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In his latest article about the goings on at Wikipedia, former site editor and GamerGate supporter T.D. Adler describes how the Wikimedia Foundation's attempts to impose a leftist/progressive "code of conduct" promoting "diversity", "inclusion", pronouns, etc. on its affiliated sites in order to "make them more welcoming" and combat "rising violence [...] against marginalized groups" is receiving a mixed reception:

  • The Wikipedia community in general isn't happy that their autonomy is being impinged upon by this move and their reactions range from proceeding with caution to expressions of hostility.
  • Concerns have arisen about transparency when it comes to the Wikimedia Foundation's enforcement of these rules.
  • Arabic-speaking Wikipedia contributors acknowledged the transparency concerns and suggested their community should become more involved in the code of conduct's implemention to increase user confidence.
  • Korean-speaking Wikipedia contributors were more open to the idea of Foundation interference in matters.
  • Polish-speaking Wikipedia contributors weren't having any of it and attempted to reject the code of conduct outright with a vote, only to be frustrated to discover that implementing it had already been decided upon by the Foundation.
  • One outspoken Polish editor, Zezen, pointed out many of the shenanigans observed on English language Wikipedia that could be exacerbated by the code and lead to widespread political bias on all Foundation-affiliated sites, such as the banning of profile pages promoting traditional marriage, preventing "undesirables" like Nazis from contributing while giving Stalinists and left-wing extremists free reign (as opposed to allowing anyone to participate as long as they follow the rules), etc.

Original Article: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/02/10/wikipedia-foundation-approves-leftist-code-of-conduct/