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i used to be in a similar place he was, homeless when i was going through my drug phase decades ago, was a bipolar crybaby when the drugs wore off. speeding says he's done for good lots of times, most of the time we we call bullshit and know he'll come back but there's the rare occation where a lot of the community is sure he's done for good... something terribly bad happens to him, he says he quit, ghosts for a week, then miraculously he reappears again

why will he always come back? because the good thing about bipolar and drug abuse is that your mind will ALWAYS switch from bad to good no matter and vice versa no matter what. when you're sober you're not the same person when high.. because drugs make up who we are. So speedy is literally like 2 different people. at least that's how it felt when i was a drug user.

plus us druggies love having jobs with no fixed schedule and no bosses thinking they own our lives and breathing down our necks. streaming has none of that. all he has to do is turn on the camera and go on a drunken escapade and wake up with hundreds of dollars. if he had access to better drugs like GHB, etizolam, r-ketamine (not s isomer) etc, it would be better than alcohol and the cops would stop cucking the content because of public intoxication. plus it would be better content because alcohol makes you dumb, he'd have more wit with those drugs mentioned above.

not that you care, am in ramble mode


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Gonna need some meth to read all this

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stream and bait faggots nayger

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cant even remember writing it

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Who the fuck cares enough about speed kike to read your paragraphs ?

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smoke some good purp and you can care about anything

try getting me to write that sober lmfao

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He'll always come back because he's an attention whore and he likes doing IRL because he's good at it. Before people say he isn't, he gets a ton of views and praise, so yes, he's good at it. He doesn't need to do meth, it doesn't enhance his streams at all. He does need to drink a bit, but not get totally wasted where he's being too annoying and ruining content. Speedy has an issue with accepting help from people and he wants to do his own thing, and that's fine, but, pushing everyone away is going to lead to a very lonely life in the end.

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he admitted on stream he needs booze to feel comfortable streaming. shit i'd be the same way. you're dealing with a thousand mentally ill people hate chatting at you while you yourself are mentally ill... gonna need some good dope for that please. Why the fuck do you think so many people pack their bags for good and leave this community. Not all of them for this reason but I’d wager a lot, and there’s probably a lot of streamers or potentially good streamers who avoid this community like the black plague. One sniper said something along the lines of he doesn’t want his work doxxed and his family out there or some shit. Most people are normies who are scared shitless of what ip2 does because they have jobs and lifes they don't want to sacrifice to the almighty contont. They’re like scared timid little dogs running away to their protector Twitch. This is why ip2 will always win.

it's not easy to quit all drugs and "find god" and suddenly feel comfortable enough in your skin to entertain thousands of people and be amusing, comedic and talented at the same time. that shit takes years and years , sometimes even decades depending on if the person is mentally ill too, then they may never recover. Just do what you wanna do and die if it happens, who wants to grow old and have your body rot away slowly shitting itself, and your mind forget itself like Biden.

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Having mentally retarded followers is not an indication that you are good at what you do