I know first thought would be for Covid, it’s not. His mother and I are against it and haven’t taken the jab and will not. It’s for his hepatitis b shot. I was a blind sheep with vaccines until I read about all the deaths and serious side effects from the experimental Covid one. Now I question them all so I don’t want him getting it. I’m not a doctor, I know very little in the medical field but I know it’s all a big game to these people. I’m just looking for some advice, articles and any other similar situations you guys faced.... I am basically a lurker and come on here when I want to know what REALLY is going on, and for some hope. So thank you guys for sharing information and news it really is helping a lot of people.

On June 7th, I was on the highway. Came to a complete stop because traffic slowed. And a 2018 Chevy Colorado truck slams into me going at least 40, totals my car and damages the frame. The CT scan "looked fine" but the doctor seemed like he was just getting me through. I even told him I usually have anxiety but I'm chilling right now. (Saw him on the 9th). I forgot a number of things I ordered from online, forgot to bring pics to my nose job doctor, forgot the location of the appointment, and was just generally forgetful and scatterbrained all week. I don't feel like myself.

The attorney I am going to wants me to go to a chiropractor and my primary care. Apparently the more documentation I can get, the better? I run 4 times a week and workout 5-6 in total, and I haven't been able to run since. It still hurts. How long am I going to be unable to run for? Will I be okay to take a conceal carry class in 2 days? Thanks! Insurance offered me $1,000 when I called, then $2500, then $3600. While I verbally agreed, I didn't sign anything and got a lawyer. Any advice of things I can do to help make their job easier are appreciated.

At certain angles I get severe cramps. Like the foot grab to the knee-head move for yoga.

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What's the verdict on how much water to drink a day? I know there's conflicting ideas out there and it depends on body size, but what do y'all think? I'm wondering if 1 gallon a day is too ambitious (6' male).

I used to have a lot of caffeine as a kid but as an adult it seems to just throw me over the edge so I don't feel I want or need it

To me it seems to be kind of just like another drug like alcohol or nicotine even though it isn't thought to be

I know mormons avoid caffeine, and I think I've seen hindu writing against it - I'm neither of those but have a similar kind of attitude that it should be avoided

I don't think it's a sin to have a little caffeine nor to have a beer or glass of wine, but I feel naturally energetic to begin with and have normal life stresses and in combination with those caffeine feels like overstimulation

Is anyone else against caffeine or simply lives mostly without it?

What do you think about caffeine?

I shop at my local East Indian grocery, I see these two walking Hambeasts at the check out. With the retardation of Masks they were pretty well much shouting everything.

They had a Huge bag of Samosas and the first thing out of their mouths were "We are vegetarians" I think to my self.. Why are the so damned fat then?

Why is it a huge amount of "vegeterians" are fat? Is it the Carb overload?

Hi guys,

I've been working out for nearly a month as I want to become a fitness instructor (I'm still very new and haven't started my course yet) but my partner is already saying I look like a boy and as such I'm unattractive to him now, even going to the point of wincing if he sees my arms flex (pushing myself off the floor or grabbing something high). Can I realistically get fit without becoming visually muscular, or is it not really doable?

Is that true? The book I was reading or perhaps article made it sound like a person who puts too much information in starts having trouble in their own life dealing with logistics of living.

Hi All,

I am trying to get some ivermectin pills but it is so hard in the EU. What is the next best, the 1% injectable or the horse paste? Would this work?




We are worth more to them sick than healthy. Good diet, exercise, and devotion to God are the cornerstones of health, but there are no profits to be had from these exercises in personal responsibility


A while back, there was a video, made by an immunologist, I believe, demonstrating how ineffective masks are, based on the relative size of the virus particle in comparison with the mesh openings of the masks. I think the original was on YouTube, but it has almost certainly been taken down since I last saw it. Can any of you provide a CURRENT link to that video (or a similar one)?


Rotating ibuprofen and tylonal along with antibiotic until endo can drill Monday. Can’t sleep and need options. Anyone with experience here?


I tend to not believe things either way and like to be more precise. I recently wanted to try multivitamins for various reasons such as lockdown limiting my dietary options slightly.

I generally don't believe most of this nonsense with people trying to shove things down people's throats like fruits and vegetables. I'm fairly into evolution and aware of things like we evolved with a semi-chaotic diet.

To a certain degree with health and diet it's more a thing of you don't have to make a huge effort to have a reasonable diet. Instead you just don't mess it up eating a tub of ice cream a day, etc. Though modern society makes stuff like that surprisingly easy to do.

When I search for do multivitamins really work I expect an intelligent response but instead I quickly see loads of responses saying no they won't make you immortal or effect what you die of. Nothing will stop people eventually dying, it's a study largely doomed to fail. It's not entirely useless but it appears to be a primary focus that's not very helpful.

As I see it the primary purpose of making sure you have no deficiency is your life leading up to that point. To be able to stay as healthy and active as possible. It's about your day to day life experience with health. They can of course backfire.

The common approach is to take multivitamins daily. You use a shotgun approach to make sure there's no deficiency. Though this is actually difficult to do in combination with a diet. What deficiencies might you really have? You might cause damage making your metabolism too fast or making vitamins too highly bioavailable preventing your body from exercising to regulate, store and extract nutrients. You might weaken yourself.

That can be hard to test for. Many people will do it as a preventative. That is, blindly. In my view once a week might be a better approach than daily on top of a normal diet as deficiencies are likely to be small and this also prevents some of the above problems.

The thing is in my book it may sometimes be better to let deficiencies happen. This is a necessary technique in engineering to reveal faults then perfectly address for them knowing what you're dealing with first.

If you have some real health problem that might be vitamin deficiency that's really palpable then you can take a multivitamin and see if it makes it better. Most people don't have access to full medical screening especially regularly. Particularly in countries like mine where we don't have private healthcare.

The body is also highly variable and sometimes the only way to know there's a deficiency is to have symptoms and then take the medicine, see if it clears up and hope it's no coincidence or deficiency. This is how in my country they test for infection. They give you anti-biotics and see if the symptoms go away.

You can often make an educated guess based on symptoms as well as having some idea of what's in what your eating or other lifestyle attributes.

The problem is with this approach alone is that what is the deficiency and what is the extent of deficiency? There's no perfect approach but I propose a product for Alex Jones. If no one has thought of it before and it's an original idea I give him the rights to patent it and if it makes tremendous profit he has to buy me a small mansion.

Mucking around aside I would not be surprised if this doesn't exist already. What's it called? Example of the product:

You have a packet of multivitamins. The top row, R0 contains normal multivitamins with everything in. They're all the same forming a single column. You take one of these, if it has a decisive effect then you know it probably works. You wait until the symptoms kick in again.

Now you go to the next row. R1. This one is split into two with two columns, C0 and C1. These are created by shuffling the ingredients of R0 & C0 then the top half goes into R1 & C0 with the second half going into R0 & C1.

If C0 works then you move down to the next row. Otherwise the next column and try C1. You can use this to work out what your deficiencies are. You could combine it with an app (either paper based or phone based) for people who find that too complicated.

It's like this, you have these vitamins and minerals [a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h] then this tree of pills:

  • R0... [C0] = [a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h]
  • R1... [C0, C1] = [[a, b, c, d], [e, f, g, h]]
  • R2... [C0, C1, C3, C3] = [[a, b], [c, d], [e, f], [g, h]]
  • R3... [C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7] = [[a], [b], [c], [d], [e], [f], [g], [h]]

This isn't perfect because deficiency can vary (combinations can also sometimes not play out how you might think) and it can take time but I think it's a cool idea. It has lots of complexities like double deficiencies though. Sometimes items might be co-dependent.

This example isn't great because it's a small set. It can be optimised with heuristics. Generally because vitamin supplements are between a dozen to three dozen it's tricky for an optimised algorithm to always necessarily make a big difference.

I don't think you can necessarily roll this out and get optimal results immediately but I think once you start playing with it and getting data back you can end up with an optimal strategy for those who really have no other way than to just try stuff to see what works.


https://www.pnas.org/content/115/2/302 https://europepmc.org/article/PMC/PMC8122996 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29706338/ A+B+C=higher chances of messed up kids. Keep mostly plant based if planning a family.

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