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he's the discord god. AKA casey "Litty Scripts".

If anyone is ever in desperate need for boomer jokes casey gotchu!

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Lol, wow, the way you describe what has been going on is hilarious!! You make it sound like chicken has been planning a secret military mission! Is it really that complicated?? Have they ever heard of solar chargers or sitting at Starbucks to change your device. The first day he could have bought a new generator and had a mechanic install it....done!!! The guy is a walking, talking human hurricane who blows around messes things up and then spends a day justifying what he has done. They're all just a group of addicts who are lazy, unmotivated and don't give a shit about providing entertaining content. I really hope your response is just trolling.

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chicken is a tweaker. you can see it in his face. before long, he'll be one of those crackheads on the street he loves to film so much

goocheese is already in the middle of her transformation

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sorry guys cant get a 24 hour cam just yet its only been what 2 months? lol keep donating and watching tho so we can keep purchasing view bots

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They should put the chat on the TV too

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The fkn RV has an alternator they could use during the 19 hours they drive in circles anyway.

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Why do they even need a generator to charge up 4 phones?

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ibtarnine -7 points ago +3 / -10

People have this weird notion that when the streams are down Chicken is just sitting around, snorting coke, getting his dick sucked by Goocheese and messaging Alice repeatedly. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

He has been actively, relentlessly campaigning to get the generator fixed, all while trying to wrangle his cast members and providing interim content for the viewers. It’s a delicate balancing act with many parts in motion. It’s not as simple as just “taking the generator to a mechanic”. There’s also oversight and governance that comes into play, and that’s where the real heavy lifting is.

Ask yourself this how can you “generate” content without a “generator”? You can’t. Live-streaming is at the behest of modern devices that require electricity. Not only that, the well being and safety of the cast and crew require that same electricity for basic daily needs (showering, food preparation, personal messaging etc).

I think Chicken has done a fine job given the circumstances. If it were as simple as buying a new generator or getting the current generator fixed he would have done it. But there’s a bigger picture that most of you (aka the viewers) don’t seem to see or even attempt to understand.

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Nah. RV Generators don't take this long to fix.

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Imagine believing the lies told on the purple webapp

SSJ-closed-IP1 [S] 6 points ago +6 / -0

Imagine thinking you couldnt find a Mechanic is 2 seconds to phone up and fix the Rv the same Day

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Dave is messaging Alice repeatedly.

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Has anyone ever called you a faggot? Faggot.