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People love to blame "white" people for killing native Americans but do these people realize that Europe has been invaded more than anyone else in the world for THOUSANDS of years?

The only reason why these so called native Americans were safe all this time was because the continent of America is surrounded by oceans, massive oceans on each side making it impossible to be invaded.

If America was connected to the rest of the world with a landbridge, they would've been invaded by the Huns, by the Mongolians, by the Arabs, by the Moors etc...

Just like we in Europe were constantly being invaded by them.

If anything, these natives should THANK the Europeans for conquering them, because if the Mongolians or the Arabs got there first, they would've been off wayyyy worse.

Not to mention, the native Americans weren't even native to America, they were a nomadic tribe from East Asia that migrated to America by crossing the Bering strait many thousands of years ago.

The real natives of America were killed by this nomadic tribe, raped, and conquered. They mixed with them, that's why they look different from East Asians today, they are mixed with the real natives from America, giving them a unique look.

So, basically, what we call the native Americans today, aren't the real natives of America. They did the exact same thing that Europeans did, but they did it thousands of years before that.. you can call it karma.

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Do you often just spew out walls of text answering questions nobody asked?

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I love to spread the truth and the greatness of my people, and I expect the devilish Jews like you to crawl out of the mud seething when seeing the truth, which jews will call anti semetic and crazy conspiracies. But the truth will always kill the jews and that's a good thing for the world.

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You have schizophrenia. This place isnt your personal catharsis outlet.

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Yes it is.

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Gina's husband has entered the chat.....

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That's what you think ip2 exists for? Us to have to suffer your dillusions? Nigger stfu about this bullshit. Troll a streamer or stfu.

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The fact that Europeans got to the americas first after the bering straight disappeared, also shows their superiority. No other tribe/group of people had the intelligence and technology to pull this off.

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White Devils coping hard

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Lmao, you do realize that mexicans, which I assume you are based on your username, are mostly Spanish, which is White. You are literally the "colonizer" you hate.

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Not me nigger. Im full apocalypto native.

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Another thing is them blaming Euros for bringing over disease like smallpox that killed a lot of them.

Smallpox is a fucking virus, even IF Whites were going around giving them "smallpox blankets" to kill them (spoiler alert: they didn't), they were going to get exposed to the virus eventually.

Europe and the rest of the World suffered and died with all of the diseases for tens of thousands of yearstens of millions of them died of these diseases, hell one-third of Europe died during just one generation from shit like the bubonic plague—they didn't even have to deal with that one because unlike the faggot Mongols (which purposefully catapulted plague victims into the port city of Kaffa to infect those within where it spread to Europe)—Europeans aren't pieces of shit who try and genocide everyone.

So >50x more Europeans alone died over the millennia from TONS of disease, many of which they never even had to deal with, they didn't invent the diseases, and it isn't White people's fault that they existed nor that their ancestors never built immunity for themselves. This is hundreds of years before shit like Germ theory (a White invention that has saved more non-White lives around the world than anything else) ever came into existence, they had no way of knowing that coming into contact with them would make you all drop like flies, so stop the stupid muh diseases bullshit.

Plus shit like Syphilis came from the Native Americans which killed millions of Europeans for hundreds of years before Antibiotics (another White invention—you're fucking welcome) came into existence—so please just shut the fuck up about shit like that.

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I love it when people know their history. IP2 is fucked up in many ways but we have a much higher IQ than reddit or any other faggot forum on the web

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Thank you, I love history, and I find it very sad how everyone wants to hate on white people while we were invaded more than anyone else in history. But you don't see people blaming all these other tribes and civilizations, it's always white people who get dragged through the mud. We deserve more respect and recognition for all the good we've done to this planet.

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V cool thanks for sharing.

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youre all african unless youre an eskimo, chew on that this turkey day

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Im an American and i feel like its past time to move on from all thst stuff in the past, but one of thr mpst ridiculous arguments u can ever make is "it happened to us, so it's ok that we did it to them"..or "they should be THANKING us because it couldve been worse!!" 🤣..Low IQ thinking...no offense, of course.

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This is also how there are Eskimos in North America and greenland. Eskimos look very asian, right? That's because they are from East Asia! This nomadic tribe crossed the bering strait way back when there was still a land connection between Alaska and Russia. And they settled in north America living in igloos for thousands of years. And they're still around today and they still look very Asian.

So people need to stop blaming white people, all these native Americans are migrants from East Asia and they conquered America thousands of years ago. It was only a matter of time before America was discovered by Europe, it was bound to happen, the vikings were actually the first Europeans to discover it.

There are tales from native Americans talking about tall pale men with golden hair, those were the vikings. Then centuries later, when we build better ships, we started exploring the world, and the rest is history.