Ice discord getting more and more hostile πŸ˜‚ (media.communities.win) PISSBOI πŸ’¦
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True, and also you gotta remember that Ice is a massive retard. He'll burn through 400k in one year, he's done it before.

He had a deal a few years ago when he made almost a million and look where he was two years later.

Even kimmy left his ass lol.

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newfags have no idea that when he was at his peak he was making up to 40k some months. even on bad months it was 20k minimum, during the 20k viewer days. and he pissed thru all it

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He's too stupid to be aware of lifestyle inflation. It won't last

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Haahaa there is no way that kid is moving to Japan also most of all the streaming weirdos and sexpats have died off here since covid and being an english teacher or alt has got more complicated since there have been so many fuck ups with their kind.

I know actual good and successful foreign people that have trouble getting a visa let alone naturalization. Imagine if it was easy tho we would be fighting off weaboos like you dudes back west do the sand people and other low live degens.

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ya japan dont fuck around they want to keep their country one culture and not let a bunch of different races in thats why white supremacists like the japenese model of their country

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Wanting to be left alone isn't supremacy. Literally the only supremacy in the west is Jewish supremacy. Figure it out

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White people accept more minorities into their countries than anywhere else in the entire history of the world.

"White people are racists and white supremacists!"

It's funny too because after talking with my uncle after beers today - he's a white old school liberal (the respectable kind) - who doesn't have a hateful bone in his body, said that even he's starting to become a bit racist now that racism is being jammed down everyone's throats.

People were cool with the other races before and were aware of the obvious differences, but now everyone is starting to say, "we're not all fucking equal idiots, and these are the obvious reasons why, and blacks do in fact commit a lot of fucking crime". This used to be swept under the rug. Now it's a conversation we're dying to have since they're vilifying us.

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Isn’t super hard to move there especially with Covid now?

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I talked to someone who lived there who was american teaching english over there and its super hard to buy a house if youre not japanese.Basically you need to have a job there or speak fluent japanese if you want to rent since they arent very trustworthy of other cultures and want to keep it pure

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I'm on vacation in Iceland and seeing this small island of around 350,000 people, mainly white was really cool. It's a distinct viking culture with homogeneous demographics of almost entirely white people. The girls are also incredibly fucking hot and so many blondes. It's truly a sight to see. I've never felt so despicable as a single man.

Anyways I noticed the demographics were 10% foreign born, and I thought "Noo! Not this tiny island of white people so far separated from the other melting pots!"

Not racist btw. It's just kind of sad that white people don't really get to experience many of their own homogeneous countries with a similar attitude to Japan. Not sure it's even possible with the amount of criticism they'd receive if they did.

Get there while you can! Unfuckingbelievable place. Unmatched in beauty of landscape and people.

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The 10% is probably from men marrying women from other countries like Bjorn.

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Sam had an entertainer visa, I don't think Japan have this kinda stuff, especially not for irrelevant ppl

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"But I'm litcherally a loive streama with hundreds of viewas! squeak"

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You think he's gonna pay taxes on that?

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This documentary is why Paul Denino is moving to Japan. ''School girls for sale in Japan''. He has always been a weirdo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NcIGBKXMOE

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We need wanted posters for piss boi and scam pepper.

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lol just opened his discord in my browser and scrolled through, basically all against him now haha

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dude better move or never go live again since his address has been leaked for a while now. He was scared of autistic fans before cus some are crazy, can only imagine how much crazy they;d be knowing he scammed them of their money

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I hope they record the beating

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Piss boi will get his ass killed.on runescape

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this is the funniest shit unfolding... like wtf did he think was gonna happen? the Next part, when investigation for fraud is launched, that will be the best part

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Scammed when all the other huge channels were focused on save the kids coin lmfaoooo

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Ed warned us years ago.

It looks like this is really his end, there is no chance he will return those 400k lmao.

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Lol i'm telling y'all, the Chinese and Indians will doxx him if he's not careful.

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He lives in the 10th most populous city in the country and they know his apartment lol.

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He doesn’t live there anymore.

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Unless you have proof I’ll assume your just making assumptions.

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Dope said on stream.

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Dope is a dumb monkey Moises literally went there a few nights ago lol.

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yeah moises just said on stream a few hours ago that he's staying with ice at his apartment still

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so he doesnt bother to make excuses to calm his investors anymore? he just ignore them?wow. im surprised there are people actually would buy his coin. i dont feel he had that clout anymore to attract that many investors. even a half-wit knows its a stupid idea. why not invest in more promising projects?

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all those retards who trusted him deserve to get scammed. especially when we had a ton of people here warning them. also they could have done 10 min of research into all his previous scams and failed ventures.

lay down with dogs you get up with fleas........fucking retards

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You don't get the mentality of these types of people, these aren't wealthy investors, those can think rationally and would tell its an obvious scam.

He's going after the utter desperate (people about to be evicted, about to have their power cut off, lose their homes, deeply in debt (cough cough), relative needs a life changing surgery, etc.) who will ignore any signs its a scam because they are so desperate. And the fact he targeted Indians/Chinese, for whom a few hundred/thousand dollars is likely their entire life savings, something people their would kill themselves over, shows how vile of a fucking human being he is.

These are also the types of people that once denial wears off, you realize you got fucked and start wondering how they could have been so stupid, and have nothng left to live for, well these are the types to seek revenge before they neck in minecraft.

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best part is save the kids just happened and its all anyone could talk about and they still fell for it hahahahaa

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This Cx Coin was his streamer retirement fund.

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who does he think he is? sam hyde???

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chu mean homie. it's for the community. Cx

treetop 2 points ago +2 / -0

these people are retards and i don't feel bad for any of them.

any and everything that ice has been involved in financially has been a scam throughout his streaming career. if they couldn't figure that out themselves then they deserved it.

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Anyone who actually spent money on that joke of a coin deserves being scammed

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stop fucking pinning this retarded shit

backstageirl -2 points ago +1 / -3

If Baked Alaska didn't get jumped for putting over 400 people in jail, then Piss Boi will be fine.

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SSJ-closed-IP1 4 points ago +5 / -1

Calm down Ice shill, Leaks are fine when it comes to Ice, Its always been like that are you a Newfag?

collateraldabbage -1 points ago +2 / -3

Fuck yeah I'm a newfag, imagine dedicating your life to some fucking kike streamer who isnt even relevant lmao I come here for content and clips and to shitpost. why dont you make another post about moises and his hair, faggot

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If its a leak about Ice it dont matter where it came from, its always been that way (Now you know).. Not sure why your shilling for Ice after all you said yourself he is irrelevant now

collateraldabbage -2 points ago +1 / -3

because every day i come here looking for content, and every day i see some fucking faggot crying about ice or one of his twitch normie leeches. None of them ever produce actual content and yet you losers treat this shit like a soap opera while the dude just keeps doing his thing and living his life. I dont shill for anyone but if he's an alleged millionaire flexing a tesla, and you spend your time crying about him on the internet, you certainly arent winning by any means

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Lives his life by being a scammer u mean..... Goodluck trying to find content with all the boring streamers we have currently

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Only weak pussys are stupid enough to get scammed they wont do shit