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Well, the hard part is finding people who can code that are willing to work on a project like this without making clear what kind of compensation you are offering up for their time. You'll need to decide if you're gonna pay per hour, per line of code, per completed milestone, or "profit share" with a percent of whatever you make at the end of it. It will be far harder to get someone on board who is willing to help for free, even as a passion project.

As far as the engine, what you'll need to look into is which ones have various free/cheap resources you can make use of to cut down on the time investment involved. Unreal and Unity both have pretty large catalogs of premade resources, some free and some for sale, but have major parts of the license agreements you need to read in full before trying to make use of them - especially if you expect it to break a certain point in total sales. Godot might be an alternative engine to consider as well, it has fewer resources available, but probably the most permissive license possible for a game engine - the M.I.T. license (use is free, you can make whatever money you want off of it without needing to pay them anything). The downside of Godot is that you'll have a smaller community to reach out to for help with specific coding issues, primarily through reddit.

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best course would be learning to code; start by fundamentals aka variables and loops; maybe some very basic programs like: "hello world" done with variable call (learn cmd print and variable use), variable table that you sort differently with calls when you print to cmd( learn about using table, and loops), lotto generator (print to cmd multiple lines, where count match to your countrys lotto system, numbers of its pool and all numbers unique (best if you try functions iwht this one, so its learn of functions + all so far) after this course, cheerio, you now should have basic understanding of coding and can expand from there with libraries as you choose language; after all coding is not exactly hard, generally you just have to understand how it works

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any progress on this?


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I want to make a video game with heavy signifigace about the American Revolution.

But why?

Do you know what the American Revolution was?

The revolution was eight years of: the British set out to do a thing, and he Continentals make it cost a lot more than it should have... repeat.

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I'd suggest seei g if you can put something together with say RPG Maker or what not that doesn't take a lot of programming to build a prototype. That way you can see what you can do and then something to show other people what you are trying to do and how you can find oulthers to fill in the gaps.

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Top_Patriot, I'm with you in this. I want to do exactly the same thing. I wanted to make a pro-Donald Trump game. I'm a developer but not an artist. I wanted to make a 2d fighting game like

Do you have artistic talent to make sprite sheets? I would pay you.

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