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I have two sets of adjustable dumbbells, with each one capable of 5-65 lbs and every increment in between in increments of 5. I have a bench that can be flat, upright, or incline. I have limited space and no barbell.

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Athlean-X has really great content. Here's a home workout routine. They have tons of bodyweight stuff too.

You should also look into buying a good set of resistance bands.

Hybrid calisthenics is also a great channel.

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I second this, I have actually gone through a couple of his paid workout programs (I like not having to think about what to do day to day) and I give them great reviews. I have done his home workout "Xero" occasionally (never all the way through) when I am traveling and don't have access to a gym and it is a good workout overall.

Everything in his paid programs he gives away for free on his youtube channel just not in a organized way you have to search what you are looking for.