own, enough to really push it one way or the other. Anyone know anything about the studio or game beyond that?

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I know this answer is a bit late, but I happen to be passing through, so...

I'm not feeling particularly beaten over the head with any hamfisted SJW-isms as I play. How you interpret the fact that you can make an avatar who appears to have particular racial physical characteristics, but could be Zhou Chinese in one era, and Ghanaian African in another, is up to you. It's kind of "Cultural Appropriation: The Game," in that way.

The developers are somewhat to the left in public, but mostly in the stock corporate way, like tweeting rainbows during pride month. If that stuff a deal breaker for you, you have your answer. They're owned by Sega, who do the same.

I will say the game itself needs work, and it wouldn't hurt you to wait for patches or a sale price. Endless Legend (one of their prior games) also started kind of shallow and got better via DLC. I suspect Humankind will do the same in time, but it just isn't holding my attention for long yet.

Other questions welcome.