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Baked writes such a nice article.

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Baked x Adrien Chen collab

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An Andrew Chan helped him write this.. NICE TRY ADRIEN, GOTCHA SCUMBAG.

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Damn they really did some digging....

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Yeah and it's funny that they on here didn't think that many Canadians were considering the shit we get lmaoo

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There's way more of us Canadicucks on here then you would think.

The laws in Canada are pretty much written by a bunch of meth addled fags and cock hungry trannies so we mostly sit off to the side and witness everything from a distance or you're likely to get charged with a hate crime if you refuse to fuck a trannie post op where they remove the dick and i guess just drill a hole and call it a pussy.

I got arrested for crop dusting over a fag flag and the new improved tranny flag that was spray painted on the road. Right in front of cops I didnt think it was illegal to take large amount of pleasure in farting all over both flags and smiling and laughin while i shit bombed the whole movement in one fell swoop.

The judge said it was a hate crime. I told him it was a fetish of mine to blow ass on the flag so in reality it was a love crime because i loved doing it and now i ordered custom pride and trans flag toilet paper so i can wipe my ass with both them, and throw in a few Ukraine flags as well

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Dam. Whoever wrote that piece is a faggot Antifa spy.

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Yeah bro a lot of those fucking weirdos in Canada lol liberals 🤣

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Fucking zoobezy had enough

protagonist 17 points ago +17 / -0

nice post.

If any of you faggots media outlets online see this - please hang yourselves; MBT is #1 a lesbian, and #2 a canadian and therefore a faggot, so you are engaging in hate speech at the very least - and probably #3 transphobia because in spite of his appearance he is a biological woman so please kill yourselves with prejudice.

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That article links to a blog talking about IP2 streamers. 3 of the 4 articles on the blog the article link to are stuck behind subscriber pay walls. Anybody willing to pay money so I/we can read them?

Free blog on IP2 Part 1


Pay blog on IP2 Part 2


Pay blog on IP2 Part 3


Pay blog on IP2 Part 4


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Part 1 is free: link

The other 3 parts can be viewed using the wayback machine. Its slow to load at first but it works perfectly.

Part 2 : link

Part 3 : link

Part 4 : link

u/#felony enjoy

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He calls Shooter, Shooter McFaggot LMAO. This guy is A-OK in my book.

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Damn I owe you brother. Thank you.

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the pelosi pooper himself. leader of the neo nazi street shitter internet gang also known as IP2

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finally read this shit. i also wonder what the other 3 parts would be about.
this faggot rly loves to hear himself talk but i gotta admit its a pretty thoroughly investigated article for a newfag, giving plenty of insights for people outside this degenerate bubble

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Yeah, he did his research. Always love the outside looking in view of these normies. Fuckin faggots lol

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i think its interesting that even he got kind of sucked into this cosmos because he got bored of all the boring hollyweird bullshit.
he mentioned the parasitic or symbiotic relation between streamers and viewers but maybe he goes into scripting fake drama in the other parts.
but lets be honest, nobody gonnna pay this nigger for his opinion haha

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That's why i always unironically say we're a pretty wholesome community. We don't tolerate child or animal abuse. We don't doxx. The only thing they always try to hold against us is our "racism and sexism" or freedom of speech like us non hysterical people like to call it. I'm glad we still have a small community where we can talk like back in the internet 1.0 days. Meanwhile an army of whores expose themselves to young kids on Twitch on a daily basis. And these are the people that try to cancel us? The fuck outa here.

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of course, we might be one of the few ppl left with actual values besides all the shitposting.
not just twitch, trannies are invited to your kindergarten to indoctrinate children.
niggers can burn loot and murder for a year.
what else is there to say...
im actually grateful we got banned off of reddit and look what happened to saidit, ruqqus, etc who hosted us. free speech my ass
who ever keeps the donald up and running is a great guy even if you dont like the old rotten orange

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FACTS. And yeah, mad respect for the donald for keeping us up.

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Finally we getting some street cred

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had to pin this. also here is the most hilarious part imo

"Content creators often stream IRL (in real life) and have been known for harassment campaigns, using mace against both fellow streamers and their victims in public (mace became such a common feature on IP2 it's referred to as “content spray”), and using the Text-To-Speech function to allow donors to have their racist and offensive messages read out loud to the streamer and any nearby pedestrians. "

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Most likely Zobeezy leaking everything to them

BjornsLiver 10 points ago +10 / -0

This Canuck is gonna take down our quaint and wholesome community of Mexicans and faggot niggaz with him. Wtf.

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I surely hope not it did hit national headlines but only on internet he's deffinetly canclled in Hamilton tho I wanna get out of this shithole myself lol

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Someone found kiwi farms abridged version of IP2 History

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prolific btw

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"I'm Canadian, 41, a Chad and ready to make content"....fucking cringe.

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"Insofar as can be determined, this is the couple’s idea of a good time, and there is some evidence that Rancid, who pads her income selling mayonnaise fart videos online, has an insatiable appetite for humiliation" LOL

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They make this dude sound like he's the CEO. Only time I heard of him is when Zobeezy fought him...if that was the same guy.

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LMFAO long live IP2 !!!

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i laughed at the content spray thing fuck we are retards LOL

CKyle 3 points ago +3 / -0

this one line is a good description honestly:

“IP2, a collective of live streamers who have built a dedicated community of trolls based around content that takes internet edge posting into the real world.”

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We made it, boys.

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"Unknown to most of the public, IP2 is a small but extremely engaged internet community dedicated to taking online trolling into the streets.The community is divided into content creators, and the fans who create memes, share clips, and generally encourage the streamer in their various exploits. Content creators often stream IRL (in real life) and have been known for harassment campaigns, using mace against both fellow streamers and their victims in public (mace became such a common feature on IP2 it's referred to as “content spray”), and using the Text-To-Speech function to allow donors to have their racist and offensive messages read out loud to the streamer and any nearby pedestrians.

Banned from a series of message boards, including Reddit and SayIt, reportedly for repeated complaints of harassment, the IP2 community has been a home for a number of notable racist internet streams, many who went on to enjoy more notoriety.

Former members of IP2’s roster include Anthime Joseph Gionet, better known as “Baked Alaska,” who recently pled guilty for his role in entering the Capitol Building on January 6. Tor Brookes, also known as Catboykami, a vile Australian streamer who among other things used services like Omegle to shout racial slurs at children for his audience also had a home with IP2.

Taking its name from an early “IRL” streamer, Paul Denino AKA Ice Poseiden, IP2 was formed as the often offensive streamer attempted to distance himself from part of his fan base – the same fans that called a bomb threat under his name to a flight Denino was on, resulting in him being swatted (a dangerous trolling practice of calling law enforcement with a fake emergency report, which leads to the target having armed police arrive at their house).

Though they often linked to and promoted his content, IP2 claims to have been formed in defiance of Denino’s later attempts to moderate and was created shortly after the streamer closed his own since-banned subreddit – though he would quickly reopen it at the time.

A cross-section of different individuals make up IP2’s current roster, including Pretula."

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The only other person that had articles written about him was burger plan, and that doesn't even come close to this. lol

CountryKaren 2 points ago +6 / -4

Anti hate more like anti fash

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Use an archive link next time.

Don't give cuck sites clicks


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"The IRL streamers of IP2, then, provide an alternative to an ever-more-feminized Twitch, a “No Girls Allowed” zone in which any mitigating or civilizing influence from the fairer sex that might hamper the pursuit of pure lulz is kept to a minimum." Not our fault these whores are nontent. Get your facts straight, faggot.

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Content spray btw. That’s actually some damn good research.

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"Journalists"=====ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

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K u can unpin it now

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Recognize all my ip2 soldiers out there, keepin things dangerous, putting their lives on the fucking line.

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he gonna get in trouble for this?

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Thanks for the link. Got me the thinking about The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

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Why is this still pinned. Diesmt mention ip2 by name really 8 days pinned?

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Why is this shit still pinned no one gives a fuck

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Jeffrey in hiding

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unpin this shit allready , sick of seeing this tranny gook on the front page

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LMAO....you cannot run away from your own actions faggot...who heard him trying to say "what's IP2?" like the digital evidence is not already there...

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Jesus Christ unpin this gay shit already fucking retard mods