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At this stage it’s a disgrace to IP2 mods that Greedy Gonzales is allowed remain on this network.

He’s basically camming a living-room on wheels. In what universe is that actually IRL?

The greedy little gimlet-eyed beta Spaniard is now little more than an adjunct of the KAF universe.

If the same rules really apply, then we need to put Kenneth, TBob and all the other Elisa simps on IP2.

Not to mention the blatant view-botting and the insufferable guitar streams.

For Christ sake mods. Stop this inhumanity right now. Off. Off. Off.

Just think - an end to Craptain Nontent, LaLard and Andy Dick in one fell swoop.

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Good luck. They keep him on

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He's the only thing Live, maybe go to the homeless shelter and make some streamers , player hater.